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RUSH: On State-Run Media this afternoon, after the press conference held by Cambridge police officials who demanded an apology from Barack Nifong regarding the incident with Henry Louis Gates, CNN anchor Tony Harris called the police union conference ‘incendiary.’ This is exactly… I knew it. I was so hoping this wasn’t going to happen, but the flame has been lit. We don’t know what’s going to be torched here. I want you to listen to two sound bites from the press conference that was ‘incendiary’ according to CNN. Up first, Steve Killian who is the president of the Cambridge Police Officers Association.

KILLIAN: Cambridge police are not stupid. I’m proud to represent the officers of the Cambridge Police Department. It is a great department. As far as the president’s comments, the governor’s comments — and comments that I did not hear that our mayor made — I think when the time is right, they should make an apology to us. I think the president should make an apology to all law enforcement personnel throughout the entire country that took offense to this.

RUSH: Up next, the Cambridge police union’s Alan McDonald added this.

MCDONALD: First of all, he began his comments by saying he had a personal bias and that he didn’t have all of the facts. The next sentence should have been, ‘So I’m not going to say anything.’ Unfortunately, he proceeded to say some things. He said that the Cambridge police ‘acted stupidly’ in taking the actions they did. Second and more important, the president suggested that somehow, at least implied there was a link between what happened here and the history of problems between persons of color and law enforcement. And while that well is true in some localities, it isn’t true in Cambridge. It wasn’t true in this case.

RUSH: Exactly! Cambridge is an idyllic liberal setting. These cops probably voted for Obama. But nevertheless, CNN anchor Tony Harris called those comments ‘incendiary.’


RUSH: So when Gibbs, the White House press secretary, comes out and says, ‘Well, of course those cops up in Cambridge want the president to apologize. I think the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed McCain.’ You know what? That’s the same thing as saying, ‘Of course, those cops are white.’ That’s what Gibbs is saying. I’ll tell you, we are finding out who they are. This White House now knows it is in trouble. The standard operating procedure for Obama whenever he has been in trouble is: Throw the race card. He’s doubling down on it now. He started this. He started this, and I’m convinced he did it purposefully. At his press conference on Wednesday night saying the police acted stupidly, refuse — and he also said that it was ridiculous to arrest a middle-aged man.

Ridiculous to arrest a middle-aged man? How old was the guy who killed the people at the Holocaust museum? Close to 80, right? Would it have been ridiculous to arrest that kook because he’s close to 80 years old? This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This guy, it doesn’t matter to him. Whatever he says is right. He doesn’t have to know what he’s talking about. ‘Of course the cops endorsed McCain. Of course the cops don’t like Obama.’ Oh, let’s turn this into something political now, and let’s make it not just political; let’s make it racial. I predicted this. I hate to say it. I predicted this. Not this specific incident but I knew that far from erasing a racist pass, far from eliminating or even watering it down, this election was going to end up exacerbating it — and here it is. We’ve got a fire that started now, and the match was lit by President Obama.

Well, we got the match lit. The Justice Department is still tracking down criminals from civil rights era crimes who are elderly, and when they can they arrest them and then they handcuff them. The Justice Department is still doing that, civil rights era criminals — who were adults in the fifties and sixties — and when they find ’em, they arrest ’em. ‘Baaaaah, Henry Louis Gates, he shouldn’t be arrested. He’s a middle-aged man!’ So I guess in Obama’s way of thinking, these cops are just typical white people, right? His grandmother was a typical white woman. Remember when he threw her under the bus? Remember? ‘It’s just like my grandmother. I love her to death but she’s a typical white woman.’ Well, when Gibbs comes out here and says, ‘Of course of course of course the cops endorsed McCain.’ Oh, yeah, typical white cops! Typical white cops!

We’re looking at a replay of the Duke lacrosse case here, folks, with Barack Nifong in charge. And this is from, let’s see… Well, it’s a blog, NewsRealBlog.com. ‘The brief arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates earlier this week … continue[ed] to provide fodder for cable talk shows and their seemingly shared Rolodex of reliably race-baiting guests. University of Pennsylvania professor and noted ‘gangsta rap’ expert Michael Eric Dyson has proven to be particularly popular with show bookers, and he presumably hasn’t disappointed them yet. During his Monday appearance on CNN’s Situation Room, host Wolf Blizter didn’t challenge Dyson while ‘he played precisely the song one would expect of him: [declaring that] America is a fundamentally racist nation and Gates was an innocent victim of racial profiling.’ Then last night,’ on MSNBC, Dyson ‘referred to Gates as ‘the Rosa Parks of racial profiling.”

And of course CNN anchor Tony Harris, after a press conference by police union organizations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, today said this.

HARRIS: Here’s my point. This is incendiary.

MAN: Yeah!

HARRIS: Race in this country —

MAN: Yep.

HARRIS: — is — iiis powerfully incendiary.

RUSH: So Tony Harris, I guess, is suggesting here that after Obama calls the Cambridge cop stupid. He said they ‘acted stupidly.’ They’re just supposed to shut up. Their reputation is impugned. Their work ethic impugned. Hatred for cops gets ginned up all over the country by that comment and cops are just supposed to say, ‘Well, we know you’re racist. Don’t be incendiary. We’re going to order him to stand down.’ So the cops demanding an apology and defending their officer who trains officers in racial profiling, they’re supposed to stand down while this guy takes all the heat brought on by Obama. I’m telling you: Obama doesn’t get criticized.

Obama doesn’t get talked back to. Obama doesn’t get laughed at. Obama… You’ve got a combination here of an ACORN community agitator and Barack Nifong working on this — and now the media is getting guests claiming Gates is the modern equivalent of Rosa Parks in terms of racial profiling. And in the cop press conference in Massachusetts, they said, ‘There’s no racial profiling.’ This is Cambridge. Do you know what that means? I don’t even want to have to translate that.

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