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RUSH: Now a special message to the Blue Dog Democrats. We did our Morning Update on the Blue Dog Democrats today, and they originally were called Yellow Dogs. They are called Blue Dogs now because they are Democrats in blue states that are supposedly conservative. And these guys, these Blue Dog Democrats are getting away with a great scam. They fancy themselves fiscal conservatives and they repeat that mantra to their constituents back home in their districts, those constituents who will decide the political fates of the Blue Dogs with how they vote on government run healthcare. If they want to maintain the fiction, the Blue Dogs, that they are fiscal conservatives and then vote yes on this healthcare plan, they are finished in their districts. The Blue Dog Democrats are going to have to decide if they want to throw in with the hard left ideologues who run their party or with the citizens who sent them to Congress in the first place. It’s that simple. They cannot continue to vote for hard left policies, massive debt, massive expansion of government and then claim to be anything other than leftists. They are going to be held to account, and this vote will determine their political futures.

They are out there hearing what people are saying. The American people, I read some place today, I’ll find it in the stack here. The American people don’t do DC speak. These people at these town meetings are not used to being talked to this way, but what they’re hearing is American English. Good old fashioned American English. The people that don’t live in DC don’t have and don’t use DC speak. Now, these Blue Dogs running this scam will have no place to hide anymore, doing one thing in Washington and another thing back home. Ask Republicans who lost elections in 2002, 2004, 2006 about campaigning one way and governing another. You Blue Dogs are about to see your last days if you vote for this bill. If you encourage what is nothing more than a giveback and a throwback to trial lawyers and public sector union bosses. If you favor the trial lawyers and the public sector union bosses over your own constituents and side with the radical leaders of your party, you are finished in 2010.

If you vote for the most radical expansion of the federal government in history and you vote to deny your constituents of liberty and free choices, then you can’t get away campaigning any longer as a moderate or as a centrist or as an independent or as a fiscal conservative because you, you Blue Dogs, if you vote for this, you will become part of the problem. You will become, with that vote, part of big government, part of the hard left. Regardless how you spin it, regardless what you say in your next campaign ads. So the Blue Dog Democrats who do not come from the big cities, they do not come from inner city suburbs. They come from outer suburbs and rural areas. They are going to have to make a choice: Either they represent the people or they throw in with Obama and Pelosi and the trial lawyers and the public sector union bosses, and then you’re going to have to answer to your voters.

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