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RUSH: I’ve been looking at the polling data for all of Obama’s numbers, health care approval and, folks, they’re crashing. They are cratering. For example, 53 to 39% Quinnipiac poll, people like their health care and don’t like the way Obama’s handling it. Sixty-two percent do not want to pay a dime more in taxes for health care reform, and I know I saw this. It went by really fast. Only three percent of Democrats don’t like their health insurance. There is no public furor for this plan. There is no public support for this plan. It is minimal. How did this happen? Obama’s smile is as friendly as ever. His speeches are as oratorical as ever. His kids are as charming as ever. He’s as cool as ever. Why is he fading in the polls? He’s still loved by State-Controlled Media. Why are his numbers caving? He’s talking a lot. He’s out there. He’s got his cult. I mean, he’s out on television every day selling the plan. The more he goes on TV and sells it, it’s plummeting. His smile’s as friendly as ever. His speech is as oratorical as ever, kid’s charming as ever. The whole picture’s as it always has been. So why are his approval numbers caving?

Well, he closed Club Gitmo, but it’s open. He got us out of Iraq, but we’re still there. He stimulated the economy and nearly 600,000 more people lost their jobs today. That puts us over, very close to three million people who have lost their jobs. Since he took office, 34 million Americans are on food stamps, but he has stimulated the economy. He says he’s fiscally responsible. He’s fading in the polls because he keeps saying things and more and more people are catching on that it’s just words. It doesn’t mean anything. He has no hard evidence. There is no hard evidence to back up anything President Obama has promised or has said is happening at the moment.

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