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RUSH: There’s trouble brewing on the Al Sharpton radio show, folks. Sound bite 28, I’m sorry.

SHARPTON: When some of us said during the election that we need to get straight on things about the black community, a lot of people called, ‘Nope, don’t do that! You all just jealous. You all player-hatin’.’ You told us to shut up now he is doing exactly what he promised and you all want us to go back now and make him do something he never promised! He has not lied. He never told nobody he was going to apologize for slavery. He ain’t said that now; he didn’t say it last year. He never told y’all he would support reparations. He said he didn’t. And you all beat us down! ‘You gotta support the brother. What are you taking so long for, Sharpton?’

RUSH: What’s happening here, folks, is kind of fascinating. The whole point here is that Sharpton’s audience in his radio talk show is getting on him because they don’t think Obama is sufficiently down for the struggle. He hasn’t talked about reparations, what they want, this kind of stuff. And Sharpton is saying, ‘Yeah, I told you so,’ but he’s defending Obama because Obama never promised the stuff people thought they were going to get. These people really thought Obama was going to get them out of their bad houses and get them into new cars and maybe new dishwashers and so forth. It didn’t happen. They want reparations. What they don’t know is that Obama’s entire economic program is reparations! If I were Sharpton, if I’d been guest hosting Sharpton’s show and I got a call like that, somebody complaining, I’d say, ‘Shhhh. Shhhh. Shhhh. Let me tell you the truth here. Everything in the stimulus plan, every plan he’s got is reparations. He gonna take from the rich. He’s going to take from the rich and he’s going to give it to you. It just can’t happen overnight. Be patient.’ It’s redistribution of wealth, reparations, ‘returning the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners,’ whatever you want to call it. It’s reparations.

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