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RUSH: I have been receiving an increasing number of complaints from members of this audience that they cannot understand the sped-up sound bites of President Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters, and they’ve asked me to slow them down. So I have a couple sound bites here from President Obama because I hear the audience, I respect the audience, I listen to you, and I hear your complaints. Unlike liberals, you people are more important to me than you will ever know. So here, as a means of making amends, this is from last night in Bristol, Virginia, at a Kroger supermarket, President Obama, another town hall meeting — by the way, I have an eyewitness account of that North Carolina thing yesterday. No Democrats showed up. The Senator that beat Elizabeth Dole didn’t show up, none of the Blue Dogs from North Carolina showed up. Democrats don’t want to be near this guy. There’s more going on out there than we know. There’s more problems in the Democrat Party than we know. Anyway, an unidentified female audience member asked the president, ‘Is this plan a plan that you’d be willing to put your family on?’

OBAMA (slowed down): Yes. I mean, as I said, this is a plan that’s similar to what I had when I was a member of Congress. In terms of quality of care, yes, I would a-a-actually, uh, sign up. Now, I’ve got to admit, I — just in the interests of full disclosure — as president, I’ve got this doctor who follows me everywhere. (laughter) Seriously! And — and an ambulance. And so, uh, yeah, I don’t want to pretend like I don’t have super-duper care. Um, but, uh I don’t think that lasts after I leave.

RUSH: Now, I hope you all understood that. I have to tell you, folks, this is not true. ‘This is a plan that’s similar to what I had as a member of Congress.’ The members of Congress have 17 different choices they can make. Their plan is not administered by the government. Members of Congress’ health care plan is administered in the private sector. It is paid for by you and me, but there’s no equivalent to Obama judging the quality of his doctor. Members of Congress are not going to be part of the public option. So the next question, ‘Rumor has it that, if we get this new health care system in, that we won’t get the health care, our doctors and all that we have now, that virtually all older American citizens will just be put out to pasture. Please tell me that isn’t so.’

OBAMA (slowed down): Nothing burns me up more than hearing some of these scare tactics directed at seniors, you know, because seniors, they’re vulnerable, they get worried about some of this stuff and they get some, you know, crazy flier in the mail and, you know, they get scared that they might lose their — their care. Just tell your mom, nobody’s messing with her doctor, nobody’s messing with her Medicare.

RUSH: It’s right there in the House bill, every five years, end-of-life counseling. Really what the Obamacare plan contains is end of life. Forget end-of-life counseling. It does have end of life. It’s right there in the bill. He said it himself a number of times, hey, hundred years old, pacemaker, no way, just give ’em a pain pill, loop ’em out. I gotta take a break. We’re way long here. We’ll be back. I hope everybody understood that. It took about 25% longer to play it but I don’t think anybody didn’t understand it, I hope.


RUSH: All right, all right, all right. I’m being inundated now. ‘You gotta speed ’em back up, Rush!’ I’m being inundated with e-mails. ‘You gotta speed ’em back up. That’s horrible! That just expands the length of time that we have to listen to it.’ Folks, you gotta understand something about this. I mean, this is a multifaceted, brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed plan here. This is not to save time or extend time. It’s this simple. Let me just finally say it: When you take away Barack Obama’s voice, it’s the same thing as Delilah cutting Samson’s hair. It’s the voice. It’s not what he says; it’s how he says it. You take that away, becomes a mere mortal. Friends, I am a highly trained broadcast specialist. Please. When you don’t understand something, please ask yourself, ‘What is Rush really doing?’ ‘Cause there’s always an answer.


All right, folks, I heard you. I checked the e-mail during the break. You said you didn’t like those slow sound bites of Obama, so here they are again.

OBAMA (sped up): Yes. I mean, as I said, this is a plan that’s similar to what I had when I was a member of Congress. In terms of quality of care, yes, I would a-a-actually, uh, sign up. Now, I’ve got to admit, I — just in the interests of full disclosure — as president, I got this doctor who follows me everywhere. (laughter) Seriously! And — and an ambulance. And so, uh, you know, I don’t want to pretend like I don’t have super-duper care. Um, but, uh I don’t think that lasts after I leave.

RUSH: All right, I’m not going to play the other one. I just can’t deal with it. There’s nothing truthful in any of this. The plan he’s planning for everybody else does not resemble — in any way, shape, manner, or form — the plan he has or the elected officials in the House and the Senate.


RUSH: Larry in Plymouth, Indiana. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. Longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I followed you from Atlanta to New Orleans to Chicago and down to Plymouth, Indiana.

RUSH: Sounds like you’ve been running away from hurricanes.

CALLER: Ha-ha-ha. No. Look, I need to tell you something. I appreciate your program, but the voices have gotta go. We’re a mature audience, and that is a very atavistic attitude, just like the president is atavistic. You were describing it yesterday.

RUSH: What kind of attitude did you say?

CALLER: Atavistic. Childlike, immature.

RUSH: Oh, now you accuse me of being atavistic?

CALLER: With those voices? Yes.

RUSH: Would you accuse me of being childlike? How long have you listened to this program?

CALLER: Since almost the beginning. I caught up with you in the late eighties.

RUSH: Well, that’s almost the beginning. Well, by now 21 years later or 20 years later, you should know that everything like that that is done here is done for a purpose.

CALLER: I understand that, and I understood the purpose the first 1,000 times.

RUSH: (chuckles) I don’t think we’ve done this a thousand times. But look —

CALLER: The voices gotta be well into the hundreds. I’ve heard them. I’ve turned you off a couple of times because I was tired of hearing it.

RUSH: Well, that’s not good. That’s not good. You should never turn the program off.

CALLER: Well, it just irritates me. I’m trying to enjoy my retirement and listen to you and some other people, and like you were describing the president yesterday…

RUSH: Did you vote for Obama?


RUSH: I’m surprised. You’re in your retirement. Maybe I should stop playing any of these sound bites, stop playing them.

CALLER: No, no, no. Play the sound bites. I enjoy ’em. But I don’t enjoy you messin’ with the voice: slowing down, speeding up.

RUSH: Well, but —

CALLER: You got a mature audience.

RUSH: I know we do. That’s precisely why I do this.

CALLER: Maturity —

RUSH: There’s a reason. I’m not trying to be funny or childish here. Look, I explained this mere moments ago, and I will do it again. If you take away Obama’s voice, it’s the same as taking away Samson’s hair. It’s the same thing as Delilah going in there and whacking Samson’s hair, asking away the voice. This man —

CALLER: Uh huh. I understand the point.

RUSH: This man deserves to be ridiculed for what he’s doing.

CALLER: I understand that.

RUSH: All right. Well?

CALLER: But it’s hard to listen. I mean, you know what he’s saying with and we’re hearing him —

RUSH: Let me tell you something —

CALLER: — at a speed that is —

RUSH: Let me tell you something, Larry. Okay, cut to the chase. He is hard to listen to at whatever speed. It is so darn hard to listen to what this man says, what he is doing, how he is not telling the truth about what his various plans are. It is hard, period. That’s why we need the vacation. Okay. I’m sure many of you are wondering, ‘Okay, Rush, what are you going to do?’ Well, what I’ve always done. If I listen to every suggestion, criticism, whatever, I would have long ago been committed into a padded cell. I have 22 million people here telling me how to do it, and if I try to satisfy all of them I would cease being who I am. So the sound bites stay.


RUSH: One more thing about this voice business. Let us not forgot that, as is the case with this program and liberals, they start it. Let us not forget that throughout the campaign, from California to Arizona to Colorado to Berlin, it was Obama putting the God echo in his speech from the podium. I could tell Cookie right now to go out there, go to our archives and get some God echo speeches. That was done on purpose out there.


RUSH: Cookie has come through. We’ve got a montage here. You know, everybody’s getting on my case here about altering the audio, particularly the speed of Obama — and, as usual, he started it. He’s the one that put the echo, the reverb, set up the acoustics so that it sounded like he was speaking as God. Here a montage to illustrate.

OBAMA (with Godlike echo): When we instead join arm and arm and decide we are going to remake this country block by block, that’s what hope is.

OBAMA (with Godlike echo): Don’t tell me words don’t matter. I have a dream. Just words.

OBAMA (with Godlike echo): In the wealthiest nation on earth there are men and women and children who have fallen on hard times and hard luck.

OBAMA (with Godlike echo): Tonight I say to the people of America, across this great land: Enough!

OBAMA (with Godlike echo): People of the world, this is our moment, this is our time.

RUSH: So the games were started by The One.

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