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RUSH: Livonia, Michigan. Ken, hello, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I was just calling to comment about how Obama is kind of dropping the ball when it comes to what’s going on in Iran right now. I used to work with a gentleman. He was born and raised in Iran, and he to this day has family and friends over there, and he’s always been telling me about how the overwhelmingly majority of the people over there reject the Muslim religion, they reject their government, they would welcome freedom, and they would endorse a revolution but they would need America’s help in order to succeed. And for Obama not to do anything to encourage these people is a shame.

RUSH: It’s worse than a shame. It is not in the tradition of American presidents. Your friend in Iran’s story pretty much confirms everything that I have read by one of the most prominent Iranian scholars, Michael Ledeen. I think he’s at AEI now, American Enterprise Institute, but he might have moved. But we’ll find out where he is and let you know. This has been something for four years, maybe even longer, Ledeen’s been writing about urging the United States to in turn urge the people in Iran, the population, who do want to overthrow this Islamic regime. And he’s not talking about doing it militarily and so forth. But, you know, this whole Iranian situation with President Obama, just compare the way he’s dealing with Iran with the way he dealt and is dealing with Israel, our ally, or the way he’s dealing with Hamas. Our enemy. And the enemy of one of our allies, Israel.

And he said yesterday. ‘It’s not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling.’ We have to know what this means, ‘given the history of US-Iranian relations.’ What history? Is he talking about the coup when we put the Shah in there in ’53 that he apologized for? Is that what he means? Is he so handcuffed to defend liberty and those who seek it because of what happened 65 years ago? What about our hostage crisis? You know, Iran’s not blameless here. Is Obama handcuffed because of the hostage crisis in 1979? What’s holding Obama back from standing up for freedom? Standing up for freedom is ‘meddling’? Does this mean we’re not going to ‘meddle’ in their nuclear program as well? This statement that Obama gave, ‘It’s not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling.’ That was written. That was carefully considered.

It has to be understood. What was he talking about? What is this history? What is it? If Iran is so screwed up that Obama can’t speak to them like a balanced adult, then why the hell does he insist that they have nuclear technology and that no one should disturb their nuke program? If they’re that crazy, if they’re that big a powder keg and this unstable that you can’t meddle or can’t even speak, then why is Obama going to go meet with them? Why is Obama going to meet with Hamas? Why does Obama want Israel to give a green light to a country run by Hamas, Iran’s puppet? The question does not contain itself just to Obama and the way he’s dealing with Iran. How is he dealing with our friends? How is he dealing with the Brits? How is he dealing with our allies? But you’re right. He is violating… Ah, wrong word. He is failing to continue the tradition of every president in this country’s history: standing up for liberty and freedom around the world. We can’t ‘meddle,’ he says.

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