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RUSH: I have to think that the Democrat Party, before all this is said and done, is going to destroy itself. They’re going to enact things here that the American people, most of whom are going to be blindsided by it, are just not going to understand and put up with. They have no idea it’s coming. The question, the only question is: ‘Will this giant overreaching occur in time, or will it occur after Obama and these people are entrenched and there’s nothing that can be done about it?’ For example, this is from Reuters: ‘Los Angeles will eliminate the use of electricity made from coal by 2020, replacing it with power from cleaner renewable energy sources, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said.’ (interruption) What? That’s my point. They can’t. There’s no way. This is not possible, but if he even tries this…

Let me keep reading the story here. ‘Consumers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the largest city-owned utility in the United States with 1.45 million electricity customers, will see higher power bills in the fight against climate change, he added in his inaugural speech for his second four-year term as mayor on Wednesday. California does not have any coal-fired power plants, a leading contributor to greenhouse gas pollution’ which is a lie ‘but the LADWP now gets 40 percent of its electricity from coal plants outside the state. ‘LADWP will deliver 40 percent renewable power, with the remainder coming from natural gas, nuclear, and large hydroelectric,’ said Villaraigosa.’ Nuclear? Not as long as Tom Hayden is still alive; not as long as Jane Fonda is still alive. Hell, you don’t even need those two.

‘Villaraigosa said the LADWP will meet its goal of getting 20 percent of its power from renewables by 2010.’ Oh, it’s 20% of its power now. Oh. There is nothing anywhere that supports that this can happen, folks. Do you understand this? The replacement for coal doesn’t exist. That’s what cap and trade is all about. Obama is telling people — he’s got dupes believing — that this brilliant stroke of bold government action will lead to the creation of such technologies. The market leads to such creation, not government. You people in Los Angeles, I must address you head on here. You thought the Gray Davis era of rolling blackouts were bad? The only way Villaraigosa can pull this off is to black out certain sections of the city all the time, rotating which sections get blacked out, ’cause there is no replacement for coal. They’re dead broke. I know they’re dead broke. The whole state is dead broke. The cities are dead broke, and they’re now going to invest in a technology that doesn’t exist. And when he says that electricity customers will see higher power bills, that’s not even the half of it. Try 90% increases, if they even pull this off.

If they were to be able to pull it off, 90% increases. You see, folks, that’s your responsibility. Your waste and your profligacy and your irresponsibility as citizens have led to the planet being in peril because of global warming. It’s because of the barbecue pits you have and the electricity you use and the cars that you drive and the airplanes that you fly in, and you’ve gotta pay. We’ve all gotta pay. That’s what the Obama administration is all about. We’ve all gotta pay for something. The majority has to pay for its racism and bigotry. The wealthy and powerful have to pay for their wealth and power, the fact that they’ve stolen it. The only people that are not going to be paying… Well, everybody’s going to be paying. The only people won’t be paying are the people on the government dole, and that’s going to be an increasing number.

Jim in South Bend, Indiana, welcome, sir. It’s Open Line Friday, and it’s your turn.

CALLER: Yeah. I got a question, something I couldn’t figure out. Why before the cap-and-trade vote all the news places said ‘cap and trade,’ but after the vote, the very next morning, all the news sources started saying ‘climate bill.’ Why the change in language?

RUSH: Well, probably because of a directive from the White House. This is State-Run Media. ‘Climate bill’ is less explanatory of what actually is at stake here. That’s a good catch on your part. Speaking of which, ladies and gentlemen, some more cap-and-trade extras. People are now reading the bill and we have found other things. In addition to what we’ve already imparted to you, and that is that to sell your house, some ecoexaminer has gotta come in and mandate or approve that your house meets quota — and if it doesn’t, you gotta spend the money to make it ecofriendly to pass their test before you can sell it. On page 193 of the cap-and-trade bill, it adds a section to the Social Security Act on an energy refund program. Basically those making no more than 150% of the poverty line would get monthly cash payments from the government to offset the extra costs that are caused by the bill. That’s in the bill. This is direct deposit into these people’s bank accounts. Cash deposits, transfer payments, redistribution. If you make no more than 150% of the poverty line — what is the poverty line, 14 or 20 grand? What is it right now? So, you know, 20 grand, you get direct deposits. And, by the way, there are going to be more and more of those people as Obama’s economic policies result in more and more people being laid off.

The bill — the climate trade bill, the cap-and-trade bill, the climate bill, global warming bill, the save-the-planet bill — would also tinker with the earned income tax credit by doubling the EITC for those with no dependents and include an inflation adjustment. That’s on page 1209. And then there’s an interesting section right after the EITC language, Section 433, protection of Social Security and Medicare trust funds in the climate bill. From the way it’s been read here by Jamie Dupree, who is a blogger, the administrators of Medicare and Social Security would be able to tap into general revenues of the US government if it’s determined that the cap-and-trade bill has resulted in a reduction of revenues going into those two trust funds. Okay, the poverty line for a family of four is $22,050. For a single person poverty line is $10,000. That’s a lot of people that are going to be having direct deposits. So the people that run Medicare and Medicaid are going to be able to rob the general fund as a result of the cap-and-trade bill if the costs of cap and trade deplete trust fund. The trust funds are empty anyway. It’s another piece of legislation that has very little to do with what its title or claim is.


RUSH: Here’s something for you people in Los Angeles, Southern California, after listening to the inaugural address of the Mayor Villaraigosa. ‘June was especially gloomy in Southern California, with temperatures in Los Angeles below normal every day of the month.’ But we’ve gotta get rid of coal-fired power plants for global warming. ‘The National Weather Service says the region has gone through ‘a fairly noteworthy stretch of cool weather.’ June’s average daily high in downtown Los Angeles was 74.5 degrees, five degrees below normal. … At Los Angeles International Airport, the highest temperature for the month was 71 degrees, the lowest maximum for a June since records began being kept in 1944. The airport’s average high temperature last month was 69.3 degrees, the lowest since June 1982.’ Similar stories can be told about the Northeast and the Upper Midwest. We’re into July, and some parts of this country haven’t seen any evidence of summer yet other than the leaves are on the trees.

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