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Rush’s Morning Update: The Gutter
June 10, 2009

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Ratings for two of the government-controlled cable news networks are in the toilet. If you add the audiences of CNN and MSNBC together, they still lag far behind the Fox News Channel.

Reese Schonfeld, the co-founder of CNN, has an explanation why they are doing so poorly. More like second-rate excuses than an explanation but here they are. First, Mr. Schonfeld thinks moderates middle-of-the-road types have stopped watching cable news because they have better things to do than watch the pundit class discuss politics. Second, Schonfeld claims many “generous souls accept that Obama’s doing the best he can in a very tough job, and they don’t want to hear the details because they know the stars are not shining on America right now.”

Reese Schonfeld’s third excuse for CNN’s and MSNBC’s dismal failure: “Maybe it’s simply the need for an enemy,” he says. “The desire to detest is greater than the power to tolerate; maybe it’s the need to blame somebody else for the bad things that are happening in our lives that drives viewers to Fox.”

Hey, Reese. Here’s another thought. Maybe your programs just plain suck. They’re not journalism. Your network has become what Pravda was back in the old days of the USSR. Just a cheap propaganda machine for the ruling party. So enjoy the ratings gutter. And too bad that “hope and change” thing just isn’t working out for ya!

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