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RUSH: I saw something a couple days ago in the Sacramento Bee that’s just amazing. If I showed you the map on the Dittocam, it wouldn’t do any good. You’re going to have to go to our website, we’ll link to this story. It’s Tony Pugh, McClatchy Newspapers, in the Sacramento Bee: ‘It’ll Be Years Before Jobs Return to Much of US.’ There is a map of the United States, and it says the year this area will return to pre-recession employment peak, and then color-coded regions of the country. I am certain it’s just a sheer coincidence that all of the red areas in this chart, which are the blue states, it’s just sheer coincidence that all of these areas which will not see jobs return to pre-recession levels ’til 2014 are Democrat strongholds. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. You ought to see this. California state’s going to go up to 12%. There’s one part of California that will rebound by 2011, and it’s Central Valley, central part of the state.

We’re screwed, Snerdley, here in south Florida, all along the south Florida East Coast all the way up to Naples, 2014 before jobs return to pre-recession. New York, Chicago, Detroit, most of California, Oregon, Minnesota, New Orleans, I mean it’s just bad out there. You’ll note also as I look at this chart, that the District of Columbia will rebound next year with jobs at pre-recession levels. They’ve got big stimulus, yes. However the state, 2009 or 2010 the state with the most green areas — that’s job recovery — pre-recession levels, Texas, southern New Mexico, Wyoming. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence these are Republican states, just a coincidence up there. As I say we’ll link to this at RushLimbaugh.com. What it also shows is that with the exception of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, the Midwest and the South are where to be if you want to get a job before 2011 or 2012, 2013, certainly 2014. I’m not suggesting you move here, folks, don’t misunderstand. Michigan’s all red at 2014, and that’s being generous. We’re bulldozing Michigan, for crying out loud, let’s be honest about what’s happening out there.

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