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RUSH: Ray LaHood, transportation secretary — former Republican member of Congress, Illinois — was with Andrea Mitchell and he’s talking about Cash for Clunkers.

LAHOOD: This is good for America, Andrea. It’s good for car buyers. It’s good for Americans. It’s good for American workers. It’s a wildly popular program. People that make automobiles are very happy. People that sell automobiles are for the first time in a long time, uh, able to make a living, and, uh, it’s a program that — where 80% of the vehicles being traded in are trucks or SUVs. These are gas guzzlers. Look it, we’re helping the climate and we’re helping, uh, the economy.

RUSH: That’s key here: 80% of vehicles being traded in, trucks or SUVs are gas guzzlers look we’re helping, we’re helping the climate, we’re helping the economy, we’re getting rid of these crappy cars! Then later with Chris Matthews and the same network, Matthews, asks, ‘How about I give you $30,000. What’s the best car to get out there?’

LAHOOD: I have my eye on a Explorer four-wheel drive, uh, but I have a ’97 Buick Regal that doesn’t qualify for the program. I may still buy the Explorer. I’ve been talking to a dealer back in Peoria about this, but I would buy a Ford Explorer.

RUSH: It’s an SUV! He just got through trashing SUVs, said it’s a great thing people are getting rid of bloated SUVs, gas guzzlers. It’s great for the environment — and he’s asked by Matthews what kind of car he’s buying, and he says a Ford Explorer! That’s not even loyal to Obama. Obama doesn’t even own Ford yet. Obama owns Chrysler and GM.

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