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Rush’s Morning Update: Step Up
July 23, 2009

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Well. As public support for his healthcare takeover plummets, President Obama increasingly uses the language of morality to try to juice the sale. This week, Obama said the “well-off” should not view higher taxes as a sacrifice. “That’s part of being a community,” he claimed. He said people who are “better off” like he isoughtto “step up” and help bankroll the new scheme.

But the last thing the “well-off,” “better-off,” or so-called rich need is a Democrat lecture. The spirit of helping those in need is part and parcel of the American fabric. We “step up” to charitable causes more than any nation in history…as we are taxed beyond reason at every level of government.

There are those who do need a lecture. Those who refuse to educate themselves or their children– and feel entitled to live off the largess of others– ought to”step up” and contributeby earning their own way. Elected politicians like Obama– who waste trillions of tax dollars to further their selfish political ambitions– need to “step up”: quit talking about responsibility, and govern responsibly. That includes putting a sock in their immoral class-warfare rhetoric.

Personal wealth from achievement should be celebrated in this country, not punished or confiscated. Americans are a good people; the more prosperous we are,the more resources we have to help those who truly can’t help themselves. Mr. President: you step up, sir. Stop denigrating the people of America,and start protecting their liberties. That’s what your job is!

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