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RUSH: Last Saturday in Minneapolis, North Point Health & Wellness Center, Representative Keith Ellison, a Democrat, held a town hall on health care reform and during the forum a guy said this.

MAN: The problem here is when you expect the government to give you insurance to keep you well, to tell you what you can, cannot eat, tell you when you have to exercise, you’ve given away your personal rights, you’ve given away your personal responsibility to wellness. Wellness is an individual right and you must take responsibility for it. The government does not grant you rights to life, liberty, or wellness, these are God-given rights, and to keep ’em you’ve gotta take them to yourself. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Well, the crowd went nuts here. And of course the Democrat line now is, ‘Well, of course these insurance companies are stoking these people up and giving them facts and figures.’ Here’s another great question, but Ellison doesn’t answer it.

MAN: Representative Ellison, are you willing to put your family on this government system, which is different from the one you currently use? If you are not willing to put your family on the system, why should the rest of us?

ELLISON: All right, next point. (cheers and applause)

MAN: Well, answer the question!

RUSH: He didn’t answer the question. Folks, let me warn you, asking the question is enough. How can you trust their answer anyway if they do answer it? Obama said that he would put himself and his family in the public plan. He’s won’t be permitted to. The public plan will not provide for Obama the way he is provided for now as president, and he’s not going to put his family on it — trust me on this. Nor are members of Congress going to give up what they have and join whatever this public option ends up being. This woman in this bite is great. She says she’d rather go bankrupt than not be able to treat her father’s leukemia.

WOMAN: My dad has been diagnosed with an acute leukemia. He’s got a 15% chance of survival, he spent a month-and-a-half inpatient at Mayo, and we might lose the family farm. But I’m here to tell you that the chemo drug that he is on now that may save his life is illegal in Norway, it is not available in Great Britain. The visit is expensive. And, you know what, the worst thing that can happen to you when you have a health crisis is not bankruptcy; it’s death. And I would rather that we lose the family farm and keep my dad alive. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on, right on. And then Keith Ellison: end-of-life health care costs result from the guilt trap. This is at his town hall meeting, and here’s his discussion on it.

ELLISON: We ought to all have a conversation with our loved ones, not about money, but about dignity. So what the bill says, what it calls for is that you have a conversation with your provider and encouraged to have a conversation with your family about things like living will, do not resuscitate, things like that. Now look, it happens to be true that a lot of expense is in end-of-life care, but some of that expense is associated with the fact that the family is in a guilt trap because they don’t know — they want to do everything they can to save Dad or Mom.

RUSH: End-of-health care costs result from a guilt trap. This is really amazing. Obama is going to cut costs by removing the guilt trap that family members feel. You won’t have to treat your dying parents out of guilt anymore. They’ll just take the pain pill.

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