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RUSH: I think Obama, all this stuff here about he’s gonna get paygo, we’re going to be responsible, except for health care, all this is just infuriating. President Obama is admitting he cannot be trusted to spend our money wisely and carefully without a law. He wants Congress to pass a paygo law after he’s robbed the United States for 25 years. Every criminal who has ever served time could learn something from Barack Obama when it comes to stealing money. The hell with Willie Sutton, for crying out loud. Willie Obama. President Obama promised and assured — (interruption) No, Snerdley I was up ’til 4:30. That’s why I’m a little giddy here today. It always happens when I’m up that late. Well, I just had things to do.

Obama promised and assured Americans when he signed the stimulus bill that he would be the perfect trustee for our money. Do you remember that? (interruption) What? I was not at the Doubletree. Was Dawn’s car parked at the Doubletree, did I miss her? I was not at the Doubletree. I don’t even know where it is. I’d have to put it in my nav system in my car to find it. I could fit the Doubletree on my property, why would I go to the Doubletree? You know, this happened the last hour, trying to do a serious program here, and I keep being interrupted by a staff showing me no respect, which seems to be a common recurring theme. No respect. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Obama promised and assured Americans when he signed that stupid Porkulus bill that he would be a perfect trustee for our money, that we should hold him accountable for results, remember that? That he had a team of people that would guarantee our money would be spent carefully and wisely. He is going to go through the budget line by line. He’s going to get rid of things that are wasteful and necessary. He had it covered. We needn’t worry.

Now he says he needs a law because he can’t be trusted. Paygo is the answer. Not his team of doctors, not his team of tax cheats, not his team of people that have no idea what they’re doing. No, we need a law now to rein in Congress, not him. If Obama can get Congress to hold itself accountable, then everything will be fine. Now that the American people are finally holding Obama accountable, Obama runs away and admits that he isn’t trustworthy with our money. That’s what he’s saying here when he says he wants a paygo law. On February 17th Obama demanded accountability for the American people and now that we’re holding him accountable Obama is childishly and immaturely crying to Congress, it’s their fault, they didn’t pass a law that prevent him from signing laws that wasted trillions of dollars which didn’t create one stinking job of any substance. In fact, in the last five months we’ve lost 1.8 million jobs. He has the audacity to talk about $68 billion payback on TARP money and a profit to the American taxpayer.

Not only that, we have a deficit that’s not going to be paid off for at least two generations, and that’s, of course, not all Congress’ fault because they didn’t pass paygo. He’s a crybaby; he’s just a grown crybaby. We’ve run out of money and now it’s Congress’ fault. Guess who’s next, folks? Us. Obama will say we haven’t paid enough in taxes for his brilliant plan to remake America. If we just pay more taxes, that’s it, that’s what will make the plan work. Paying more taxes is more like the final nail in the coffin of the United States economy. We are soon to be buried. Reverend Obama is about to do the eulogy, and when you hear him start sermonizing about tax increases, you will know that he’s getting ready to hammer the last nail in the coffin of the US economy. He’s gonna come after us because he’s not accountable. You see, we are the real problem. We haven’t been patriotic. We haven’t paid our fair share. What ‘paygo’ will actually mean is the American taxpayer will ‘pay as Obama goes on spending our money.’ He is wrecking the economy, and somehow it has to be stopped.

RUSH: Candy, one of my all-time top ten favorite female names. Candy from Tucson, Arizona, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, how you doing?

RUSH: Pretty good.

CALLER: Well, it’s an honor to talk to you and I appreciate it.

RUSH: I know. I just said that for Joe in Miami’s benefit.

CALLER: I am absolutely furious about this Chrysler decision by the Supreme Court not to take the case on it. I’m wondering why as an investor in the stock market and potentially an investor in bonds, why would anybody be interested in investing in anything if all of a sudden being a secured investor means jack crap, basically.

RUSH: ‘Jack Crap,’ I like that. That’s Chuck Todd’s nickname.


RUSH: Jack Crap, Chuck Todd.

CALLER: But you know what I mean? It’s like all of a sudden there is no such thing as a secured debtor for —

RUSH: Look —

CALLER: — you know, and they’re printing all these dollars up now for our country, they’ve written IOUs and they’re printing money —

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: — and then asking you to buy bonds —

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: — and invest in this country —

RUSH: Don’t you feel like you’re on the TV show Lost and they keep messing with the time machine? I do. I got a note this morning. This will indicate just how pitiful it is for people out there. I got a note from a friend of mine who was just so excited, he thought the Supreme Court would hear this Chrysler case and rule nine-to-zip in favor of the investors and when it didn’t happen I got an e-mail, I could almost feel the tears coming out of my computer monitor, ‘I can’t believe that the Supreme Court didn’t stop it.’ We’ve got a lot of people investing a lot of hope in institutions that have been under assault by the left for years and they have been corrupted. Folks, we can sit here all day long and we can complain about that, yeah, but something’s going to have to be done. You know, elections have consequences and the soonest people are going to have to do something about this is 2010. And it’s really time to start gearing up for that.

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