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RUSH: This is Dick in St. Louis. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Rush, just think how bad things would be if Obama had not proposed with his stimulus and his bailouts and all these proposed programs that he’s going to put out. Things could be a lot worse without that. And all the jobs he saved? My goodness!

RUSH: Dick? (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Are you for real?

CALLER: No, not really.

RUSH: I was going to say (laughing) you’re pretty good because that’s what he’s going to say in a half hour.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Obama is going to address the jobs situation in 35 minutes from somewhere in Washington. I guarantee you that’s going to be where he’s going with it.

CALLER: Well, this is exactly what Bill Clinton would say. This is a Clintonian thing.

RUSH: I tell you… Let me tell you something.

CALLER: Go ahead.

RUSH: Clinton was good but he’s a piker compared to Obama.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Look, can I explain how?


RUSH: Can I explain how? Do you realize…? I found this out the other day. I’ll let you in on some news here but I meant to tell you this yesterday. Remember that Roger Altman column that was in the Wall Street Journal saying there’s no way out of this; we gotta have a tax increase? I said, ‘Here comes an Obamaite. This is a whistle-blower.’ I was deluged with e-mails: ‘Roger Altman’s not an Obamaite; he’s a Hillaryite! Roger Altman is a Clintonite,’ and I was told that these people in the Clinton orb are just furious at how Obama has marginalized Hillary. She’s secretary of state, but he’s got all these czars that take care of the real important places in the world. Like he’s got Richard Holbrooke in the Middle East. He’s got Biden who landed in Iraq today, we’re guessing. They’re reporting it but with Biden everything’s a guess, but Hillary has nothing to do.

You know, she swears in new ambassadors, and she goes on Greta Van Susteren asking North Koreans to listen to her on Greta’s show, and these Clintonites are very upset. It’s bad enough that a guy has marginalized Hillary. It’s even worse that it’s this guy. So the Clintons really have been — and what’s Bill? He’s envoy to where? Haiti. You don’t want to go there. If you’re the envoy or not, you don’t want to go there. He took it. But I don’t think he’s been. Last time anybody of note was there was when they were filming Quantum of Solace, the James Bond movie. You know, those movies glamorize places. That was a tough sell. They marginalized the Clintons. They really have. I mean, the Obamaites have. And that’s evidence just what a piker is Clinton is compared to Obama and the way he can sell this stuff. I mean… What was it? Let’s put it this way. I have been serving humanity 15 hours a week, on average, for almost 21 years, and the Drive-By Media still doesn’t understand me. They still don’t get me. After 21 years and 15 hours a week, they still don’t get me. Why do we think they’re going to someday in a couple of months or years get Obama? They don’t get anything. It either fits the template or it doesn’t.

Who’s next? Michael in Meriden, Connecticut, thank you for calling, sir, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Rush, great to talk with you. I’ve been calling in so many times and I finally got through.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Listen, I have a question for you. When are the American people going to wake up and realize — and just see through President Obama? Because, I don’t know… From where I’m sitting, the economy is getting worse and worse, and I can’t help but think that a lot of these policies that he’s putting in place are being done systematically to dismantle this economy.

RUSH: Oh, I —

CALLER: And I think —

RUSH: I agree with you, and let me give you… For people that don’t think that’s possible let me ask you a simple question. If you’re trying to get cap and trade and health care and all that, if you’re trying to get it passed what’s the best sales technique you can have? Misery. People can’t take their health care with them when they lose a job; it’s not portable. So the more people unemployed losing their health care, Obama is out there saying, ‘I can fix it,’ even though his plan doesn’t do that! His plan does not have portability in it. There’s no question that this is purposeful.

CALLER: I just think this man despises wealth. He despises capitalism. I feel like his policies he’s putting in place are to somehow get back for things that have happened in the past. It’s just so obvious to me, and I don’t know how the American people can’t see through it.

RUSH: That remains the question, and we don’t know. And we’ll find out in the next couple of elections. That’s why we can’t cease and desist (that’s stop, for those of you in Rio Linda) working to inform people day in and day out.


RUSH: Debbie, Riverside, Alabama. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush, and thank you for all that you do.

RUSH: You’re welcome.

CALLER: I have a question.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I have a question, and it is this. And pardon me for just a minute. I was running through a department store trying to get away from music. To all the people that are helping Obama to succeed and having a government takeover, to all of them, the news media, ACORN, to all of these people, Rush, that are helping him, do they stop and think what is going to happen to me if he does succeed, then what?

RUSH: No. They think of themselves as elites exempt from whatever happens.

CALLER: Do they really believe that will be —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — the case?

RUSH: Yeah, I’m sure they do. I’m sure they’ll be among the most favored status when all this finally goes down. Look at the health care bill and the question I asked last week: Call your member of Congress or your senator and say, ‘If this public option is so wonderful, are you going to give up your own plan and join the rest of us in this plan you’re going to write for us?’ And they won’t. They have their own plan. Now, I know you’re talking about average Americans. You’re not talking about elected officials when you ask me, do these people really know what he’s doing? Yeah.

CALLER: Actually, I’m really speaking of the news media, ACORN —

RUSH: Let me tell you something. The best way to answer your question is to tell you what my dad told me when I was a boy. He said, ‘Son, the reason the news media is so stupid, if the communists ever took over this country, they’d be the first put in jail, but they think they would be welcomed into the inner circle.’

CALLER: Rush, I don’t think they realize when you do speak of the average American, I do not think these people realize at all or maybe do not care at all how we view them.

RUSH: What is the average American anymore? We’ve got brain-dead people who pay scant attention who are just out there boogying and dancing. They’re going to clubs and they’re totally focused on the United States of entertainment. Then you have other people who don’t care about anything, and they’re just sitting around with their pet snakes, and then you’ve got a group of people that care horribly, terribly much about this, and most of those people are outraged by what they see —

CALLER: Yes, they are.

RUSH: — but they also know that 53% of that other crowd elected this chump. And so your questions still are not answerable yet. This is why we have faith in the decency of a majority of the American people. It is what propels and sustains me. And I understand these election results in 2008. Could you explain to me what alternative there was to voting for Obama?

CALLER: Well, I think it was all intentional in the way it went down.

RUSH: Well, intentional in the sense that maybe McCain, because of Obama’s race, really didn’t want to mount a bare knuckles campaign. But my point is, for people that didn’t like Obama, was there a genuine inspiring alternative, for those people to turn to? No. The Republican Party didn’t let ’em down, the Republican Party had nominated a moderate, one of the leaders of the party was endorsing Obama. We’d had six years of a Bush administration trashed to the point where the approval rating was 29, 30%, and that administration never defended itself.

CALLER: And that infuriated us, Rush, that he never came out and defended himself. He should have been out there or someone out there every day.

RUSH: As a result, I run into people I would consider intelligent who will say, ‘Can’t get any worse than Bush. I mean it just can’t.’ They were totally convinced of how rotten things were. Now it’s amazing, the economy was so much better? We have a surge in Afghanistan. We have a huge military operation Afghanistan that rivals anything Bush did. Any criticism of it? Well, there is some coverage of it. It’s interesting. A reporter was kidnapped by the Taliban last week and of course the Drive-Bys went nuts on that. But a US soldier has been captured by the Taliban, and that’s one of the reasons for this big push that the military is engaging in. And the people reporting on it are upset here, and Obama, by the way, has now come out for unending detentions in this AP interview. This is how he does it. He says on the prolonged detentions, ‘It gives me huge pause.’ It doesn’t give him huge pause. It’s his plan. He is simply continuing what Bush did. He’s continuing the spy program that everybody hated Bush for. Obama’s doing it.

What else did he say in this interview? He said on Iran obtaining nukes, ‘I’m not reconciled with that.’ Big deal. Not reconciled with it? You know, he’s probably talking to Hugo Chavez. I’ll betcha Chavez’s military is in the hills down there surrounding Honduras, waiting for the ‘go’ signal from Obama to go in there and finally have a real coup to take a democratic country back. And on the white firefighter court ruling, Obama told the AP, ‘That’s a very narrow ruling, hard to gauge.’ This is how he does it. He makes himself appear as just the squishiest, most reasonable moderate, while he is the author of the destruction taking place all around us. So the question of the day is, these people that voted for him, ‘When are we going to get their attention?’ Bernie Goldberg said it last night. He said it on a Fox show. They were talking about the Michael Jackson coverage. People are looking at that and saying, the country’s gone, I mean, here we got Norks, got Honduras, we’ve got the Iranians working on nukes, we’ve got health care, all these destructive things Obama wants to do with the country and 92% of cable news coverage is Michael Jackson. And Bernie Goldberg said, ‘Well, what do you do expect? It’s the United States of Entertainment.’

Celebrities are bigger than — in fact, Obama tops, there’s some credible hot 100 list of celebrities. Obama is number one, and it’s the first time a United States president as made a celebrity list. United States of entertainment. So you got the Jackson story and they’re trying to figure out where to do the funeral and memorial because everybody wants to be part of the story. They’re thinking about doing it at the Staples Center, I’m sorry, but that’s not going to handle 10% of the people that want to show up at this thing. They gotta be thinking Princess Di here in terms of the number of people that are going to want to be part of the story. Princess Di, by the way, that whole thing, that’s when the red flags went up with me. That made zilch sense.

No, the people didn’t even know her, but yet they were bonded and they were attached and they were attached because of what? Well, she was pretty. She was a princess. She was ditched by a prince and she was running around with playboys on yachts and so forth and had that bad accident in a tunnel and everybody wanted to be part of the story because the media had built her up. She’s Princess Padme, Princess Leia, all combined, she was not a real person, a fairytale, people believe in fairytales. United States of Entertainment. Bernie Goldberg ought to copyright that phrase. What are you laughing at?

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