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Rush’s Morning Update: Health
June 11, 2009

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Under one of the plans Democrats are floating to nationalize our health care system … employers would be forced to offer health care benefits to their employees – or face government fines. The bill would also provide wealth-transfer payments; those who supposedly can afford it would subsidize those too poor to pay. That would include – we must presume – those who refuse to work, learn a skill, or otherwise support themselves … because they’re just plain lazy.

Insurance companies would be mandated to offer a “basic,” entry-level insurance plan; they would also be required to provide insurance to all comers – regardless of pre-existing conditions. There will also be limits on their profits – enforced by the federal government. That old huge, wasteful government boondoggle, Medicare, will still be sucking wind … while this new, huge wasteful, socialist plan comes alive. And Medicaid will be greatly expanded” to transfer more wealth to the “poor” and uninsured.

Senator Ted Kennedy’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee is responsible for creating this Frankenstein. Chris Dodd – among those responsible for ruining the real estate market – has his hand in it, too. The cost is an estimated $1 trillion.

But there’s a track record here. Whatever price Democrats predict is always a lie. It will cost more. It always does. Both in money, and in freedoms lost. And, as always, the more you’ve worked to succeed, the more you’ll be expected to pay for those who don’t. Or won’t.

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