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RUSH: Michael in Concord, New Hampshire. Hello. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: My concern is, you mention all the issues that we have regarding the reform of the health system regarding how people are, you know, the overweight people, so to say, and how they’re going to regulate what you can eat and so forth and —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My question is, are they going to also try to cut costs and basically tell people that they can’t do extreme sports because they’re at high risk of going to the hospital or for injuries? You know, whatever it is, whether it’s racing, whether it’s, you know, car racing sports, I mean, you know, all those injuries are obviously, you know, obviously we’re going to be paying for it, which —

RUSH: It’s a good point. Look at the medical bills of your average college football team, your average National Football League team. These guys run MRIs every day.

CALLER: I guess that’s my whole point. I know it sounds a little bit extreme, but at the same time, if they’re going to regulate what you can eat and what you can’t eat and what they’re going to tax and so forth, I mean is that the next level?

RUSH: Well, that’s a good question because your question illustrates something. You have the public at large, mom and pop, Joe Six-Pack, Mary Botox, and they’re out there living their lives and they’re going to have all these restrictions on what they can eat, what they can’t eat. Now let’s move to the NFL. Well, certainly I can’t believe that Obama will outlaw the NFL because it’s too dangerous, but the health care costs, they have surgeons, medical trainers, the doctors on staff. And I, frankly, don’t know if they pay for all this out of pocket at the NFL team or if they have insurance policies to deal with it, probably a combination of both. But what if they have to go to the government for all of their insurance, what if that happens? This economy and our culture, our society is so complex, and your question illustrates a good point, that Obama’s treating every citizen as being identical in terms of health care this and health care that.


RUSH: Jacquelyn in Wichita, Kansas, a college student, I think, welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Actually I’m a college graduate. My fiance is still a college student, though. And I’m uninsured and it really chaps me that they are passing this bill in my name basically because I’m one of the people they keep talking about, and it’s like I’m engaged and my fiance and I are getting married soon. One of these days we’d like to start a family on our time and our choice, and according to some of the legislation in this bill, this health care bill, the government will get to dictate when we can have children, they’ll get to dictate the —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why do you think the government will be able to dictate when you can and when you can’t have children, based on when they’ll pay for it?

CALLER: Yes. Well, that, and if it turns out that for some reason Brandon and I can’t, for some reason, conceive and we have to have fertility treatments or something, they can say, ‘Oh, well, no, you don’t get to,’ or, ‘Well, no, we’re not ready for you, you have to stay on birth control,’ and if we don’t they can basically hold it over our heads and they get to decide everything. They get to decide how we do things.

RUSH: Jacquelyn, who told you all this?

CALLER: My father sent me an e-mail with the link to the text of the legislation, and I read it, and unfortunately, I’m in the car right now in Wichita and not in my home, so I can’t look up the actual page number for you, but it was like in the 900 range of the text on the page numbers.

RUSH: Folks, I want you to understand what we have here. We have a college graduate who has read the whole thing. Did you need two lawyers to translate it for you?


RUSH: Well, John Conyers said he does and he’s chairman of the Judiciary Committee. So you read the whole bill, somewhere in the 900 page range you found all that you just told me?

CALLER: Yeah, basically. I mean it doesn’t take a lot of — I mean you have to sit there and you have to, you know, work at it and be willing to understand it. It isn’t like reading the newspaper. But I mean it’s not impossible to understand just by reading on your own.

RUSH: Nothing’s as bad as reading the newspaper. But you’re talking about —


RUSH: — how complicated it is.

CALLER: Harry Potter books are more complicated sometimes.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, I didn’t even know that was in it.

CALLER: Yeah, I mean a lot of people don’t realize that’s in there, but they get to control all of that, you know, family planning. The government’s doing family planning.

RUSH: They have been for quite a while in all these disguised ways, but this is just putting it out in black and white, wide open.


RUSH: Why do you think they want to do that?

CALLER: Because I’m a Republican and they don’t want me spawning more little Republicans.

RUSH: Well, no, they’re going to make the Democrats do this, too.

CALLER: I’m betting if you pay certain money or whatever you probably get a better bill than I did. I don’t know —

RUSH: I’ve heard that this fear from so many people who have called this program, that whatever the rules in this bill are, that if you’re a Democrat it’s going to be a little easier for you to be massaged through the system, you’re going to be punished less, your wait list will be shorter if you’re a Democrat. A lot of people have this fear. It tells me that people know who this guy is and what he’s all about. Jacquelyn, thanks for the call, I appreciate it. They’re going to control family planning. Now, the real reason they want to control family planning, you could throw in, yeah, they want to limit the number of potential Republicans born and so forth to counter all the liberals being aborted. But, it’s about controlling everything. People just can’t understand. Americans, the average American, you tell ’em, for example, this guy’s purposely destroying the US economy. That doesn’t compute. People do not understand. They can’t think that there are Americans who would do that. They can’t think they’ve actually elected a president and have members of Congress who genuinely want to deny the basic liberty and freedom our US Constitution and other founding documents have proclaimed.

When I have people tell me this, I point out world history to them. The history of the world is tyranny. Human beings are viciously mean to each other. The history of humanity is tyranny, torture, dungeons, dictatorship, fear. The exception has been the United States of America. That’s the whole thing behind American exceptionalism. The exception to human nature and world human history is the United States of America. The people that want to control others so that they have more power, the people that want to limit liberty around the world, they’re all over the place. They’ve always been all over the place. They surround us. That’s why we’re despised and feared. We represent the only opposition to them, and they’re everywhere. They’re in the Middle East. They’re in Europe. They’re in Asia. They’re in South America, Central America. They’re all over. We are surrounded. And now we have a president who’s sympathetic to those people and is engaging in policies that will replicate the same kind of loss of freedom and liberty that has been the traditional lot in life for the average human being since the beginning of time.

So you tell the American people, ‘Okay, they’ve finally done it, these statists, these tyrannical types, they’ve finally gotten their foot in the door of the United States of America,’ they have. And this has been something that a lot of Americans have been fighting for a hundred years, these people have been around, we fought it 50 years, certainly. But they never stop. The quest for this kind of power is insatiable. These people are no different than whoever the bad guy was in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sauron. No matter what they get they’re never happy. They have an addiction that can never be satisfied or quelled, by definition addictions can’t. And most Americans with a historical perspective that begins with the day that they were born just can’t fathom the idea that people of the likes of people in world history who have been tyrannical dictators and torturers and murderers, that doesn’t happen, that’s what’s America. Well, people have been trying to create this in America for a long, long, long, long time.

Somebody had a very funny description of Obama the other day. A friend of mine told me he was talking to somebody, a friend of his, a third-party thing, but this guy was retired military, very respected by everybody that knows him. ‘What do you think of Obama?’ ‘This guy is the greatest ventriloquist I have ever seen.’ Now, what he meant by that is, somebody’s running Obama. Somebody’s putting the words in his mouth, the greatest ventriloquist. And I think there’s something to that, too.

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