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“There is a palpable fear throughout this country of speaking out against Obama, from the Republican Party on down through the rest of the country.”

“My comments on Obama are based on love: love of this country, love of my job, love for the opportunity that I have each and every day to come in here and do this. No program would be as successful as mine for as long as it has been if it were based on hate.”

“What paygo will actually mean is the American taxpayer will pay as Obama goes on spending our money. He is wrecking the economy, and somehow it has to be stopped.”

“If we’re reading noncitizens Miranda rights and thereby granting them citizenship on the battlefield, then how can we deny citizenship to illegals working and living in the United States?”

“What do Obama and God have in common? Neither has a birth certificate. How do they differ? God does not think he’s Obama.”

“They’re asking me here why I’m so giddy today. That always happens. I was up ’til 4:30. When that happens be on the lookout, folks, because there are fewer guardrails keeping me on the straight and narrow on the program.”

“Let’s be honest about why the Republican Party is out of power. It is out of power thanks to John McCain, thanks to General Powell, thanks to the Republican moderates.”

“While Obama’s policies are falling apart — while he’s in panic, while the American people are hurting — not one story about that. All the State-Run Media stories are about burying the Republican Party.”

“Joe Biden is a ‘balding white guy,’ and last time I checked he was vice president of the United States. This is not about hair or skin color or nonsense like that.”

“Who was the Democrat spokesman when Bush was president? Who was the Democrat leader? Do we get stories on this? Did we get stories on Democrats were wandering aimlessly through life, they couldn’t find a leader?”

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