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RUSH: I’ll tell you, the news today is filled with examples of what’s gone wrong with the media, given the chickification of news. The basic point of TIME Magazine’s story is that women become obese after they get married. It’s their husband’s fault. It’s the husband’s fault that women get fat after marriage. I’m going to explain this later in the program. This is obviously not a priority. I’m just setting the table here, whetting your whistle for what’s to come later. We gotta get to the serious stuff here, but I’m going to let you know what’s coming.

There are a number of stories from State-Run Media written by women about Governor Mark Sanford in South Carolina. TIME Magazine’s had one of these, the Associated Press, I believe. Yeah, it’s Jocelyn Noveck at OP — I mean AP. Obama Press is in my mind. (laughing) Associated Press. The latest from the chicks in the State-Run Media is, hey, wait a minute, you know, this guy loved her. This is not like Clinton. This is not like the Breck Girl. Oh, speaking of which, there’s apparently a sex video of the Breck Girl on YouTube. I haven’t looked at it because I’m not a voyeur and the last thing I want to do is watch the Breck Girl have sex because I don’t know how you comb your hair and have sex at the same time, but apparently there’s a sex video out there. So you’ve got the Breck Girl, you’ve got Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, and they’re all, ‘Yeah, I didn’t love ’em. No way did I love them.’ Well, the Breck Girl might have loved his. He was talking about marrying her if Elizabeth passed away, but all of a sudden now as far as the chicks are concerned — you know what? Go ahead and get divorced and marry the woman. Bonnie Fuller wrote this. Go ahead, I mean love is love. Wherever you find it take advantage of it. You only live once. And, by the way, when you do remember this is being denied gay couples. That was the story.

But this chick, Jocelyn Noveck: ‘If you’re a governor who’s in the doghouse for marital infidelity, is it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved at all? Granted, South Carolina’s Gov. Mark Sanford may be too busy to wonder… but to some one of the most fascinating aspects of our –‘ No. It’s fascinating to the chicks in the Drive-Bys. ‘One of the most fascinating aspects of our nation’s latest ritual public apology from a straying politician is that Sanford, unlike many straying politicians before him –‘ spit, spit, ‘– seems to really be in love with the object of the straying. Stephanie Coontz, a professor of family studies at Evergreen State College in Washington state –‘ how did they find her? Evergreen what? Evergreen State College? She said, ‘Yup, he’s got it bad. There’s enough out there to make you realize he just has a head-over-heels crush on this woman.

‘Could the ‘love factor’ ultimately play a role in helping get this governor the forgiveness he seeks? To family therapist Elana Katz, the fact that Sanford displays passion, be it true love or mere infatuation, doesn’t make his behavior more excusable or forgivable. But it might make it more explainable. ”All those things they say about love being blind – well, it’s true, love changes us chemically,’ says Katz, who counsels couples and families at New York’s Ackerman Institute. ‘People get into complicated situations.” The whole thing is about it’s a good thing he loved the woman, he loved her. The chickification of the news. It’s on display all over. Here’s another one: ‘Does Love Factor Make South Carolina Governor More Sympathetic?’ Rachel, does it? You’re a woman. Does it make him more sympathetic? He loved her. He loved her. But if he marries her, she’s going to become a tub. She may look great now, but according to TIME Magazine, she’s gonna become a tub.


RUSH: Barbara in Indian Head, Maryland. You’re first today on the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Thank you. How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: In regards to the Governor Sanford case and some of those Dumbo lib women writing that it’s okay — you know, his cheating is okay — because he apparently loved the other woman, I say it’s not okay. He took an oath to his wife, an oath of fidelity.

RUSH: How old-fashioneded are you, on you old-fashioned are you?

CALLER: Oh, I’m very old fashioned and there are a lot of us out here. He needs to be a father to boys and a husband to his wife —

RUSH: You know what’s…? (sigh)

CALLER: — and not chase skirts.

RUSH: Do you know what some of these female reporters are saying?


RUSH: See, that’s what they’re saying. He wasn’t chasing skirt. He was chasing heart. He loved her.

CALLER: Oh, that’s baloney.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Let me just tell you what they’re saying.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: They’re saying, ‘He loved her. Is not like Spitzer or Clinton or John Edwards, the Breck Girl. He loved her, and, gosh, that’s gotta count for something,’ they’re saying.

CALLER: No, it doesn’t. You know, if that were accepted (garbled) in the world that would make it okay for anyone to leave a marriage —

RUSH: All right. All right. All right.

CALLER: — and then the man, you know —

RUSH: All right. I’ll tell you something else they’re saying.

CALLER: It would be disastrous.

RUSH: I’ll tell you something else they’re saying. They’re saying, ‘Hey, she kicked him out of the house. What’s he supposed to do? When he gets kicked out of the house, I guess the signal is, ‘The coast is clear.” That’s what some of these female reporters are saying.

CALLER: Oh, that’s baloney. No, he’s still married to her.

RUSH: Yeah, says he wants to reconcile.

CALLER: (chuckling) Well. I don’t know.

RUSH: I guess you don’t have a future in the media, because you’re being awfully cold and hard about this, compared to some of the babes, the chicks in high positions in the media.

Diane in Santa Barbara. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey. Hey, in regards to the women gaining weight after marriage —

RUSH: Can you hang on here just a second? I have to make an observation.


RUSH: All right. I knew this was going to happen. We’ve got Sotomayor. We’ve got a horrible cap-and-trade bill that is an absolute disaster, a bill that was not even fully written that was voted on. We’ve got Honduras, which is coming up.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: We’ve got health care. We’ve got all this stuff, and I knew all I had to do was mention ‘the chickification of the news’ and the fact that these women reporters think, ‘Hey, it’s not that bad. He actually loves her,’ and I knew what would dominate our first series of calls today and you are caller number two wants to talk about love, Sanford and the babe down in Argentina. So I’ll get out of your way now. Go ahead and make your point.

CALLER: Oh, okay. Well, no, it just surprised me. You know, I see it everywhere women gaining weight after they got married. But, you know, it just surprised me. I mean, all the more reason was to… I’m not married and I’m slender, and I just don’t… It’s amazing to me ’cause I would just want to have more of a sweet body once I married.

RUSH: Hold it a second. You would avoid getting married because you want to stay slender?

CALLER: No, no. I’m saying I want… No, no. Just the opposite. I would have all the more motivation to be slender because, you know, once I’m married then, you know, I want to have a nice body for my husband.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: I mean, I don’t get the women gaining weight, but I know it happens all the time.

RUSH: Look, look, look, you’re missing the point. I guess I didn’t go into enough detail.


RUSH: That’s how all women go into marriage but the damn husbands cause this.

CALLER: Oh. (giggling)

RUSH: The whole point of the TIME Magazine story is the damn husbands make ’em obese.


RUSH: There’s a counter theory. You know, I have a friend. I have a friend who got married. The guy ballooned up. The wife didn’t care. The wife didn’t care because she knew that the more he ballooned up, the less attractive he’d be to other women. She didn’t care. (laughing) And by the same token I’ve heard… (interruption) What? What? (interruption) Not a whole lot, not a whole lot. No, no. Believe me, I’m right. I know these people! Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. For crying out loud, it’s the 20th year I’m the host and my staff still telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about.


RUSH: ‘Dear, Rush: Don’t be stupid. I didn’t hear the beginning of what you were saying about Sanford –‘ so here’s somebody telling me not to be stupid who admits they didn’t hear what I said. All I said was — this is an e-mail from a subscriber at the website — all I said was that the chicks in the news are saying, ‘Hey, we may have to cut the guy some slack because he loved the girl,’ meaning Sanford, ‘loved the girl down in Argentina.’ In fact Eliot Spitzer, this guy is a nut; this guy is out there trying to rehab himself. You’d think Eliot Spitzer would go away during this. Eliot Spitzer is going out there rehabbing himself, ‘Hey, at least I didn’t fall in love with any of them.’ That’s his defense! Spitzer’s gone public. ‘At least I didn’t fall in love,’ as though Sanford made some kind of big flub here by falling in love with the babe. This woman that wrote me is Jackie. ‘Look, I don’t care if he was chasing skirt or chasing heart. If a man will lie to his wife and be unfaithful, I expect he’ll lie to me, too. I don’t trust him to be faithful to any oath he takes.’ Jackie, I don’t disagree with you here, I’m telling you what has happened to the news media.

Do you understand what’s happened to the news? The chickification of the news. This guy’s a Republican. Normally he would be roasted at the spit by now. He’d be politically finished. You’ve got women in the news propping him up because he loves the babe. I find that incredible and quite telling and, frankly, I find it a little interesting at the same time.

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