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Rush’s Morning Update: Absolutes!
July 21, 2009

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was on Meet the Press on Sunday,in a vain attempt to put a positive spin on the health care monstrosity being cooked up by Obama and his Democrats in Congress. At one point the moderator asked whether President Obama believes “if everybody benefits under health care reform,” then everybody should bear the burden of paying for it. Without hesitation, Secretary Sebelius said: “Absolutely.”

The only thing “absolute” about that answeris that it is absolute B.S. Democrats have embraced the idea that the so-called rich ought topay for the health care of those who contribute absolutely nothing in income taxes — just like they have to fork over hard-earned money for every other scheme Democrats have come up with in the last 50 years,which “absolutely” never work as promised. And,in case you haven’t heard,many of the so-called rich that Democrats want to taxare small business owners, who are going to get hit with fines, mandates, and more bureaucracyin addition to obscene new taxes.

A staggering number of people in Americadon’t pay taxes at all,but they are first in line for whatever the latest Big Government welfare handout Democrats dream up. We’re quickly approaching a tipping point in our history. The producers –the earners– are becoming absolutely fed upwith the constant demands from radical liberalswho are abusing the absolute power they’ve grabbed.

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