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RUSH: Obama had a tweet. The White House had a tweet. The White House is running this like a campaign. They’re sending out tweets and e-mails to all of their ACORN groups and so forth in all the states, trying to get them geared up for a campaign to get this passed. It’s not about politics, though. It’s about health care.

‘It’s not about me,’ he said. It’s all about him! He’s worried his presidency is on the line here. This tweet from the White House last night, ‘Health care reform opponents scale up attacks, playing politics w/ our lives & livelihood. Fight back.’ Now, there are no health care reform ‘opponents.’ Health care reform opponents scale up attacks? There are no reform opponents. We all have reform ideas. There are just those who disagree with Obama’s 1,000-page plan that Obama admits he hasn’t even read. See, we’re not allowed to disagree. We’re now ‘health care reform opponents scaling up attacks.’ We just disagree with this debacle. So the president of the United States starts off by smearing those who have different ideas. So much for post-partisan! So much for hope and change. So much for a new era.

Obama never takes on opponents in the arena of ideas, folks. He misleads and plays politics when we’re talking about the doctor-patient relationship in America. This is the president tweeting? ‘Health care reform opponents scale up attacks, playing politics w/ our lives & livelihood. Fight back.’ Next he says those that oppose his reforms are ‘scaling up their attacks,’ like pointing out the CBO that says this plan Obama hasn’t read is a disaster? Are they part of the group that’s attacking him? When Obama says ‘attacks,’ he means bringing up facts after studying his deeply flawed plan that he says he hasn’t read. Then he says those opponents of his plan who have read the plan are playing politics. Obama is ramming a plan to socialize medicine into law at light speed with no one even reading the bill, except the people who have read it who are pointing out what’s in it and then he demonizes those who have read it and think it’s a bad idea by saying they are playing politics!

Whatever happened to of the people, by the people, for the people? It’s become, ‘Screw the people, by the people, to the people.’ Playing politics with our lives and livelihoods? This bill is a jobs killer! The Porkulus bill was a jobs killer. Playing politics with lives and livelihoods? Obama’s already taken care of that. He’s destroying some lives. You know I’ve got a story in the stack here about kids and the music they’re listening to these days and the music they like. It all talks about how there’s no reason to succeed anymore ’cause there’s nothing to succeed doing. There’s nothing out there, nothing to grab. We’ve gotta all learn to do with less. It’s sad. This is the United States of America! He’s destroying ambition! He’s destroying desire!

He is creating a scenario and an atmosphere where people settle for less than they could be. For the young to be thinking this (snorts) is not good for the future of the country. Obama is playing politics with lives and livelihoods. ‘Fight back,’ he said, not compromise, not talk, not find common ground. Fight back. In that one short sentence, that tweet, Barack Obama gave away all the dignity of the office of the president. That tweet is filled with contempt. It is filled with deceit, smears, and is partisan politics at its very best, or worst. President of the United States. ‘Health care reform opponents scale up attacks, playing politics w/ our lives & livelihood. Fight back.’ We are fighting back. We’re fighting back to save livelihoods. It’s called jobs.

A lot is on the table. A lot is at stake. Fifty-three percent, by the way, now oppose congressional health care reform. This is a Rasmussen Report. ‘Health care reform legislation working its way through Congress has lost support over the last month, and 53% now oppose it.’ There’s a great piece at the AmericanThinker.com on rights, what they are, and what a health care right is. It’s really brilliant. It’s well done. I will share it with you after we come back from the time-out. But this post-partisan business. Obama’s going to get rid of partisanship and politics as usual. Hope and change! The GOP and Blue Dog Democrats are opposing Obama. That’s bipartisan. There is bipartisan opposition, not just the Blue Dogs. There are some standard run-of-the-mill liberal Democrats who are very nervous about this. But I have a story here, Charlie Rangel. Nobody’s got the guts to tell Nancy Pelosi to slow down and certainly nobody has the guts to tell the president to slow down.

But they are scared. Folks, I’m telling you even to your run-of-the-mill, average liberal Democrat this is too much. They’d love to get it, but they don’t want to lose election in 2010. They’d love to get this done, but this is so fast, such an overreach, such a giant grab. They like to do things on the stealth. They like to do things under the guise of helping the poor and everybody. This is not going to do anything but hurt everybody. Obama is the one being purely partisan and Rahm Emanuel. Obama is the one leading the hard left of his party and that’s who exclusively support this: the hard left. The opposition to Obama is bipartisan. He is the one who’s the pure political partisan. He’s just like every other liberal Democrat that’s ever come along, except he’s far more radical. There’s nothing new about him. There’s nothing unique. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before. He’s just the first guy that had the audacity to give an acceptance speech in front of some fake, faux Greek columns.

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