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RUSH: This is Mo in Columbus, Ohio. You’re up first today, sir. Good to have you with us.

CALLER: Hello there, Mr. Rush.

RUSH: Hi, sir.

CALLER: Okay two — two — two statements, man. One, man, some real talk: I never met a Republican that wasn’t racist, man. I sit back and listen to you talk about how the left and the libs, we’re racist and this and this. Dude, you got it slipped around the other way, dude. I’ve never in my life — and I remember Snerdley commented to me — Snerdley, I didn’t know you personally — that I know personally in my life, and I know a lot of people, man. I never met a Republican that wasn’t racist or biased about almost everything. Number two, you keep bringing up Obama’s brother living in a hut. Apparently him and Obama aren’t close. So you’re telling me that you’re cool with everybody in your family, and everybody in your family is just out there taken care of. Because I have people in my family that’s homeless, and I’m not trying to help them out.

RUSH: Mo, hang on here just a second, now. You’re making some very extreme statements here. You’ve never met a Republican that wasn’t racist?

CALLER: Never met a Republican that wasn’t racist in my whole life. I’m from Ohio. Never in my life.

RUSH: You know, Mo, frankly, I don’t believe you.


RUSH: I think that’s how you’ve been raised, and I think that the people that you respect as leaders have been telling you this. I think —

CALLER: No, see… No, no.

RUSH: Mo, Mo, I’m sorry, because that’s such an extreme statement, it’s not believable. There is — it’s not —


RUSH: It’s not possible that every Republican you’ve met is a racist.

CALLER: I’ve never met a Republican in my life that wasn’t racist. I’m not saying — I’m not saying I dislike them or anything. That’s their opinion.

RUSH: No, no, no.

CALLER: That’s what they are. So, they’re racist. They’re racist.

RUSH: Mo, then you have a very distorted definition of racism —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Oh, you do, sir. You really do. You don’t even realize the extreme nature of that statement you just think it’s common ordinary every day practice that every Republican is a racist. Clarence Thomas? Is Clarence Thomas a racist? I don’t even want to get into names here with you. Now, this business about Obama and his brother and the hut. Mo, did you say you have a brother who’s homeless?

CALLER: I have a brother, yeah. He lives in a shelter but I’m not — you know, he’s not going to live with me, no. He can’t live with me. We’re two different people and you can’t get along, no.

RUSH: Good point, good point. Here’s the deal here, folks. You see, Mo, your story about your homeless brother is a sad, sad thing, and it is an indication of what has gone wrong in this country. You are proud to sit here and tell me that you have a brother living in a shelter and you don’t do diddly-squat for him. Do you realize in an America of 25 or 30 years ago that would not be the case? Families came together and helped people in their family who were in trouble. They didn’t just sit idly by and say, ‘It’s somebody else’s responsibility.’ Barack Obama is a hypocrite because he has a brother living on less than $20 a year in a hut of six-by-nine feet. Barack Obama’s a multimillionaire. Barack Obama’s whole political identity is based on how we all need to help each other. He doesn’t help his own family. All he’d have to do is send him 40 bucks and the guy would have more money than he’s ever had in his whole life. So, Mo, you are what’s wrong with America. Your family, you are an illustration of it. Thanks for the call.

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