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RUSH: Debbie in Jacksonville, Florida, hi, nice to have you with us on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m a longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: And I just… Over the past few days, with the uprising in Iran, I have heard nobody even mention that this could probably be because Iraq is free and that the people in Iran want the same freedoms. And of course no one wants to give George Bush any kudos for that, but I really believe that that’s what’s going on.

RUSH: Well, you may have a point that there partial consideration has to be given to it. But I must tell you the Iranian population has long been simmering — and a large percentage of it long simmering — with opposition to the mullahs, the ayatollahs, to Ahmadinejad. That opposition has grown and grown and grown, and as the mullahs try to make the world think that they’re engaging in a democracy by staging elections — which are just fraudulent as they can be; they’re just totally irrelevant elections; they’re just for show for the rest of the world — the Iranian people think, ‘Okay, well, we got a chance here,’ and then when they find out they’ve just been duped and they’re participating in a fraud, they erupt, because they’ve been simmering for many years. I don’t doubt that the situation in Iraq plays a role, here. That’s a good point. I wish I could say it’s big, but I don’t know what Iranian media allows in. So whatever the Iranian population knows about Iraq has to be from word-of-mouth, people going with back and forth. I don’t think the Iranian media is touting Iraq and freedom there. I know they’re not. The mullahs are not going to do that.

I gotta take another brief break, ladies and gentlemen, the fastest three hours in media. I can’t believe how fast time is flying today, but it is. So we’ll take a brief time-out, we will continue straight after this.


RUSH: Brian in Kalamazoo, Michigan, great to have you. What’s the population there, Brian?

CALLER: Oh, I think combined between Portage and Kalamazoo it’s roughly a hundred thousand.

RUSH: What was it ten years ago?

CALLER: Probably about the same, quite frankly.

RUSH: Well, congratulations.

CALLER: Well, we so far have escaped a lot of the wrath of Granholm, but I’m not holding my breath.

RUSH: Congratulations.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Hey, Rush, just real quick. I have a nine-year-old stepdaughter and a son who was born two months ago Tuesday, and what an honor it will be to tell both of them that I got to speak to Rush H. Limbaugh III. Sir, I appreciate you taking my call, and I thank you very much.

RUSH: Well, you’re welcome.

CALLER: And the point I wanted to make, and after I make a point, I have one more quick thing, if you’ll indulge me. But my point is about the criticism of Obama’s silence on the Iranian election. And I look at it as he really doesn’t have any other choice, and the reason is, is, what you’re asking him to do is to condemn voter intimidation and voter —


CALLER: — fraud and election theft —


CALLER: — but, wait —


CALLER: Sir, sir, but when you look at the way Holder and his Justice Department handled the Black Panthers in Philly, when you look at the fact that he’s a product of the political machine in Chicago, and you look at the ACORN fraud, this is consistent with what he was raised on.

RUSH: Yeah, but nobody’s going to call him on that.

CALLER: Well, I know, but —

RUSH: The State-Run Media is not going to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you hypocrite.’

CALLER: Well, they should, though.

RUSH: They won’t. That’s not the reason. That’s not why he’s not doing it. He doesn’t want to offend the Muslim world. What do you think the Cairo speech was about? He does not follow in the tradition of every American president standing up for liberty. This guy doesn’t want to offend the Muslim world. I really think that’s part of the reason why he’s dissing his gay supporters right now because homosexuality is kind of frowned on in the Middle East, the Muslim community. Remember Ahmadinejad, when he came to Columbia to do his version of Obama’s Cairo speech, you remember that, folks? And what happened? He got a question about gay rights and he said, ‘Well, we don’t have any of those in Iran.’ And the students in the audience started chuckling. He said, ‘What, you know something I don’t? Where do they live?’ Remember that? So Obama went over there, this big speech in the Muslim community, he made a big deal of his Muslim background, his background on Islam, he even had a mustache for one day, had a mustache. He didn’t have his wife there, either. Women in the Muslim world are not on stage with their husbands when their husbands are leaders, and look, folks, I know this may sound a little harsh. This guy is doing more than he can to destroy Israel and the settlements than he is trying to hold to account a bunch of tyrants rigging an election. He’s not standing up for freedom and liberty.

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