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Rush’s Morning Update: Dogs!
August 4, 2009

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The term “Yellow Dog Democrat” became popular over a century ago, to describe Southerners who, it was said,”would rather vote for a yellow dog” than for any Republican.

The stranglehold Democrats had on these voters ended with Ronald Reagan: Ronaldus Magnus. Three overarching ideas attracted the Yellow Dogs to Reagan. One: a strong national defense, standing up to the Commies. Two: low taxes and fiscal responsibility. Three: limited government. And Reagan was proud of America,and he let the world know it– in no uncertain terms.

Now we have something called “Blue Dog Democrats.” Obama’s chief of staff,Rahm Emanuel, recruited many of them from districts that lean or swing Republicanin order to give Democrats the majority in Congress. These Blue Dogs are supposedly “conservatives” who believe in fiscal responsibility, with values that contrast dramatically from the radical leftists that are running their partyand our government.

Sowhat have these Blue Dogs given us thus far? Well, despite their campaign promises to vote conservatively,they’ve lined up behind Nancy Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, and Obamato raise taxes and spend out the wazoo. They helped pass cap and trade, which threatens the economy, and is based on a radical environmental agenda. And they are pushing a government health care plan down our throatsthat the American people don’t want.

Moral:Don’t settle for conservative-lite. It doesn’t matter if they’re Yellow Dogs, Blue Dogs, hound dogs, or Portuguese water dogs– Democrat dogs are Democrats first,and dogs second. And that’s good for the dogs.

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