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RUSH: You ought to see the looks I’m getting. If it weren’t for me, everybody else in this show would have the day off today.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: That’s right, folks. This is an EIB company-wide holiday, and I am EIB. But I didn’t declare it an EIB company-wide holiday. It just happened. So I was told yesterday, ‘We’re playing a best-of show today on tape.’

I said, ‘No, we are not.’

It seems this EIB company-wide holiday edict went out weeks ago. I think some people had planned some holiday stuff today that they had to cancel because I insisted on being here, hence the looks that I’m getting and the caustic e-mail notes. Even the people doing the sound bite roster only sent me seven. Okay, ten of them. Ten. But three of them are worthless. So there’s really seven good ones, and it’s probably mild protest. Anyway, we’re here, folks, and the reason that I’m here is because this is where I belong. This was where I was born to be. Plus, we’ll be out all next week. We got a guy golf trip planned. It’s six cities in five days starting in Newport, Rhode Island, all the way to Montana; Idaho; Oregon; Lake Tahoe; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and back to Pittsburgh to wrap it up and then — oh, yeah, Oakmont. (interruption) I’m not playing golf in Pittsburgh. But that’s where I’m going to end the trip. Oakmont, yeah. It’s one of the greatest golf courses in the country, Snerdley.

It was that course, by the way, where after Tiger Woods played in the US Open he said, ‘There is no ten handicapper that could break 100 on this course.’ And every year since then, they take scratch golfers out, NBC does, to the US Open venue and they play a round to see if any of them could break 80 or break 100, and they do it. They did it at Bethpage Black this year. Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers shot an 81, and Justin Timberlake shot an 84 and so forth. So, yeah, Oakmont. I’ve played there one time. Bob Ford is the pro there, and it’s just great. You know, Johnny Miller shot a 63 there to win the US Open back in ’70 some odd. (interruption) What do you mean golf courses in Pittsburgh? They’re all over the place. What do you got against Pittsburgh? Oh, you’re a Cowboys fan. That’s what it is. Anyway, we’re doing Open Line Friday today because it’s Open Line Friday. So when we go to the phones, whatever you want to talk about is fair game. Monday through Thursday, we only talk about things I care about because I don’t want to sit here and get bored or be bored. But on Friday I run the risk — and if you talk about something I don’t care about, I will fake it. I’ve been urged in recent weeks by the staff to announce when I have faked a call. That’s rather mean to the callers. I’ve not announced when I have faked a call, but there’s always a first time.


RUSH: A special greeting to those of you genuine, real Americans still able to drive your RVs and buses all over the country on the Independence Day weekend. You are especially under attack, as those things are genuine diesel and gas hogs. Enjoy them while you can. (interruption) Yes, you would have to say, Dawn, that people driving their RVs today do indeed have their day off. I am still catching grief for doing the program today. Very briefly, this program was not supposed to be airing live today. There was an EIB company-wide holiday declared for today, but I am EIB and I didn’t declare it. So I assumed all day long yesterday we were going to be coming in here.

Brian tiptoes in here, ‘I have a question.’

‘Yeah, what is it?’

‘I’m confused. Are you working tomorrow?’

‘Of course I’m working tomorrow. Why wouldn’t I be?’

‘Well, we got this memo and it’s company wide holiday. We’re playing a best-of show.’

I said, ‘The hell we are playing a best-of show!’

So, many of the EIB staff had planned to be eating hot dogs and hamburgers about now, or to be chasing the kids and keeping them out of the lake and what have you, or taking the dog to dog parties. They had to cancel that because I insisted on working today since I’m going to be out. So, yes. If you’re in your RV and if you’re driving around, yes, they have the day off, I’m being reminded.

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