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Rush’s Morning Update: Hydra
July 29, 2009

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Those who studied mythology recall Hercules’ war with the nine-headed hydra. When Hercules smashed one head,two more popped out. One head was immortal;it had to be severed and buried under a boulder before the battle was won.

The modern hydra is being battled in Congress. Yet another health care “reform” plan is popping out,this one from the Senate Finance Committee. Led by Montana Democrat Max Baucus, three Democrats and three Republicans have been holding secret meetings to come up with a bipartisan plan. Either by accident or design,word of their proposals are filtering out.

Reportedly, the “group of six” ditched the idea that business should be required to insure all employees. They’d just pay a surcharge to the government for the health-welfare subsides those workers get from the government. Instead of massive government bureaucracies,we’d have massive nonprofit “cooperatives” providing coverage. Think: Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac– for health care.

On top of that,the plan adds massive taxes on those who now have great health care plans. The idea is that taxing these so-called premium or “Cadillac” health plansup to 35 percentwould force costs down — somehow. It’s just another attack on wealth, designed to lower the standards of health care for high earners.

This battle is far from over, my friends.Democrats are determined to ruin our health care delivery system no matter what,and it will take a sustained, Herculean effortto defeat their health care hydra. Don’t doubt me.

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