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RUSH: Back to the phones to Fort Worth, Texas. This is Fran. You’re next. It’s Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Well, hello, how are you? I’m so glad to be able to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Same here.

CALLER: I’m going to lodge a complaint because I would like for it to go around the world and most people listen to you. I’m a 66-year-old great-grandmother. I live the American dream. I’m so old I remember when California was a Republican state. I bought my house; I paid my taxes; I sent my kids to college. Now that I’m retired, I am looking at a health care bill that I believe somebody is going to be telling me what I can have. They’re going to counsel me according to this bill every two years —

RUSH: Five years.

CALLER: Five years?

RUSH: Yeah. They’re going to counsel you on preparing you to die.

CALLER: Right. Are they going to tell me it’s patriotic for me to get off Social Security and off the health care system?

RUSH: Betsy McCaughey, who was largely instrumental in exposing all the details of Hillary’s health care plan back in 1993 and ’94, Betsy McCaughey has read in totality both of these bills, the House and Senate bill. She has a piece at the New York Post today that contains the following information. Rahm Emanuel has a brother. His name is Ezekiel. He’s a doctor. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. He’s already in charge of various health care administrations in the Obama administration. He is going to be a huge central figure in Obamacare should it become law. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has written, and Betsy McCaughey quotes him — I don’t have it in front of me — but he has written essentially that it is a waste of money to invest health care in the elderly, that those resources could be spent in our society elsewhere in a much better and more efficient way. What he plans on doing is expanding the hospice program, a nationwide federally run hospice program. Now, as someone who is 66 you probably know what hospice is.

CALLER: Oh, I know what hospice is. Rush, you know what I really believe? I believe they’re trying to get rid of the old people so they can insure the illegal aliens for their voting base.

RUSH: Well, you know, we can guess what they’re doing. I mean there are a number of theories. Let’s just take your proposition and discuss it hypothetically. They want to get rid of the old people. It’s fairly clear from looking at details in their plan that they are not going to provide lifesaving health care for people with certain diseases at a certain age because of cost. Now, from that can we project that they want old people to die? Well, let’s hypothetically say, yeah, they want old people to die. Then, okay, why? Well, I can think of two reasons. A, it would free up a whole lot of money to spend buying votes elsewhere. Secondly, it would save a whole lot on Social Security. And if they are looking to save money to spend it elsewhere in society in cultivating younger people to become wards of the state, then it all makes sense. So now the question becomes, okay, we’ve discussed this hypothetically, and I guarantee you people listening to this radio show and you and me discussing, ‘This is not America, what do you mean, killing people?’ This is Soylent Green, this is Logan’s Run? What are we talking about here? People don’t want to believe this.

CALLER: I do believe it.

RUSH: I did too, I totally believe it. It’s in the bills. The motivation is what we’re speculating about, but Obama himself said on national television, when asked a question about a healthy 100-year-old woman getting a pacemaker, he said, no, you know, really, give her a pain pill.

CALLER: Right. And who is Obama or anybody on this planet able to decide what my health care is going to be? That’s insane. Not in this country.

RUSH: That’s an excellent question. Let me ask you this. Who is Obama to decide what kind of car you drive?

CALLER: Oh, I would never buy a Chevy or —

RUSH: No, no.

CALLER: — a Chrysler.

RUSH: I’m speaking about the constitutional role of the president. You’re exactly right. He has no right, not only does he have no constitutional right, he has no business experience, he has no business period running everybody’s health care or appointing others to do it. It’s not in the job description. He doesn’t have that power. He doesn’t have constitutionally the power to fire private sector CEOs and take over their companies, but he’s doing it all.

CALLER: All right, how do we stop him? That’s my thing. I have been to the tea parties. I have written my — of course I’m from Texas. So the Texans are saying no, but hell no. But what influence can I have to stop this?

RUSH: You keep doing what you’re doing because it is working. In the midst of this health care debate, look at where the polls are. Fifty-three percent of the people now don’t want it, don’t want the House plan. Obama has lost a majority advantage in support of the health care plan. How did this happen? It didn’t happen because the mainstream media is informing people about it. It happened because an alternative media made up of talk show hosts and bloggers and conservative magazines and authors are informing people about what’s in the bill. And the people are stopping it. The people are showing up as constituents at town hall meetings giving their representatives hell, they’re more informed than the representatives and senators, and it’s working. The House still hasn’t voted on this. Reports are that the Democrats are not unified listened this because they are constituents back home and not crazy about it. So you are having an impact.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I think you are having an impact.

RUSH: Well, we all are, but really what happens next is the election of 2010.

CALLER: Well, yeah, and if I have to go door-to-door saying don’t vote for somebody that is for this junk, I will.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: You know, old people — now, I’m lucky, I can listen to you every day. I am informed. I know what’s going on. A lot of people don’t. And they listen to Obama, and he sounds perfectly reasonable if you don’t know he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth.

RUSH: Well, he proved in his press conference that even when he doesn’t know what he talks about he sounds authoritative, it’s not what he says, it’s how he says it. But it’s too soon to say this guy is in trouble. But this is not where they thought they were going to be and it’s safe to say that the magic of the Obama cult-like personality is not enough now to get him over the hump on all these things that he wants to do legislatively. So even if the House doesn’t vote on this, they’re going to be back, folks. This is no time to get giddy. This is really no time to be celebratory. This is the exact wrong time to think this has been stopped, ’cause even if it is temporarily stopped, they’ll come back another time for it. These people are relentless. It’s a daily battle. The battle’s going to go on long after you and I are dead. This is the nature of liberalism.

You know, I thought of something after I did the interview with Greta Van Susteren — thanks for the call, Fran. I thought of something I shoulda said to her after the interview, because I was really rocking and rolling here on the fact that Obama loves this chaos, he’s tried to destroy the United States economy, he’s trying to destroy the institutions and traditions of this country, it’s purposeful, and I acknowledged to her and her audience, this is something you just, as an American, you don’t expect that this can happen here, so when somebody says it is they might be a kook or they might be wacko. No, I see Obama, he’s a nice soft-spoken, very smart guy. Here the history of the world — and this is another thing that makes this country so special and so unique and so extraordinary and so exceptional — the history of the world is tyranny. The history of the world is dictatorship. The nature of people who have power is more and more and more. The nature of human beings in power is control.

Go throughout history, look at the world today, and count up the nations that are truly free. And we aren’t as free as we used to be. But all over the world, totalitarian regimes rule. In China, in South America, Latin America and even in the industrialized western socialist democracies you still have socialism there. You still have people who have sacrificed their own freedom and liberty for what they think is a little security when they actually have none without us defending them. The history of human beings on this planet is murder, tyranny, dictatorship, dungeons, and prisons. That’s not the history of this country. But there have been people throughout this nation’s existence who have wanted to turn this country into a typical country in the world. And just because they’re born here, and just because they’re Americans, doesn’t mean that they’re any different from tyrants and dictators who have lived and ruled in other countries because that mind-set is as universal in human beings, regardless of nation boundaries, as it is for other people that demand and want freedom.

I’m a little long here so I’ve gotta take a commercial break, but it’s not unusual that it would be happening here is my point. It’s human nature. And we’ve now elected somebody who’s oriented in that way of thinking. And he’s got a bunch of buddies in Congress who are oriented that way, too. And it’s right front of your eyes in their legislation. It’s right there. The loss of your freedom, the subjugation of your life to theirs, the subordination of your interests to theirs. It’s all there in what they’re trying to do. It’s all there in what they’re saying.

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