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RUSH: We’ve got Paul in Nashville, Tennessee. Great to have you on the program, Paul. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Glad-my-name-is-not-Henry dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: So we’re not able to judge the spirit of someone in order to determine the financial outlay that we’re committing to them based on this health care standard. So we don’t have the ability to quantify our empathy for this health care recipient under my new plan, but I will appoint a Supreme Court nominee who must, in even more black-and-white ways, that is applying the law, must have empathy to gray the law out. So I’m not really sure I understand the message coming from President Obama.

RUSH: You know what, let me tell you something, Paul, that is a brilliant catch. That is a brilliant get. In case you are just joining us, President Obama, in his infomercial last night on ABC that came in last in its time slot, was asked a question by a woman who had a mother who is 100 years old who needed a pacemaker, and the plan that she had said, no, no, no, she’s too old, no, no, no, but the daughter said, ‘But she’s got so much spirit. She’s got so much spirit. So we found a doctor that would put the pacemaker in. She’s still living at 105.’ So Obama was asked: ‘What about the human spirit?’ Well, we can’t judge spirit in making decisions. We can’t take spirit into it. That’s right. Obama is trying to kill human spirit throughout the American economy. Yet you’re right, he wants judges who use empathy totally in rendering legal decisions. Empathy is nothing more than spirit or feelings or what have you. But there’s one caveat to this. ‘Empathy’ is a code word. When Obama talks about judges having it, all he means by it is: I want people who are racists and bigots on my Supreme Court who are always going to find for minorities and the underprivileged simply because they’ve gotten the shaft all their lives. I want people on my court who are going to rule against the so-called rich and the so-called powerful, because they have carried the day for too long. So empathy is just a code word for somebody who has sympathy for the downtrodden.

CALLER: Exactly. Hey, one last thing.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: First of all, thanks — so two last things. Thanks for the Strawberry Letter 23 bump, taking me back, what a great thing. And 15 years ago, a friend of mine, Taylor Jernigan in Montgomery, Alabama, turned me on to your show, made me see the errors of my way, and Taylor will one day be governor of Alabama. Shout out to him and thanks to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, Paul. Your sense of timing is perfect. You should get a radio show. You can hit commercial breaks perfectly.

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