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Rush’s Morning Update: The Answer
August 6, 2009

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White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked if the Obama administration recognized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president of Iran. Gibbs answered: “He’s the elected leader.” Within 24 hours, he was forced to walk back that answer.

But Gibby’s firstanswerreflects Democrats’ pathetic approach to foreign policy. The days when the White House could be counted on to deliver a muscular projection of American idealsare over.

Since I don’t have to crawl around on bended knee, hoping Iran’s mullahs will smile upon me,let me answer the question truthfully. Ahmadinejad is an international disgrace. The so-called election in Iran was such a blatant fraud;only despots, tyrants, dictators, and ACORN would confer legitimacy to it. The illusion that Iran is anything other than an Islamo-facist banana republic ruled by murderous madmenis shattered –at least to everyone but Barack Obama and his fellow appeasers,unwilling to stand up for the Iranian peoplewho yearn for freedom and shed blood to fight for it.

Barack Obama and his party have no problem vilifying American business owners, doctors, and even people who show up at town hall meetings. But they cannot find words to condemn those who truly deserve condemnation.

The mullahs who run Iran, and their puppet Ahmadinejad, oppress their own nation, and spread terror throughout the world. One day they will be vanquished, gone from the face of the earth. And one day– hopefully –America will again elect a president who will stand for freedom…instead of bowingbefore evil.

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