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RUSH: Now, Obama is out there doing another one of these town hall meetings today. He’s in North Carolina. We have some sound bites here. I’m… (sigh) Once again as I look at the transcripts of these sound bites, I’m confronted with the challenge of: ‘How do I say to people the president of the United States not telling the truth?’ Here’s sound bite number one.

OBAMA (sped up): I don’t know whether you’ve seen the latest cover of Newsweek magazine on the rack at the grocery store, but the cover says, ‘The Recession is Over.’

FOLLOWERS: (silence)

OBAMA (sped up): No, I imagine that you might have found the news a little startling.

FOLLOWERS: (light laughter)

OBAMA (sped up): I know I did. Here’s what’s true. We have stopped the free-fall. The market’s up, and the financial system is no longer on the verge of collapse. We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession.

RUSH: Oh, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession. This is the guy whose number-one advisor, David Axelrod, when the market was plummeting, went out and said, ‘We don’t pay attention to the stock market. Stock market’s like a tracking poll,’ and Obama said this, too. ‘The stock market’s like a tracking poll. We can’t make policy based on the stock market. It’s like you can’t make campaign strategery based on the daily tracking poll of how you’re doing.’ Now all of a sudden they want to cite the stock market as evidence the recession ‘may’ be over. But that’s a real credible source, Newsweek magazine: ‘The Recession is Over!’ CNN: ‘The recession is over!’ Seventeen percent unemployment in Detroit announced today. More job losses are being announced by American businesses and corporations. We also know, ladies and gentlemen, President Obama knows he’s in trouble. This next sound bite will illustrate and explain why he’s in trouble because we know what he does when he is. He does one of two things when he gets in trouble.

OBAMA (sped up): When my administration came in office we were facing the worse economy of our lives. We were losing an average of 700,000 jobs per month. It was nearly impossible to take out a home loan or an auto loan or a student loan, and loans for small business to buy inventory and make payroll. And economists across the ideological spectrum, conservatives and liberals, were fearing the second coming of a Great Depression.

RUSH: Okay. So it’s bash Bush time! Go back, bash Bush. That’s always worked for Obama during the campaign, he thinks it’s gonna work. Blame Bush. All of this that you’re experiencing — every dime of it, every ounce of the problem — is George Bush. The Wall Street Journal has front-page story on Monday: Lending institutions are not lending. Once again, he’s not telling the truth. They are not lending. Lending institutions will not make loans to businesses to make payroll! They will make loans if a business wants to expand, but there’s no expansion going on, not system-wide. So go back to blaming Bush for everything, ’cause the numbers are down. This next one is just… Well, it’s as big a stranger to the truth as anything he said.

OBAMA (sped up): Less than one month after taking office we enacted the most sweeping economic recovery package in history. And, by the way, we did so — we did so without any earmarks or wasteful pork barrel projects, pet projects that we’ve become accustomed to. Not one was in it! One-third of the entire Recovery Act is for tax relief for you, for families and small businesses. One-third of it. Ninety five percent of you got a tax cut. You may not notice it because it’s appearing in your paycheck on a weekly base — uh, uh, uh, uh — every time you get a paycheck as opposed to you getting a lump sum. That’s money in your pocket to buy cupcakes and other necessities of life.

RUSH: (laughs) He said it’s money in your pocket to buy cupcakes. He must have read the story out of Port St. Lucie where the Weight Watchers demonstrator was caught shoplifting cupcakes. (laughing) This whole sound bite, folks… ‘We enacted the most sweeping economic recovery package in history, no earmarks or wasteful pork barrel projects’? It’s all pork! There is no economic expansion in the stimulus package. Yesterday we told you about the two or three billion dollars being spent on toilet refurbishing. We had the story of the state of Oregon yesterday. They’re touting all these 3,000 new jobs that they have created with their stimulus money. The jobs last 35 hours! The jobs last one week, and now Obama says his program has been so great and so cool that you can now go out and eat cupcakes! This is a huge change from when he said he misread the economy. Now, it’s the end of the recession! It’s the beginning of the end and now you can go buy cupcakes. One-third of the retiree act is tax relief? The tax relief is eight to 12 dollars a paycheck, and that ends in January. We also know that barely 6% of the stimulus will be spent this year. None of this is true. So it’s bash Bush, lie about the economy, and then lie about his stimulus package. Breathtaking. We have two more. Here’s the fourth one.

OBAMA (sped up): I can’t help but remember those same critics contributed to a $1.3 trillion deficit that I had when I took office.

FOLLOWERS: (wild screaming)

OBAMA (sped up): I mean, seriously! I — I — I’m now president so I’m responsible for solving it but I — I do think we should (sic) have a selective memory in terms of spending habits. You hand me a $1.3 trillion bill and then you’re complaining six months later because we haven’t paid it all back. That was partially a result of two tax cuts that went primarily to the wealthiest few Americans —

RUSH: Oh, wow.

OBAMA (sped up): — and a Medicare drug program that wasn’t paid for! You passed a prescription drug plan and didn’t pay for it. Handed the bill to me.

RUSH: I tell you, this is childlike. This is just embarrassing childlike behavior. Crying and moaning and whining about the ‘cost’ of Bush’s tax cuts. That’s campaign rhetoric, too. We know that their internal polls are bad. We know their internal polls are bad. This is just rehashed campaign rhetoric. The deficit that he inherited is $1.1 trillion. The deficit at the end of this year is going to be over $2 trillion, close to $2 trillion. He’s added, or will add by the end of the year, $1 trillion to what he inherited. He has not — and nobody said, ‘Pay back that deficit in six months.’ That’s not what anybody said to him! Nobody’s complaining because he hasn’t paid back that deficit. We’re complaining because he’s destroying the US economy while growing the US government. Well, if… (interruption) You know, that’s a good point. That’s a good point. If there is anybody in the world who told Obama, ‘You better pay back this deficit fast,’ it’s the ChiComs.

The ChiComs are not happy with what Obama has done. They’re not happy at all, and they’re letting little old Timmy Geithner know about it. Geithner says, ‘Dooon’t worry. We’re going to get those deficits down.’ Geithner is promising that we’re facing massive tax increases. I need to slow my brain down here and come up with the appropriate words because this is immature; it is incompetent; it is childish; it is purely, 100% partisan and politics. There’s no governance here. There’s no acting presidential here. This is just embarrassing. Whining and moaning and making things up about what was demanded of him, and then blaming these tax cuts that spurred economic growth after 9/11. Finally here’s the last bite.

OBAMA (sped up): We will stop insurance companies from denying you coverage because of your medical history. Many of you have been denied insurance or heard someone who was denied insurance because they got — had a preexisting condition. That will no longer be allowed.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

OBAMA (sped up): With reform.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

OBAMA (sped up): We won’t allow that!

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

OBAMA (sped up): We won’t allow that.

RUSH: ‘We will stop insurance companies from denying you coverage because of your medical history. Many of you have been denied…’ You seasoned citizens are going to be denied coverage because of your medical history and your medical future. So bash the insurance companies again. Bash the US private sector, demonize someone. There’s your president, folks. Barack Hussein Obama is out acting like a spoiled brat Chicago thug who’s not getting his way who has resorted now to campaign rhetoric as though he really hasn’t done anything yet other than come in and act as savior and his acts are working. I think — and I said this a couple weeks ago. I think in the White House that there’s a lot of instability.

If you listened to these bites, I think Obama is losing it. The prescription drug act was paid for. The Bush entitlement, it was paid for. Even though it shoulda never been done, but it was paid for. If he opposes it, then eliminate it. If we’ve got this big boondoggle out there that’s not being paid for then eliminate it, right? No. Childish, instability, losing it, blame Bush. And for all of Obama’s talk about the Bush deficit, he just pushed through Congress a ten-year plan that will increase the deficit by $10 trillion and maybe twice that. So why did he do that if he opposes deficits, if they’re so bad, if they’re so rotten? We’re dealing here on one level with an utter rank amateur. He is dangerous because of what he believes, what he’s trying to do, and the effect he has on a certain percentage of people in this country.

But this is… This is losing it. This is just childish the way he’s talking. You could tell he’s on defensive. This man doesn’t have any experience with being criticized or laughed at. He’s led a charmed existence on a pedestal, and all of this magic that he had is falling apart on him. He’s no longer at 65% in the approval numbers. He no longer 85% loved and adored. They’ve had to stop work on the sculpture out there at… Where the hell is it? Out there by… Where all the presidents are carved in the rock. I’m having a mental block. (interruption) Yeah, Mount Rushmore. They had to stop the sculpting. Did I tell you about the dream I had the other night? I woke up. I thought I was in a desert, and I was in a bunch of slaves and I was carving a sphinx with the Obama face on it. I thought I mentioned that.


RUSH: It was just two weeks ago the liberals were starting to demand another stimulus plan because this one wasn’t doing the job. Now today the recession is over. And that stimulus plan is so great, you can now go out and buy cupcakes and one-third of it was tax cuts for you and there isn’t any earmarks or pork in it. Oh, it’s the greatest thing in the world. Just two weeks ago, Biden was out there saying, ‘We guessed wrong here. The economy is much worse than we thought.’ Now all of a sudden it’s a success. But don’t be puzzled, ladies and gentlemen, the illusion of success has to be maintained until he gets this health care bill through. Have you noticed at the health care town hall meeting we just played these sound bites from, four of the five sound bites are about the economy and the campaign rhetoric that got him elected, bring his numbers back up.

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