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RUSH: Audio sound bite time. The Drive-Bys, State-Run Media, are very, very alarmed at Obama’s plummeting poll numbers and very, very alarmed at any insinuation that Obama’s not who he is. This is a clip from Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, on her MSNBC show. She’s talking with Ron Insana, CNBC, she said, ‘When Meredith Vieira asked the president about pay and perks and whether the banks have forgotten or ignored the lessons of the past, the president agreed with her and said they need a little humility. White House wants to see a much tougher line toward the banks, towards compensation, and certainly in light of some of these profit reports, don’t you think, Ron, that we ought to limit the compensation of people at the banks?’

INSANA: I would say that, you know, the president, who earned $2.7 million selling books last year, I’m not sure how worried about compensation he is in the long run, when he, too, is a millionaire.

MITCHELL: Well, he certainly earned that in writing those books.

INSANA: Yes, now some of the bankers did too.

MITCHELL: No one can deny the best sellers. Okay.

RUSH: See that? She got really touchy when it’s, oh, Obama is a millionaire, nobody’s limiting his compensation. ‘Well, he earned it, he earned it.’ We’ve got a montage here of the State-Run Media struggling with Obama’s falling poll numbers.

RATIGAN: His approval rating has trended down over the past few months. No surprise there.

HALL: His approval rating, which is still high, there’s still a lot of favorability that the American people have toward him.

GOODWIN: Even though some of his approval has slipped on various issues, leadership attributes still remain really high.

GIBSON: While he remains personally popular he cannot defy the political law of gravity. The President’s job approval rating has fallen.

SHUSTER: His overall approval rating remains high.

CROWLEY: The President’s overall approval is dropping. Though, it does remain a healthy upper 50%.

WATSON: The President’s job approval stands at 59%. Not bad.

BREWER: It’s slipping somewhat.

SERWER: You have a President who still has very high approval ratings, relatively.

MATTHEWS: It’s still okay. It’s a little bit down.

RUSH: They’re worried, they’re worried. They’ve helped here by not reporting any of the details of the economic destruction that Obama has wrought, and they’re doing their best to keep the numbers up. Now they have to, ‘Well, he’s brave, he’s a brave guy, he’s tackling tough issues. Of course those numbers are going to come down, yeah, yeah, yeah, still doing really well, still really loved out there, still pretty high. They are coming down, but we’re going to get ’em back up there, won’t take long.’

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