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RUSH: Well, I’ve been monitoring Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference here, folks. I guess we’ve learned something. Republicans like sex, too. Up ’til now that’s been debatable. Republicans are these church going, moralistic no-fun-in-life kind of people according to the libs. Mark Sanford developed, what did he say, an e-mail friendship, started innocently, the girl from Ipanema. He went down to Argentina to see the girl from Ipanema. He could have flown her in. This is, if he’s going to do this — but for crying out loud, folks, this is inexplicable. You are married. You are a governor.

Father’s Day weekend hits. You drive your SUV to the airport in Atlanta alone, you get on a plane, go visit the girl from Ipanema, the word gets out you’re walking the Appalachian trail, the wife defends him, oh, yeah, he’s out there writing, he’s doing some stuff. At what point does your brain shut off? This is inexplicable. It’s inexplicable. This is, whatever, the power of lust?I’ve said over the years that lust is the one human emotion over which you have no control. It can make you do things that in your sane moments you would never do. And we’re looking at an example of it here. Well, love, people in lust think they’re in love. This is the kind of stuff that addicts do. Never going to get caught, never going to happen and so forth. You marvel at this.

But I’ll tell you what. If he were a Democrat it would be a resume enhancement. It has been a resume enhancement for many years, if he were a Democrat, James Carville and Paul Begala would be out attacking this woman today. We’d find out who she was, she’d be plastered all over as trailer trash. You know what, I don’t blame the wife not standing there. That’s always rubbed me the wrong way, these politicians go out and do this stuff and their wives dutifully stand there, she’s not there. Mark Sanford, I mean I’ve met him, I met him at a wedding in South Carolina and he was very nice. He did say, by the way, he thought it was crazy for me to say I hope Obama fails.

Oh, speaking of that, the RNC put out some release yesterday about how Obama’s agenda is collapsing on him. Did you see that? I guess the RNC says Obama’s failing. Remember all that grief I caught from all these Republicans for saying that? Now the RNC is putting out gleeful press releases about Obama’s agenda collapsing on him. Okay, I found that story with the Congressional Black Caucus reference. It’s the climate change vote. It’s from TheHill.com. It was published yesterday. ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is moving forward with a floor vote on climate change legislation this week even though many Democrats are undecided,’ although they did turn eight Democrats in favor of it. By the way, you Democrats that have changed your mind on this, you have guaranteed a no vote, you’ve guaranteed your loss. You are not going to be reelected in 2010. Anybody who votes for this thing is guaranteed not to be — well, moderate, conservative so-called Democrats.


RUSH: We are just here commenting amongst ourselves, ladies and gentlemen. When these Republican guys… I mean, nobody caught him. Nobody caught him in the act. He came back, ‘Yeah, I was screwing off — literally! — south of the border with the girl from Ipanema.’ He comes back and admits it. No wife standing there. John Ensign last week or whatever it was, the Senator from Nevada, his wife wasn’t standing there. But when these Democrats go up there their wives are dutifully in a blue dress. Remember Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda was there? It didn’t help much, but we’re just remarking on this. And, of course, it reminds us of these big differences. Here’s Kyra Phillips. She’s the CNN infobabe that had a cow here a moment ago.

PHILLIPS: I don’t even know where to begin. I’m, uhhh, feeling, uhhh, pretty biased (snickering) in so many ways on this. You know, I guess we should just try and stick to the, uh, uh, reason why we’re covering this. Ummm, and not get a little derailed, but, uh, put this into perspective. You know, governor cheats on his wife, lies to his staff — leaves his state, uhhh, you know, in the lurch, with no constit…contingency plans. Uhhh, you know? Once again, all about him and selfishness and his love life.

RUSH: Kyra? Kyra? Kyra? Have you not seen this behavior before? His name is Bill Clinton. Did you not probably defend this behavior before? Didn’t you say it doesn’t affect his business? He’s doing his work. It’s just sex! It was just sex. Come on, Kyra. By the way, another sign to put on your TV if you’re going to watch the Obama infomercial tonight on ABC: ‘Free Breast Implants?’ with a question mark. Either put ‘These People are Going to Die of Anal Poisoning,’ or ‘Free Breast Implants?’ Speaking of Eliot Spitzer, remember how that all went down?

(playing of Spitzer spoof song: Love Client #9)

RUSH: He was stupid. He left evidence! Sanford didn’t do that.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: I wonder if Sanford thought that he was gonna get away with this.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: They all do I guess.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: He could have been our JFK!

(song continues playing)

RUSH: He coulda had it all.

(song continues playing)

RUSH: Yeah, Gary Hart’s wife stood next to him out there, too.

(song continues, fades down to the end)

RUSH: That is ‘white comedian Paul Shanklin,’ vocal portrayal there as Bill Clinton talking about Eliot Spitzer and Love Client #9.


RUSH: I tell you, Sanford handled this — as we commented here, he handled this — a little differently than most of these guys do. Like Ensign, he was in a blackmail scheme or we’d have never known about it. Eliot Spitzer was writing checks to the hookers. Clinton left the semen on the stain — uh, on the dress. But look what Sanford did: ‘Yeah, yeah. I went down there screwed off for five days. My bad. Leave my wife alone, please. It wasn’t her fault. Sorry.’ Now, real question is: At the end of his political career, will there be a Mark Sanford Library and Massage Parlor? Clinton has one, and there have been many famous ceremonies that have taken place there.

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