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“I love America; I love the people who make it work. I love the ability to speak. I’m in the free speech business and I don’t take it for granted.”

“This smug, inexperienced, egocentric fool has to be stopped. This has to be said now. He’s had five months with no check and no balance on virtually anything he has done.”

“What about the starving kids and what about the homeless? What about people losing their hair who don’t have access to plugs like Joe Biden?”

“The way to react to assaults on free speech is start shouting louder, is with more speech. Don’t be afraid.”

“These two reporters’ lives Algore’s being sent to negotiate for, are not in danger of the ice caps melting. They are in danger of being worked to death and beaten to death by a communist tyrannical terrorist oriented regime.”

“You know, folks, it’s funny how Sarah Palin’s future is so much brighter than Katie Couric’s.”

“Obama’s abject failure will doom the US economy. Or you might say his success in implementing his plan will lead to failure on our part. So the next chapter is being written. It’s being written in red ink.”

“People are confusing Barack Obama’s outsized ego for confidence.”

“Obama had an agenda from the day he started running for president and even prior, and whatever circumstances existed in the country were irrelevant.”

“I love being able to say what I think. You know what else I love? I love not being afraid of what people say about me after I say what I think. I love not being affected by critics. It took me awhile to learn it, but I now love it.”

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