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RUSH: Monica in Midland, Michigan. Hi. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am. Are you employed?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Well, we ask everybody from Michigan because it’s rare.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I work for the government. (laughing)

RUSH: The government and health care, by the way, are the only sectors where jobs are increasing. And health care is supposedly in trouble? Anyway, what do you have?

CALLER: I have a question that I haven’t heard anybody talk about and I wanted your take on it. Obama is saying that if you’re happy with your health care you’re not going to lose it. The bill is saying that you need to be on qualified health care within five years. There are millions of children under the age of 12, there are millions of children yet to be born. What’s going to happen when they enter the workforce? Are they going to be allowed to keep their parents’ insurance that they’re on currently? I would think that they’re going to have to be funneled into the government health care plan.

RUSH: You are absolutely right. The whole point of this is to get everybody enrolled in the government health care plan. The whole point of this is to eliminate private insurance, qualified or unqualified. It’s so easy, by the way, Monica for you to start out in this system with a qualified plan and then to have it be disqualified. For example, this is in the bill. You have a qualified plan. You have your own private insurance qualified plan from your employer or you buy it yourself. But then, within a year after this bill is signed into law, if any aspect of that plan changes, like they changed the premium or they make some adjustment in coverage, your plan’s no longer qualified.

CALLER: Right. And I was concerned about it anyway because I work for a city government, and we just had a bunch of cuts and they’re trying to balance the budget, and health care is a huge cost for them and I can see easily that in five or six years when they’re trying to look at costs they can say, ‘Well, you can go get the government health care, we can’t supply it for you anymore.’

RUSH: Yeah. Well, it’s even more drastic than that because if your city is having trouble with costs, the states are having trouble, look, Medicare and Medicaid, Medicaid’s bankrupting the states, Medicaid is bankrupting the federal government. We’re going to build on top of those two failures with a system that’s based on both of them. You know who the people in this country are most concerned about health care, the elderly, by definition, they’re the ones that spend most of the time in the doctors office talking to their doctors and so forth by definition. They’re the ones that are going to get the shaft. They’re the ones upon whom judgment will descend as to whether or not the investment in whatever medical procedure is needed to keep them alive is worth it. And it will be based on actuarial tables such as life expectancy, any preexisting conditions. If you’re a hundred years old and in perfect health but you need a pacemaker, the odds are you’re not going to get it. Obama even used that as an example, some people, you know, give ’em a pain pill, save money.

In the New York Times, an Obama administration official refused to rule out the possibility that federal tax money might be used to pay for abortions under proposed health care legislation. Peter Orszag, the White House budget director, was asked whether he was prepared to say that no taxpayer money will go to pay for abortions. He said, ‘I’m not prepared to say that right now.’ Of course, it’s constitutional. It’s a legally approved medical procedure. And with liberals running this show, every abortion is a political victory for them. Remember what Ruth ‘Buzzi’ Ginsburg said? She let the cat out of the bag, (paraphrasing) ‘Abortion is about kind of limiting people in the population that you don’t really want more of,’ and we know who she was talking about. This is a dastardly plan. Thanks for the call, Monica. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we have found something else in the health care bill. Page 425 to page 430. The House version of the health care bill is going to require mandatory counseling for all seniors at a minimum of every five years, more often if the senior is sick or in a nursing home. Just how many government trained counselors will that put into the workforce? With an over-65 population of 38 million according to the US Census 2007, if you have an over-65 population of 38 million people you’re going to need four counseling sessions daily, that’s 37,000 at a minimum counselors plus their supervisors, then the people who read their reports, and the oversight agency. You know what we ought to do? We ought to put together a single page cut-and-paste fact sheet at RushLimbaugh.com that people could cut and paste and fax to the White House so that Obama will know what is in the bill.

I’ll bet he doesn’t know that there is end-of-life counseling for senior citizens on page 425 to 430. What is this counseling going to be? Why would you need mandatory counseling for all seniors, and who’s going to pay for this? Mandatory counseling for all seniors at a minimum of every five years, more often if the seasoned citizen is sick or in a nursing home. And as Don Parker writes here at the American Thinker, ‘Don’t even think that anyone should receive mandatory counseling regarding the end-of-life issues surrounding abortion.’ That’s an invasion of the right to privacy. We can’t have counseling for mothers who are thinking of terminating their pregnancy, but we can go in there and counsel people about to die. I’m sure you could get some counselors from the Hemlock Society to go in and do this. Kevorkian might want to come back to life and handle this. End-of-life counselors, end-of-life treatment for senior citizens, mandatory.

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