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RUSH: I’m looking here, folks, at the generic ballot, the generic congressional ballot from Rasmussen. They put the latest results out yesterday. Now get this: ‘Support for Republican congressional candidates has risen to its highest level in recent years, giving the GOP a five-point lead over Democrats in the latest Congressional Ballot and stretching the out-of-power party’s lead to six weeks in a row,’ being atop the generic ballot. The survey date is August 2nd. The Republicans are at 43%. This is generic, no names, 43% Republican, 38% Democrat. It’s interesting.

You know, Obama may well be, folks, destroying the Democrat Party. He may well be. We will know soon enough. I’ve been thinking about this. The Democrat Party leadership is hard left-wing, including Obama, Pelosi, Reid, but much of the Democrat Party grassroots is not. The entire Obama agenda is aimed specifically at doing the bidding of trial lawyers and public sector union bosses. That’s what this whole agenda is about, trial lawyers and public sector union bosses, not union members. If you take a look at any of the agenda items, you see all of the sops being thrown to the trial lawyers and the public sector union bosses, the two largest contributors to Obama, and they are not popular. Those two groups are not popular with average ordinary Americans. Trial lawyers and these public sector union bosses are not popular at all. Now, the Democrat Party leadership is hard left-wing. It’s the most radical left this Democrat Party has ever produced, both in the White House and the leadership positions in the House and Senate. The left-wing of the Democrat Party controls its mechanisms, but the voters are not all Pelosi and Obama ideologues.

I’ve been asking this question since, well, a long time after the stimulus was put in place and it’s not doing anything and Obama’s out in Elkhart, Indiana lying about it again today, about how great the economy is, the recession’s over and yet Procter & Gamble’s laying off some more people, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is laying off 92 people. The unemployment is probably higher than what it’s going to be reported, and even with the media cronies, the State Controlled Media, it’s a comedy. It’s almost a malpractice the way they are reporting unemployment numbers as though it’s good news that only 392,000 people lost their jobs. And then they bury the fact that planned layoffs, future firings are rising. There’s no end to this and average ordinary Americans know it. The average ordinary grassroots Democrat is not all Greenpeace, not all job destroyers, not all destroy healthcare leftists. It really is a minority of people that are this radical, but they have secured leadership positions in the government.

What the State Controlled Media is not reporting is that it’s the Democrat Party that is marginalizing itself. It is the Democrat Party that is not reaching the middle class and the independents. The Democrat Party is holding them in contempt. The Democrat Party has got policies in place that are destroying their own voters, via the economy and a number of other things. Now, I know some of their voters are welfare state people and they’re happy, but I say all this based on a continued optimism and faith and a decency of the American people. The Democrat Party has become a narrow ideological party. Now, this is important. The Democrat Party, the leadership of the Democrat Party represents an ever-shrinking percentage of the population. The American people, I’m convinced, I still remain convinced of this, and Snerdley is looking at me with doubt on his face. And I imagine many of you are hearing me with doubt, but I want you to trust me on this.

The American people are, at their core, liberty loving, competitive, innovative, and independent. And that is why this is important. This is why Obama and Pelosi have to lie about what they’re doing. They have to lie about saving jobs, they have to lie about what cap and trade is. They have to lie about the deficits. They have to lie about their health care bill. They have to lie about what they’re actually trying to do, about all of these things because at its core the American people would reject it all. They are using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. You don’t speak outside the comfort level or the experience level of your audience. This is a competitive people. These are people at their core, the American people, liberty loving, competitive, innovative and independent. The Democrats use the language when lying about their initiative in order to reach that core group. They are lying to them.

Obama’s gotten away with fooling them, or did. There’s a great story from The Politico that I’ve got in the stack coming up, and it’s about loyalty. When I read the story it made me really appreciate all of you again. I mean, I never lose my appreciation for you, but it just, it brought it into focus. The whole thing is how loyal are Obama’s voters going to be? How loyal will they remain with him? I mean, he had them as a cult before the election and before the imaculation, but how loyal will they be? And at its core this country rejects Obamaism, at its core. Mr. Snerdley, this is so plain as day, I don’t know why I didn’t come up with it sooner. Why do they lie? Why can’t they be honest? Why can’t they say, ‘Yes, you’re going to lose your private insurance’? Why can’t they say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to ration care’? It’s not what people want. The American people do not want an all-powerful socialist government. This is why they have to lie. This is why they’re ramming it down people’s throats even though a majority of people don’t want it.

This is a narrow ideological party that has secured the leadership of this country. They are led by people who spend their every waking moment conspiring against the public and lying to the public. When Obama gets together with his staff to plan one of these trips to Indiana like today, you think they sit there and say, ‘Okay, we’ve got to tell the truth about this and we’ve got to tell the truth about that.’ No. They plot, ‘How do we fool them today? How do we lie to them? We’ll use their language, we’ll use the language that they understand, that they think is traditional American in its concept,’ and they’ll apply their ideas to those concepts and lie through their teeth. They have to lie because the country would reject all of this if they were told up-front what is happening.

So where are we? Well, we get to the latest round of this: Attack the insurance companies; attack the attendees at town hall meetings. You know how Barbara Boxer says she knows that they are all manufactured? Because they are too well dressed. They are too well dressed to be real Americans, to be genuine protesters, they’re too well dressed. She said the same people that told her to get out of Florida during the recount in 2000 were dressed the same way and that was a mob. So we get the attack on the insurance companies from a uniter, a man who is going to unify us, be post partisan, be above all this. We have attacks on the American people who are doing exactly what this man did in his only real experience in life and that’s community organizing. We got some incredible sound bites coming up on today’s show from the past that will illustrate just who this man is again in his own words.

But you have a man who is attacking, and his party are now attacking and they are running ads attacking American citizens. They know that they are not held in high regard. They don’t care. They are finding ways to ram it down everybody’s throats. They are making wild, irresponsible promises about government healthcare while claiming not to be promoting government -run healthcare. They keep legislation secret until the last minute. They don’t get specific about what drugs and treatments and procedures will or will not be covered. They send Kathleen Sebelius out to the op-ed pages of the Washington Post to say, ‘Don’t worry about the details. We’re just trying to get you peace of mind. We don’t want you to have to worry about it anymore. Don’t worry about the details.’ Again the Democrat leadership must do these things because it is a narrow ideological party that claims to be otherwise while trying to advance its radical agenda as fast as possible before more and more Americans see it for what it is.

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