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RUSH: There’s a column by George Will today about the Supreme Court decision yesterday regarding Sonia Sotomayor, the Ricci case, the firefighters in New Haven. And it’s a great piece by Mr. Will: ”Four Justices Unable to See Beyond Race’ — Although New Haven’s firefighters deservedly won in the Supreme Court, it is deeply depressing that they won narrowly — 5 to 4. The egregious behavior by that city’s government, in a context of racial rabble-rousing, did not seem legally suspect to even one of the court’s four liberals, whose harmony seemed to reflect result-oriented rather than law-driven reasoning.’ Mr. Will seems surprised. And I’m sure many of you in this audience were surprised, too. Folks, do you remember what F. Scott Fitzgerald said about the rich? He said, ‘The rich are different from you and me.’ Liberals are different from you and me. I think it’s time to forget holding out hope for liberal judges, folks. They are not like us. They don’t look at the judicial system the way we do. They don’t look at the law the way we do.

The liberal brain fires in a totally different way, years and years and years of propaganda has robbed liberals of the ability to reason and think. They are programmed human robots. Somebody got hold of them, either in the sixties, in college, junior high, when they’re watching cartoons on TV, Captain Planet, whatever it is, they don’t think like we do. They just don’t. I was not surprised at all. Maybe for a scant second disappointed, 5-4, but then I grabbed hold of myself in a moment of reality. Barack Obama is a liberal, a radical, and he thinks we need empathy on the court, and sure as hell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in her dissenting opinion, said the firefighters certainly deserve the sympathy of the court. No, they don’t. They deserve the law. They deserve justice. They don’t deserve sympathy. That’s not what courts are about. But even though they deserve sympathy, they didn’t get enough to win in the liberal mind. Why? Because liberals practice racism.

An Investor’s Business Daily editorial calls it racial favoritism. Whatever it is, they side with minorities. They believe that the majority in this country is corrupt, immoral, and unjust, and must pay. And the court system is how one of the many ways that the majority is going to pay. The tax system and redistribution is another way the majority is going to pay for all of the pain and suffering it has inflicted on the unions and on the minorities and so forth. This is how liberals think, whether they’re on the court or whether they’re asking for contributions to ACORN. They’re no different. Stephen Breyer, ‘We gotta look to foreign law if we can’t find precedent in our own law to rule the way we want to.’ They don’t think like we do. It’s misplaced hope to think that liberals are going to see reason the way we do in the law. They don’t look at the law as a means of finding legal adjudications to cases. They look at the law and the court system as a way to level the playing field according to their view of how it’s unfair. Four votes could not possibly see the legal constitutional issues in this case?

This is very instructive for all of us to see just how the liberal mind operates. F. Scott Fitzgerald, remember the big book? The Great Gatsby. The rich are different. Needs to be updated. Liberals are different. Liberals function in a totally foreign way, and you have to apply yourself as I have done my whole life to understand these people. Most people don’t care to go to that trouble because once you figure out who they are it depresses you even more.

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