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Rush’s Morning Update: Compassion?
Original Airdate: May 13, 2009

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You know, folks, I havelong chronicled how certain liberals have defined compassion toward the homeless. When New York City hosted the Democrat presidential convention,the mayor, General David Dinkins, instituted a homeless “sweep.” They were rounded up by the score and transported to other parts of the cityto save out-of-town liberals the embarrassment of having to see or interact with them.

In other cities, concerned big-hearted liberal politicians have enacted legislation giving the homeless shopping carts– keeping them homeless, rather than actually helping them. A once-popular fad was to send reporters out to spend a winter night sleeping on a heating grate,kickinga homeless person off the grate.The journalist would then come back to the warmth to write bone-chilling stories on “the homeless experience.”

Well, we gotmore compassion. New York City officials are now charging rent to some families who stay in city homeless shelters. The “working poor”– residents with any type of income– are charged up to half their earnings to shack up their families in a shelter. The families complain they won’t ever be able to save enough to find a permanent residence if they’re forced to fork over the money,but city officials demand their pound of flesh regardless.

Never mind what you or I think about this plan;liberals know what they’re doing –they have a monopoly on compassion. We know thisbecause they tell us so. As always, the actual results of their compassiondon’t matter… it’s just their good intentions. (And what do you think their good intentions are behind this stupid plan?)

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