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RUSH: Here’s Jeremy in Bloomville, Ohio. Nice to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Kudos to you, Rush. You know, I voted… I was born and raised in a Democratic family, and so more or less I got suckered into voting for The Messiah, as you put it, and —

RUSH: Jeremy? Jeremy, how old are you?

CALLER: Thirty-three. I’ll be 33 this weekend.

RUSH: Thirty-three this weekend. You got suckered into voting for Obama by your family?

CALLER: My family and then all the propaganda that he was preaching. And to me he’s done nothing. Nothing but help the higher-up people in the country. You know, what about the little people? And then —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Just a second, now. Did you say, ‘He’s done nothing but help the higher-up people’?

CALLER: Like the big business. You know, they bring their companies for so long it’s not our fault that they ran ’em into the ground.

RUSH: Oh, you mean by bailing them out?


RUSH: Yeah.


RUSH: Well —


RUSH: You need to look at this in a different way. I’m glad you called, bud. (sigh) Yeah, you might look at it as trying to help the companies. Actually he’s destroying them —

CALLER: Yeah. I agree.

RUSH: — and then taking them over? How can you say he’s helping big business when he’s going to cram new tax increases on them and limit how much people that work there can make? You ought to be happy. If you want big business to get creamed, you gotta love this guy, Jeremy.

CALLER: You know, they ran them for how many years by themselves and they got into trouble before. Let them get themselves out of trouble. And then there’s a bill, if I’m not mistaken. There’s a bill in the Senate and everything that starts passing health care. People can’t afford the health care now ’cause it’s so high. How are they going to afford it when they start taxing it?

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. I see your point on that. But most people’s health care is provided through their employer right now. They do have some. In some businesses it’s totally provided. In other businesses you have to make your own contribution to it, and some plans you have a copayment you have to make. But most businesses are helping employees get access to health care that the employee, for the most part, doesn’t have to pay for. Not nearly as much as the employee uses. It’s the Obama people that want to tax health care benefits, not big business — and when that happens, when they start taxing health care benefits, it just means your take-home pay is going to be smaller.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You’ll still have access to health care. They’re just going to tax it as income to you, which it is. It’s imputed income.

CALLER: Yeah. Okay. And then the company I work for just raised our health insurance now. So now I pay $200 a month, you know. And it keeps going up. When’s the end?

RUSH: Let me ask you a question about this, please. You pay $200 a month for your health care insurance. You think that’s outrageous.


RUSH: Why? You realize…? What would it cost you if you had to pay for the whole thing yourself? Which you are, by the way, you just don’t know it. Can I explain that to you?


RUSH: I’m going to guess. You don’t have to tell me I’m right or wrong. Let’s just pick an even figure. Let’s say you earn $50,000 a year at your job. Your employer — with all the benefits that he’s providing you; including health care and other things; and having to match Social Security (even though that doesn’t happen), pay your Social Security — it probably costs this guy $65,000, maybe $70,000 to hire you at fifty. That means you’re being paid $70,000 a year, Jeremy. You’re only seeing fifty of it. In that sense, you’re only seeing the gross. You’re only seeing the net of 50 when it’s costing him $70,000 to employ you. What do you think you’d have to pay for health insurance if you had to buy it yourself?

CALLER: Well, I did some checking into that. I’m glad you asked. Um…

RUSH: Quickly.

CALLER: If I could I would drop the insurance because I did find where…

RUSH: Okay. All right! Good! What a gold mine this call is. Jeremy… You gotta ask him to hold on. I’m going to have to time to continue after this segment. This is a gold-mine call. Jeremy, don’t change. Don’t talk to anybody between now and when we talk again. Don’t change. Stay right where you are.


RUSH: Let’s return to Jeremy here in Bloomville, Ohio. He was the last caller in the previous hour. Jeremy thanks for holding on. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: I want to set up again for people where you started off. Jeremy is upset. He voted for Obama. His family convinced him to. He’s 33 years old and lives in Ohio. He’s upset because he sees — and Jeremy is a gold mine of a phone call, folks, so stick with me on this. He looks out and he sees what Obama’s doing, and he sees Obama propping up big business. He sees Obama helping them out. He sees Obama throwing them all kinds of money. And he’s upset. He voted for Obama and he doen’t see Obama doing anything for ‘the little guy.’ He doesn’t see Obama doing one thing. And what we left it with Jeremy was health care benefits. He just found out that his health care benefits might be taxed as income. He’s very upset about that. His health care costs with his company he has to pay $200 a month for it and he thinks that’s too much. So where we last left you, Jeremy, you said you had gone out and… I asked with you, ‘What do you think it would cost you if you didn’t get it through your company?’ and you said you had priced it, and that’s when we had to end the conversation. So what did it cost you?

CALLER: It would cost me right around… Well, before they cut the insurance — they actually cut it is what they done — we had a lower plan and a higher plan. The lower plan cost me a hundred bucks a month. Now they cut that one out so now I’m up to 200 bucks a month. So I did do some pricing. It’s a little lower. What I pay now say that lower than what I found out there. Granted I can’t search the whole… Well, I can now because we have the Internet. I can search the whole country if I want to. But I don’t think it’s right, you know?

RUSH: Okay, you don’t think what is right?

CALLER: I don’t think the way they’re going to tax health care. Because right now it’s hard enough to live with. You know, it’s hard enough to make ends meet with what people are getting. You know, you can’t just… Well, they can, but you can’t tax everything to try and make it work, to try and make everything better.

RUSH: They do.

CALLER: I know!

RUSH: Jeremy, they are already are taxing everything what they’re talking about is increasing it. You might think you’re not paying taxes on your health care benefits but you already are in the sense that you’re being paid… Your total compensation package is what you think you’re being paid in salary, plus all the other benefits, plus Social Security your employer is paying that you never see. So the figure I used (I picked a round number): if you’re earning $50,000 these days it’s probably costing your employer $65,000 to hire you. So you’re actually earning that. If that’s what it costs him to hire you, that’s what you’re earning, but you’re only seeing $50,000 of it in salary. So, your employer is doing you a huge favor here. Why do you think health care ought to be free? Why do you think you shouldn’t have to pay for it?

CALLER: No, no. I’m not… I didn’t mean to give you that impression. I don’t think it should be free but like you said they’re already taxing it, so why tax it even more?

RUSH: Well, they’re not directly taxing it. The impact, the effect on you here is a tax increase because the more businesses have to pay to hire labor, to hire employees, the fewer employees they can hire; the higher the price they have to charge for whatever product or service they offer. You believe that Obama is not doing anything to help the little guy and he’s propping up the big guy left and right, and this is not what you thought he was going to do.


RUSH: And truthfully, Obama is destroying the private sector. I know it looks to you… This is what’s fascinating about your call to me. You see him bailing out Wall Street, and you think, ‘If those banks coulda failed, let ’em fail. I mean in the old days, if they ran out of business, they’d go out of business. If the car companies would have gone out of business, they shoulda gone out of business.’ Now, theoretically, I agree with you. This whole bailout business got started last fall. It was a trick. It was a ruse. We were all told that the whole United States financial system would collapse in 24 to 36 hours if we didn’t do the TARP bailout for example. But Obama has taken the opportunity of these events to now run these industries and to dictate to them, which he’s doing right now in a speech from the East Room about credit.

So you look at it as he’s helping big business. Go talk to some automobile dealers at Chrysler and General Motors who have just been summarily told they’re out of business, their dealerships have been closed. Go talk to people on Wall Street who Obama has urged his ACORN people to go protest on their homes because they got bonuses that were entitled to them contractually. You know, these people are going to have their compensation capped. What Obama’s actually doing is wresting control. He’s depleting… Let me put it to you this way. You got two sectors. You have the private sector — where you work and your company and the stores you operate or go to, the gasoline stations, all these things that you have — and the government sector, which is called public sector. The private sector is where we’ve always had economic growth. What Obama is doing is depleting resources in the private sector by taking them over. He is restricting opportunity for people like you because he’s taking over more of these businesses and running them into the ground at the same time.


RUSH: But I’m still fascinated that you think he’s propping up the big guys? What did you expect by this time? We’re six months in, basically. What did you expect changes in your life to be because Obama was elected president?

CALLER: I didn’t (garbled) I didn’t really expect there to be too many changes but maybe a few more than what there were —

RUSH: Like what?

CALLER: — than what there have been.

RUSH: Like what?

CALLER: I don’t know off the top of my head. You know, to me everybody has done more bickering about him getting into office, and in my eyes, I don’t think he’s hardly done anything. You know, to me he’s wasting American tax dollars. You know, GM and Chrysler said, ‘Oh, we’re going to go into bankruptcy if we don’t get help.’ Well, they get help and we give them all the billions of dollars and what happened? They still went into bankruptcy.

RUSH: Exactly right! Gold star. You are exactly right. So what does this tell you? What’s the lesson learned?

CALLER: Vote the way I want to vote.

RUSH: Well, yeah. Of course. He got coerced by his family.


RUSH: No but the lesson here is: Okay, we have General Motors and Chrysler in trouble. The government says, ‘We’re gonna bail them out! We’re going to send them billions and billions and billions of dollars.’ It didn’t work, did it, Jeremy? As you just pointed out, it didn’t work. The lesson is government — presidents, congressmen, senators — cannot save a business. They cannot. In some cases they can. Reagan successfully bailed out Harley-Davidson.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But it generally doesn’t happen. And so all that money is down the drain and what they shoulda done in the first place, file Chapter 11, has been done. Except in this case the bankruptcy filings were dictated and handled by President Obama so that he now owns the companies. He and the unions own these companies now, Jeremy, and the dealers. The private sector guys, the young entrepreneurs that went into business — in some cases family dealerships for 90 years and they were successful the last year — just had their business taken away from them by Obama. He is killing everybody. He’s harming everybody. I mean politically and economically. He’s not just not helping guys like you. He is destroying opportunity for everybody in the private sector, including guys like you — and when they start taxing your health care benefits, you’re going to have less take home pay. And they’re figuring that you want health care so much, that it’s so important to you, that you will go along with this.

CALLER: Absolutely. I believe it.

RUSH: How often do you get sick? Have you had a catastrophic illness in your life?

CALLER: No. I very rarely get sick.

RUSH: When did you use your health insurance?

CALLER: Very rarely.

RUSH: Very rarely. You’re 33 years old, you very rarely use it.

CALLER: That’s not to say I won’t ever use it, but…

RUSH: So what if you could just just buy a policy, a health insurance policy that would handle expenses in case you had a catastrophic emergency or accident, but you don’t need health care insurance for prescriptions, health care insurance for a standard checkup. Let me give you this analogy. I read this the other day. It’s a good point. Health care insurance for prescriptions, health care insurance for doctors, health care insurance for just a standard checkup, health care insurance for a sore throat, is like requiring automobile insurance for an oil change or automobile insurance to rotate your tires. Nobody would even think of asking for insurance for that. Auto insurance is for accidents. When you have high costs — whether you’re at fault or not — that you can’t pay on your own, that’s what the have insurance for. That’s what it ought to be in health care. And if it were, it would be a lot cheaper if you had the opportunity, but that opportunity doesn’t exist because the government has been involved in health care for so long, that they now run it via the Medicare program. They’re in charge of costs. They’re in charge of price. They’ve got everybody scared to death that one little sickness is going to wipe ’em out for life and it’s not true. So they’ve manufactured a crisis that doesn’t exist. You very rarely use it yet look how worried you are about it.

CALLER: Yeah. You know, I want it to be there when I need it, but, you know — and like you said, he’s going to be… You tax it and then it’s gonna cost my employer more money to cover us, and then that’s less jobs that can be created because he’s not going to be able to hire any more people when he needs them.

RUSH: Exactly right. And there’s a vicious cycle here, Jeremy. When that happened then we have more unemployment and we have the need for more unemployment compensation. We have the need for more food stamps. And the government becomes in charge of more and more people’s daily existence, which is a crying shame. But Obama loves this, Jeremy. Obama and Rahm Emanuel and Axelrod, these people running this show in the White House love this kind of chaos. The more unemployment, the more anger, the more angst, the more fear, the greater opportunity they have to go before the cameras every day and say, ‘We got a new crisis! Only government can fix it,’ and people will willingly give up control of their lives, because people will trade their liberty for security. Now, you are a capable man. I don’t know what you earn. I don’t know where you work.

All I know is this because it’s true for everybody, 99-out-of-a-hundred people. You are capable of being far more than you are right now. We all are. We all have more in us than we know. We’re all better at something than we know. But everybody gets so tied up here in all these crises that are created every day. We all hear our economy is going to hell, and more and more people are unemployed, and more and more people are this, and the oceans are going to rise, and the earth is going to end, and we gotta do cap and trade we gotta start driving little cars — and people are in a constant panic, and instead of focusing on positives they’re running around in fear. Fear of what’s going to happen next. And Obama is using that, Jeremy, to get you and people like you to give up more of your liberty in exchange for him ostensibly fixing what it is that’s causing your fear.

In the process, your fear grows exponentially because nothing gets solved, because you’re turning it over to people who aren’t solving it as you’ve already observed, five months in. Nothing’s getting solved, Jeremy. Nothing’s getting fixed! It’s all getting worse, and the guy at the top responsible for it’s none other than President Obama. So he has this ability to make people think he’s on top of things, he’s fixing it, everything is going right. Now we’re at 9.4% unemployment after this massive stimulus bill that was supposed to help people like you, and it isn’t working. I like the fact that you’re upset with Obama and it’s not what you thought you were going to get. But don’t think that he’s propping up big business people at your expense. Your attitude about that ought to be two things: He is harming everybody.

He is employing or wants to employ policies that will cause economic hardship and damage to everybody. The second thing is, the more you focus on what you’re gonna get from somebody else, the more miserable you’re going to be. Even in these economic times, you have the ability to earn more than you’re making now. You have the ability to be independent and not worry about these health insurance costs for your company. It’s there! There’s a number out there with your name on it. Whatever you think is big money, it’s there. This is the United States of America. You can go get it right now. What we all fear is that Barack Obama’s destroying that. He’s destroying people’s incentive. He’s destroying people’s desire and motivation. He’s creating more and more people who expect him to do something for them — and in five months, everybody realizes everything he’s tried to do for you, as you’ve noticed, isn’t happening! So wake up. Look inward. Tell yourself you’re better than you thought you were and get busy. This is the United States of America. You still have, for a while, plenty of liberty and freedom to pursue happiness as you define it. You don’t have to be dominated by fear. You don’t have to be dominated by negativity. It’s there for you. But Obama is not the route by which you will get it.


RUSH: Jeremy, I know you’re still out there and all the rest of you. The way to look at this, Barack Obama is not helping the big guy; Barack Obama is not helping the little guy. Barack Obama is expanding government at everybody’s expense. Nobody is benefiting here, except his buddies, the labor unions. Not even the gay community, which are big donors to him, are happy. But his labor union buddies, you’ll find them somewhere in the foundation of everything he wants to do: save the auto companies, health care, you’ve got a huge union component in this. Cap and trade, again, unions and trial lawyers. This credit business, unions are everywhere in everything this guy wants to do. That’s the only group of people that benefit, and in that case, it’s only the union leaders.

He’s not helping the big guy; he’s not helping the little guy. He is growing government and that’s hurting the big guy and little guy because he is depleting the capital in the private whereby every little guy, big guy become even bigger.


RUSH: Bob in Houston, nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. It’s a pleasure to get to talk to you. Your previous session just capsulated everything I wanted to say to you and I know that you don’t like to take too much enamored words from people. But you are truly a national treasure, and what you did with that guy was amazing. You opened it up, you just clarified everything. It’s amazing. I always thought of myself as kind of a smart-thinking type of person, and I went through banking in New York City and came back down here to Texas and worked here as a consultant, and I always thought I was the best. Then I got fired, and I saw your billboard and it said, ‘Rush is Right,’ and I started listening to you in 2005. And it’s a pleasure just to be able to talk to you.

RUSH: Wow, thank you. You’ve only been with us for four years, then, essentially?

CALLER: Yeah, basically I got out of work and, you know, it was right before my 65th birthday, so I didn’t get my pension, but I already had investments, so I’m okay, but I felt angry or whatever, but you brought me out of all this and got me going, and even though I’m still not employed, I’ve written a book, and I’ve gotten into all these things, and I’m really a different person now than I was before.

RUSH: Well, that’s fabulous. Great to hear that. And thank you for your comments on my conversation with Jeremy. That’s why his call was a gold mine. Regardless what he thinks Obama’s doing, helping or hurting somebody. He’s not helping anybody. The big guy, the little guy are all getting hurt here. It’s the government that’s being helped, government’s growing. But people still can make their mark in life. They don’t have to depend on government for everything we get. That’s a crying shame of people that do that.

CALLER: Everything’s a crisis. Everything has to be done yesterday. And I just don’t understand why it has to be done yesterday. We need to critically think about these things.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you, look, this stuff would not succeed here as well as it does were it not for — I know this is a common complaint, and this is not even a discussion of bias. In this question the crisis mentality that exists in this country daily would not exist were it not for the media. I just cited the story on carrots. Every day it’s something. Every day there’s something that’s going to kill us, even something as extreme as a couple billion years from now — we had a story last week Earth might collide with Mercury. We got global warming, the planet’s being destroyed, we have polar bears being killed, little kids are scared — you can blame Algore for that. But if the media were not lap dog, and the media benefits from crisis, the media benefits from ongoing angst just as much as Obama does because it keeps people tuned in. Therefore, any source from the media that gives them facts or any kind of report that says things are going to hell in a handbasket, it’s getting worse, this might kill you, that did kill somebody, it just keeps people worked up into a constant frenzy, and it’s bigger than they can deal with and they get so caught up in it.

How many people do you know that actually think the car they drive might kill a polar bear? There are a lot of them and they’re bombarded with this every day and of course you take an individual who thinks that, that the car they drive is going to irredeemably, irreversibly damage the environment, we’re all going to die, an individual in that situation, there’s nothing he can do but buy the right kind of car. But even that he knows is not going to do it. So here comes a slick snake oil salesman like Obama who says he can fix everything. And for 50 years people have been told to believe that government is the automatic fixer of everything and they invest in that. Despite everyday evidence of government failure after failure after failure after failure, there’s not enough critical thinking education going on in schools today at all levels, there is indoctrination. The founding documents are not taught. People are not being inspired to rise above themselves. People are being told they’re not that good, they’re not that smart, that everything out there is going to cheat them anyway. They’re either going to be discriminated by a racist, bigoted society, or big business is going to treat them unfairly, or some storm is going to come along and wipe out their house. It’s something or multiple things each and every day.

You have to ask yourself why are some people able to expose themselves to that and resist it and ignore it and go on and live their lives, pursue happiness using the liberty that we were all created with, while other people exposed to that stuff…? And it’s those people who are exploited by politicians who claim to have their best interests at heart. These people being exploited are in the process of having their lives destroyed, and if not destroyed, their life potential is being cut in half. The people they could be they will never be because nobody’s ever told them they could be, and instead they are bombarded each and every day with evidence about why they’ll never be any better than they are. And when people are depressed about their lot in life, everybody who thinks that way finds it much easier to blame somebody else for it than themselves. So all it takes is a Barack Obama to come along and say, ‘This bank did that to you; that dealership did that to you; this auto company did that to you; Big Oil did that to you,’ and then you say, ‘Fine, there’s no way I can succeed. It’s not fair anymore. Big business is against me and government is for me.’

The government never does anything for you. I’ll tell you how bad it’s gotten. We laugh about this, but do you people realize how absolutely breathtakingly depressing it is when an American citizen goes to a McDonald’s, orders Chicken McNuggets and told that they’re out and calls 911 thinking they’re calling the government? Do you realize how pitiful that is? Do you realize how pathetic it is? Do you realize what that represents? It does not necessarily represent stupidity or ignorance on the part of the poor citizen. It represents what that citizen’s been exposed to, how that citizen’s been raised, what that citizen has been taught. And that’s what we’re doing, and the people doing that, the people that are in the process of destroying human potential every day in this country, I’m sad to say, the Democrat Party, the American left, and the liberals, and President Obama and his administration. While everybody thinks that President Obama is about salvation and redemption and about change and hope, you gotta start asking yourself today, folks, how is that change and hope working for you?

Jeremy finally figured out the hope and change, there isn’t any hope and there isn’t any change, except in his mind the change is worse. He feels he got hornswoggled into voting for Obama by his family, and he’s right. As an American citizen, and as someone who has had more success than I ever dreamed of and live a life my parents would not comprehend, my parents would not believe it, my experiences in context are such that it’s a crying shame for me to look at all the wasted human potential in this country. It’s understandable that we would have wasted human potential in totalitarian regimes like Zimbabwe or Cuba or the old Soviet Union or in China. But not here. Not here. Human potential and people rising above themselves; people pursuing excellence without a whole lot of obstacles in their way and shackles attached to them, it’s what built this country, and anybody with a brain knows it, even the people who are trying to build this country in a different way.

The truth is the Obamaites are not trying to build the country. They’re trying to take it over. And to do that, they’re trying to build and grow government, not because they think it’s gonna improve your life. They’re not interested in that. They’re interested in controlling your life, for the sake of it. You can start talking about why all you want, but one big reason why is they’ve got contempt for you. After 50 years of telling you you’re worthless, you are. You don’t get as much done as you could. They look out at you and they see cities where you live falling apart, they see this or that. They don’t blame themselves for the policies that led to that; they blame you and they say, ‘See, these people need us.’ And they see an opportunity to go to these people and say, ‘We can fix the problem.’ Well, let me ask you something. Go talk to any of the 93%, 92% of the black population that votes for Obama and ask ’em what the Democrat Party has done for them. Substantively, it’s zero.

They’re still complaining about the same things they’ve been complaining about since before the Civil Rights Act, they’re complaining about discrimination, complaining about racism. They have evolved businesses like Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton for leaders to make millions of dollars trading off imagined racism and keeping people at war with each other over race and now gender and now over sexual orientation. Yet they vote Democrat every ticket. Why? Because they have been told that all the obstacles in their way are because of Republicans, because the Republicans are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes, conservatives. Yet it’s the people they’re voting for, on the promise these people are going to fix what’s wrong, never get it fixed, yet you go talk to them, why — they keep waiting for the big fix, they keep waiting for everything to change, they keep waiting for these promises to be fulfilled. That’s how the Democrat Party has destroyed spirit. The American left, the Democrat Party, liberalism in general, has destroyed way too much can-do spirit in this country.

We’re not the great country we used to be. We’re still the greatest, but we’re not the greatest we used to be because too many of our citizens have checked out. They’re sitting around waiting, for whatever reason they feel entitled to this or that, free health care, free this, free that, ’cause they’ve been told they can’t get it on their own, the deck is stacked against them. Yet they look out and they drive around their neighborhoods and their towns and they see other people not in their economic circumstances, they see people doing quite well, and rather than look at that and say, ‘Hey I could do it, too,’ they say, ‘How did that guy get that? That’s not fair,’ and so they’re susceptible to policies that come along to punish the guy that’s got more than they do. So that’s how liberalism promises happiness, making everybody miserable. It breaks my heart. It just breaks my heart. The opportunity human beings born as Americans have as opposed to being born anywhere else in this world, when I hear people talk about how rotten they have it, how destitute they are, how unfair and unfortunate, I just want to smack ’em to the moon and say, ‘Go with me to Afghanistan. Go with them to Zimbabwe. Go with me to practically anywhere in Africa. Go with me to the Middle East. Go with me to Cuba.’

But, see, nobody in their lives talks to them this way. Everybody excuses failure, everybody excuses half-assed behavior. Not everybody but enough people do to make people comfortable with it. This just leads to more and more resentment. The more this kind of resentment and angst and chaos, you got guys like Obama, and whoever, Clinton was the same way, Hillary, they’re running the same way, use it, take advantage of it to amass even greater power for themselves. Not for the improvement of anything or anybody. That’s what they say they want to do but it never happens, it’s never worked, authoritarian control, central planning, never worked, improving the lives of citizens, only the leaders.


RUSH: Redding, California, this is Karinna, or Karina, how are you?

CALLER: Hi! Giga dittos in from Redding and Shasta County, California, where unemployment is at 16.8% and rising. Including myself. Anyway, I’m a Republican school teacher, and I love your show because of all the brilliant teachable moments that you have. And your conversation with Jeremy today was so incredible, I wish everybody in the country could have heard it. But you missed what I think was a really valuable point that you didn’t get.

RUSH: It’s always the case. Here I’m being set up for a great compliment and then you lower the boom, ‘But you missed something.’

CALLER: Well, I’m sorry. It’s a small point but it’s a really valid one.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. If I were Barack Obama, I would say to you (Obama impression), ‘I didn’t miss anything! I don’t miss anything ever. You don’t know what you’re talking about.’

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: And then I would hang up on you. Okay, what did I miss?

CALLER: Okay what you missed is when Jeremy was saying that he was frustrated with the cost of insurance, and he called around and he could use the Internet to search the country for a better program, the point you missed was: Under Barack Obama’s plan (or, rather, I should say Emperor Obama’s plan) he wouldn’t have that option.

RUSH: Eventually. That’s true.

CALLER: Yeah. He would have one plan. It would be a government plan. He’d be stuck with it and whatever they tell him about what he’s approved for or disapproved for… He couldn’t go anywhere else. He couldn’t go to Canada because they’ve got the same program. He’d have to be stuck with whatever they have. You can’t call around if you have the government-care plan.

RUSH: Yes, yes, yes. Technically, I’m going to argue with you on this.


RUSH: I didn’t miss it because I’ve been saying that for the previous four or five days. I might have missed the opportunity to point it out to him in that precise moment.

CALLER: Exactly and for somebody for a Democrat who voted for Emperor Obama who is just now starting to get that, that’s a point in a needs to be reinforced because I think he’s still kind of starting to see where all this is coming from —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — and he may not have thought about that before.

RUSH: Well, he got it now because I’m sure he’s glued to the radio after the pep talk I gave.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: Look, Karina, thanks very much. (cough button) Everybody thinks they can do it better. If I weren’t so strong and confident in character I’d walk outta here today just depressed, thinking I had a great call and somebody said, ‘You shoulda done this. You shoulda done that.’ (sigh) I’m just kidding, Karinna.

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