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RUSH: Ronnie in Orlando, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (bad telephone connection) Greetings, Rush, from a transplanted Ohio State Buckeye to Orlando, Florida. God bless you for your love of the country. My comment is on the New York Post article graph that you referred to. It would be good, as you suggested, to go through and put it in all of the newspapers. But, sadly, with a decline in the circulation, you might want to shift priorities and try to get it on Entertainment Tonight — which is, I believe, the most widely viewed news broadcast in the country. The problem is, as you’ve indicated —

RUSH: Well, you have a point. In the United States of Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight might be the most widely viewed. It is the United States of Entertainment.

CALLER: Well, I knew your comment that you always make about that elections have ramifications to it, consequences, is bearing out and unfortunately — the last comment briefly — until people really, really feel the pain like the $4-dollar-a-gallon gasoline, it’s gonna just kind of slide right on by and then everybody’s going to wake up —

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: — to the laws of economics —

RUSH: Ronnie?

CALLER: — like the (garbled) —

RUSH: Ronnie!

CALLER: (garbled) — can’t be pleased. You keep going on all of these false promises, and there’s going to come a day, and that’s when you’ll get change. Unfortunately, 40% have no skin in the game.

RUSH: Ronnie? Ronnie? We cannot afford to wait until it happens. That’s why we are here, Ronnie. We are here alerting people what awaits them. If we wait until it happens for falling poll numbers, there’s nothing that can happen anyway. Falling poll numbers aren’t going to accomplish anything. This is not about Obama getting personal approval for what he’s doing. He loves the poll numbers, but this is about getting it done. The reason they’re trying to hurry it through is before people find out what we have been telling people for weeks about this, en masse. The objective here is to stop this. If we don’t stop this — be it health care, tax and trade, whatever it is — it’s not going to be the United States of America you and I were born to.

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