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RUSH: Every day there’s some new calamity or horror that is going to wipe out all of humanity. And, of course, all of these stories, whether they are intended to or not, all of these stories promote the concept that somebody’s gotta save us, somebody’s gotta do something to save us, and who do people look to save us? The government.

I made a comment to Hannity in that interview last week, and I said this on this program a couple of times, too, but I don’t think I can say it too much. You know, there’s gonna come a day in this country not too distant, people are going to say, ‘Why didn’t somebody tell us? Why didn’t somebody warn us what was happening to our economy and our country?’ Well, I’m the guy telling you. You are being warned. You are being told. I am the guy telling you. You know of all of the other times in history where people said, ‘Gee, they took this away and I didn’t say anything, took that away and I didn’t say anything. Finally came for me and there was nobody left to defend me.’ I have been letting the world know exactly what’s happening in this country and will happen. There will not be an excuse down the road in this country for somebody to say, ‘Nobody told me. Why didn’t somebody tell us this? I just didn’t know,’ because you are being told. I’m sure a lot of you are also sounding that clarion call to your friends as well.

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