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RUSH: Now the Obama White House is asking informants to send them the names of the people who are being critical of the Obama health care plan. Obama had the Democrats over for lunch today and gave them a Knute Rockne-like pep talk: ‘Go to the town halls! Go out there and lie, lie, lie.’ You know, Knute Rockne was, ‘Fight, fight, fight! We’re going to fight. We’re going to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! We’re going to going to get out there and fight, fight, fight!’ Obama is, ‘Lie, lie, lie! Keep it up. Lie! Force it down their throats. Force it down their throats! Lie, lie, lie. Push ’em back. Push ’em back! Harder! Lie to them.’

Dingy Harry with a report on the lunch…

REID: In spite of the loud, shrill voices trying to interrupt town hall meetings and just throw a monkey wrench into everything, we’re going to continue to be positive and work hard. There was a lot of experience in that room and we had someone who was leading us that we all admire so very very much. The president didn’t get one standing ovation, but several of them. He was — really kind of reminded me of the days when I was an athlete and the coach was giving you a pep-talk before the game. You came out of that pep-talk that the coach gave you ready to take on the world. We’re ready to the take on the world.

RUSH: You know the way I look at pep-talks if you’re professional. You go to the National Football League, there aren’t a whole lot of pep-talks, especially in a championship game, a Super Bowl or the playoffs, the coaches, if these professionals aren’t motivated to play on the basis of it’s time to win, if they gotta be pep-talked, something’s wrong in the first place. So something’s wrong. There is panic in the White House. It’s falling apart, it’s unraveling on them. Obama goes up and gets standing ovations from Democrats? I want to share with you what ABC’s The Note wrote about this lunch this morning and it is snarky as it can be. ‘Let’s bring everyone together in one place (since that worked so well for streamlined messaging out of the Cabinet over the weekend . . . ) It’s leadership time for President Obama and his White House. (And now that we have not one but two Clintons unleashed to work on foreign-policy hot spots — good luck breaking through in this news environment.) President Obama celebrates his birthday Tuesday by bringing the Senate Democratic caucus to the White House for lunch, to deliver a message everyone in the room knows all too well: Failure is not an option on health care. It’s time for some of that trademark Obama cool — in the service of a party that needs a pep-talk. (And you know you’ve always wanted to hear Jeff Bingaman and Barbara Boxer sing happy birthday.)’

I mean this is snarky as can be. This is state-controlled ABC, and state-controlled ABC is fed up. They’re mad at how they’re botching this. Listen to this: ‘The photo ops may help public perceptions and private morale heading into the August recess. But it’s the action outside the White House that continues to roil the Democratic Party during this critical stage of the legislative push. There are currently four Democratic health care bills to defend. The Senate is stalled until a fifth can be completed. Liberal groups are aiming their fire at Democrats now — their patience having run out. As for the town halls intended to drum up support for reform — everyone from Sen. Arlen Specter to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, are getting heckled and booed out there.’ ABC’s The Note. Not happy.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say: ‘The conservative groups, including FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, are harnessing social networking Web sites to organize their supporters in much the same way Mr. Obama did during his election campaign.’ Oh, like ACORN? But we’re not allowed to. These are unruly mobs, you see. So they’re not happy over at ABC with the way this is all — oh, by the way, Obama went to the pressroom to celebrate Helen Thomas’ birthday today. Helen Thomas and Obama have the same birthday. Obama said that Helen wished for health care reform. Helen, you’re 89, be careful what you’re wishing for here. Here is the sound bite, Obama went over there and here’s what he said.

OBAMA (sped up): Helen wished for world peace, no prejudice. But she and I also had a common birthday wish. She said she hopes for a real health care reform bill. I’ll leave it up to you, Helen, how you want to distribute the cupcakes.

RUSH: We sped that up. Let me translate that for you. ‘Helen wished for world peace, no prejudice. She and I also had a common birthday wish. She said she hopes for a real health care reform bill. I’ll leave it up to you, Helen, how you want to distribute the cupcakes.’ What is it with this administration and cupcakes? Now, Helen Thomas is 89 years old. I don’t think Helen Thomas has one thing to complain about regarding our health care, do you? Helen Thomas is 89 years old. If Obama health care passes, Helen Thomas is soon to be put out to pasture at Statist Farm. First time she gets sick, it’s going to be judged not worth it. All right, Mary in Fort Worth, Texas, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

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