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RUSH: What did I miss? Did I miss anything big? Ha-ha-ha. Nah, nothing of major import happens unless I’m here to talk about it. If I don’t talk about it, it’s no big deal. I’m only kidding. A lot happened and we’re going to talk about it and therefore it matters. Greetings, great to be back with you. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Our telephone number if you want to be on the air today is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Well, my friends, it never stops, no matter where you are it just never stops. The Obama Show just keeps on rolling. Last week before I split the scene for these two short days, Monday and Tuesday, I thought maybe it might be fun to try to do an entire show without mentioning Obama’s name. I don’t think it would be possible. I think the guy has so permeated virtually every aspect of the Daily News cycle and of life in general, or wants to, that it would be difficult. We’re still working on it, I’m still putting together show prep things and I’m close, I think I got about an hour-and-a-half worth of stuff here that would — (interruption) well, yeah, if we waited during the football season we could certainly do it on a Friday prior to, say, the opening of the NFL season. At any rate, I have to play a couple sound bites. One sound bite here to start.

This is from yesterday morning on the Early Show on CBS. Harry Smith talking to President Obama, and he says, ‘Golf, what does golf do for you, Obama?’

OBAMA: It is the only time that for six hours, first of all, that I’m outside.

SMITH: Uh huh, uh huh.

OBAMA: And second of all, where you almost feel normal in the sense that you’re not in a bubble. There are a whole bunch of secret service guys, but they’re sort of in the woods.

SMITH: Uh huh. Uh huh.

OBAMA: You know, when you’re up there in the tee box —

SMITH: Uh huh.

OBAMA: And you’re hacking away, and hitting some terrible shot and your friends are laughing at you.

SMITH: Uh huh.

OBAMA: You know it feels as though you’re out of the container.

SMITH: Yeah.

RUSH: Now, this is incredible. Even I, El Rushbo, get grief from my own audience when I leave this program to play golf, and that’s what I was doing Monday and Tuesday. It was actually Saturday, Sunday and Monday, took yesterday to get back from Hawaii but I played golf three days in a row Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I went over to June Jones, the former coach University of Hawaii, who is now at SMU, has an annual fundraiser for his foundation over there on the big island of Hawaii, and I was the guest of Mr. Hawaii, Mike Hartley. You know who was on my team? Mike Post. Does the name Mike Post ring a bell to you? Mike Post does all of the music. Mike Post, Hill Street Blues, The Rockford Files, he does all the Law & Orders, Criminal Intent, and his son Aaron and Mr. Hawaii Jr., Al Souza, and Steve Bartkowski, the former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. It was a sixsome and we played in this tournament on Monday. I guess we came in at fourth place. We got two practice rounds in on Saturday.

So anyway, when I go and play golf, I get notes from my own audience, ‘Stick to the issues.’ And when I get back and talk about going out and playing golf I get grief from my own audience, ‘Stick to the issues. We don’t care about golf. Golf’s an elitist game. Golf doesn’t relate to the American people. When you go around and talk about golf and all these places, how many people are you relating to? You sound like an elitist, Rush, shut up about it!’ My own audience says this. Then when George Bush went out and played golf the media just went nuts. When Bush went out and played golf, they couldn’t handle it. You know, Bush stopped playing golf when the Iraq war started, he refused, and the same thing with Bush 41. He was always out there speed-boating or golfing or doing something. Now, Obama gets out there, and Obama says golf keeps him in touch with common people. This is how he relates. This is just amazing. And the press, of course, dying to know, ‘What does golf do you for you? What does golf do for you?’ So the State-Run Media — (interruption) but Obama went out on Father’s Day, abandoned the family, abandoned the family on Father’s Day and went out there and played golf. Dawn just said common people are working, they don’t play golf. Well, but Obama’s redefining what’s common here.

You know, you leave the family on Father’s Day, you head out there with the Secret Service detail, you go to the tee box, you spend six hours out there hacking it around, I guarantee you if he’s as bad as he says he is, it is not fun. Trust me. If he’s as bad a golfer — and I’ve seen his swing, folks, and he’s bad — I guarantee you the guy has a boomerang slice, if the thing was in the air long enough, it would come back and plunk him in the head. It’s not fun when you’re that bad. I don’t care if you’re out there communing with nature, whatever the hell you’re doing out there, BS. They ought to make prisoners play this game, that’s how frustrating it is, that’s how maddening it is. One of these three days I played worse than I’ve played in three or four years, I was just horrible and it was not fun, I said, ‘Get me outta here!’ He’s out there saying he has fun. Then, after that, this question yesterday from the press conference on, well, it was on a bunch of things, health care and Iran. I’ll tell you what, this press conference yesterday was a smoke screen.

I know Iran and his reaction to it has been up and down and the people think he should have been tougher and all that sort of stuff. In fact, the Washington Post has a funny story today. They repeat the White House line that Obama’s Cairo speech is what inspired all the protests in Iran. There’s one major problem. His speech was not televised in Iran. The mullahs blocked it. The people of Iran did not see his Cairo speech unless they saw it on the YouTube, Internet or what have you, and Ahmadinejad and the mullahs blocked that as well. So it’s all BS. But what really is going on, this cap-and-trade thing that the House is gonna get ready to sign on Friday, this is major. This is the biggest tax increase to come down the pike. It’s as bad as health care. It’s as bad as any of his other legislative ideas, for what its purpose is and what its intent is, and it’s happening under the radar, and nobody is talking about it, nobody is asking questions about it.

So he got to use this press conference yesterday — and I knew he was going to have this press conference, by the way. When I saw these approval numbers dip down into the fifties — I saw this when I was gone — I paid attention. Even when I’m not here I’m working. I saw these approval numbers plummet, and I saw the Rasmussen index, his approval index at zero. I saw Gallup taking him down to the fifties, and Gallup’s always plus four high. I think his numbers are actually in the lower fifties. I knew it was time for a Hail Mary, I knew it was time for a major speech or a press conference or something, and, voila, we got it yesterday. Major Garrett with the question of the day had this exchange with President Obama.

GARRETT: In your opening remarks, sir, you said about Iran that you were appalled and outraged. What took you so long?

OBAMA: I don’t think that’s accurate. Track what I’ve been saying. Right after the election I said that we had profound concerns about the nature of the election, but that it was not up to us to determine what the outcome was. As soon as violence broke out — in fact, in anticipation of potential violence — we were very clear in saying that violence was unacceptable —

RUSH: Stop it, stop it, stop it, it’s just words. The question, though, what took you so long? ‘I don’t think that’s accurate.’ The look on his face at that question, that was insolence, the look on his face. And then there was a follow-up question. Somebody asked, ‘Well, are you responding to Senator McCain’s criticism?’ (imitating Obama) ‘What do you think?’ Obama said. I’m watching, I said, hell, yes, you’re responding to the criticism, that’s all you do in the White House, is respond to the criticism here or there. Garrett followed up and get this: Obama said he wouldn’t rule out having the Iranians over for hot dogs on the Fourth of July. The question, ‘Are Iranian diplomats still welcome at the embassy on the Fourth of July, sir?’

OBAMA: Well, I think as you’re aware, Major, we don’t have formal diplomatic relations with… we don’t have formal — we don’t have formal diplomatic relations with Iran.

RUSH: Not on the prompter there so he said it three times.

OBAMA: I think that we have said that if Iran chooses a path that abides by international norms and principles, then we are interested in healing some of the wounds of 30 years in terms of US-Iranian relations.

RUSH: This is idiotic.

OBAMA: But that is a choice that the Iranians are going to have to make.

RUSH: All right. So the question: ‘Are you going to have ’em over for hot dogs on the Fourth of July?’ Now, Eric Cantor, the House minority whip, thinks Obama needs to get tougher with the mullahs. Eric Cantor is upset that diplomats from Iran are still being invited to US government sponsored Fourth of July parties. I have a way around this. All we have to do is tell the Iranians that we’re serving Hebrew National hot dogs, and they won’t show up. It’s that simple. Don’t serve ’em Nathans, just tell them it’s Hebrew National hot dogs and I guarantee you these diplomats won’t show up. Obama even got testy with NBC News F. Chuck Todd. Question from F. Chuck Todd: ‘Mr. President I want to follow up on Iran. You’ve avoided twice spelling out consequences. You’ve hinted that there would be some from the international community if they continue to violate these norms. You seemed to hint that there are human rights violations taking place.’

OBAMA: I’m not hinting. I think that when a young woman gets shot on the street when she gets out of her car, that’s a problem.

TODD: Then why won’t you spell out the consequences to the Iranian people?

OBAMA: Because, I think Chuck that we don’t know yet how this thing is going to play out. I know everybody here is on a 24-hour news cycle. I’m not. Okay?

TODD: Shouldn’t — I mean, shouldn’t the world–

OBAMA: Chuck I answered — I answered.

TODD: — the present regime know that there are consequences?

OBAMA: I answered the question Chuck, which is that we don’t yet know how this is going to play out. Okay?

RUSH: They’re shooting people on the streets. We don’t know how it’s going to play out so we’re not ready to announce any consequences. We want ’em to come over for hot dogs on the Fourth of July. We don’t want to make ’em mad.

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