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Rush’s Morning Update: BS Bamster
June 18, 2009

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My friends, we face catastrophe– if you don’t fork over more money. That’s according to a new report by 30 scientists at 13 government agencies, officially titled: “Global Climate Impacts in the United States.” Predictably, it’s full of the junk science that global warming wackos have been spewing for years.

Such as: wildflowers are going to disappear from the slopes of the Rockies. California vineyards are going to wither and die,ruining the wine industry. The sea levels are going to rise,flooding lower Manhattan. (To liberals, that’s good news/bad news. The good news is: greedy Wall Street financiers will drown.The bad news is: no more financial firms for the government to take over.)

Chicago is going to get hammered, too. Heat wave deaths will increase four-fold… unless Chicago politicians can bribe Mother Nature (or whack her). But hardest hitwill be the polar bears. They will all croak within 75 years.

The environmentalist wackos are calling this report a “clarion call for immediate action.” Andit is. It’s a “clarion call” for higher taxes and economic thievery from a bunch of fear-mongering liberals.

The Obama administration helped roll this thingoutas a way to advance their cap-and-trade agenda. After all the big talk about “getting politics out of science,” they put politics over scienceto rob you blind with new taxes.

All this is untrue. It’s a hoax! It’s not hope. It’s not change. It’s not science. It’s B.S. — as usual from the Bamster Bunch. Don’t doubt me.

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