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Rush’s Morning Update: The Struggle!
July 17, 2009

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A recent issue of Roll Call magazine carried a piece about the hard feelings between two Democrat organizations:The Congressional Black Caucusand the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, a fundraising group.

For years, black Democrats have complained that the Congressional Committee systematically ignores them,and– though they are loyal servants of the Democrat Party– fails to adequately fund their campaigns. So earlier this year, they convinced Democrats to measure how important the Congressional Black Caucus is to the Democrat Party at large. Democrats came up with a point system,awarding points based on the party work performed. A set number of points are awarded for campaigning for fellow Democratsdoing press interviews, recording “robocalls,” or fundraising.

Roll Call reports that, six months later, “only a handful of Congressional Black Caucus members have collected any points.” One frustrated senior Democrat aide calls the system “a big extra-credit circle-jerk waste of time.” But other Democrats question if the Congressional Black Caucus is pulling their weight.

So, long after their racially charged presidential primary campaign, the race war among Democrats continues– even though Obama won! But there is a way to solve this current squabble. Democrats should implement an affirmative action programfor their own party. Just give unearned points to their minority members, simply because they’re minorities. Why not? It’s supposed to work in the private sector,right? Works for Sotomayor — why not forthe Congressional Black Caucus?

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