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Rush’s Morning Update: Rationing
August 5, 2009

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Ceci Connolly– a state-controlled reporter for the state-controlled Washington Post– just wrote an article called, “Talk Radio Campaign Frightening Seniors…End-Of-Life Counseling Is Described by Right as ‘Death Care.'”

Ms. Connolly claims a conservative talk radio “campaign”– “fueled by President Obama’s calls to control exorbitant medical bills”– has “sparked fear” among seniors. She says talk radio is scaring seniors into believing that Obama’s health care plan will lead to “end-of-life health-care rationing and perhaps even euthanasia.”

Ms. Connolly. First of all, President Obama isn’t trying to “control exorbitant medical bills.” He wants to control the entire US health care system! Second, having seniors submit to end-of-life counseling every five years isn’t something “talk radio” made up to scare people. It’s in the bill! And it should scare people.

And, Ms. Connolly, President Obama himself– not talk radio– inspired fear of rationingwhen he suggested that instead of needed surgery, vibrant seniors should take pain pills. And, in fact, rationing is in the bill, too! Since everyone will be affectedexcept the Democrats writing the legislation,there’s good reason to fear.

For 50 years, though there was no threat to seniors, Democrats ran “scare-the-seniors” campaigns every election cycle. Now,with a genuine threat,liberal journalists carry Obama’s water. Thank goodness, seniors are learning what is actually this bill,so they don’t have to rely on Drive-by, state-controlled, sellout journalists who ration the facts– and the truth– without even batting an eye.

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