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Rush’s Morning Update: End of Story
August 7, 2009

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The latest tactic of President Obama and the Democrats is to vilify opponents of their health care proposals. They say doctors perform unnecessary tonsillectomies and medical testsout of greed. They say insurance companies are greedy. They say talk radio hosts spread disinformation. They say citizens protesting at town hall meetings are “too well dressed”,so they must be insurance company-sponsored rent-a-mobs.

This is in addition to other American citizens demonized by Obama, like “Joe the Plumber” during the campaign. Like me. Like auto executives and bankers– until Obama took over their industries.

If you think this tactic seems familiar,you’re right. In the 1990s-drive for national health care, the pharmaceutical industry was vilified as greedy. Critics of Bill Clinton policies were routinely accused of engaging in “the politics of personal destruction,” and being members of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” White House operatives ran propaganda operations on women who accused Clinton of misconduct– including Monica Lewinsky, who was initially called a “stalker.” Career jurist Ken Starr was smeared. President Clinton attempted to blame the Okalahoma City bombing on me. Elected Republicans were accused of wanting seniors to die by gutting Medicare, and of wanting school kids to starve by ending school lunches,and on and on. It never stops.

Democrats are not “uniters.” They ruthlessly slander, vilify, demonize, and attempt to intimidate anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda. They are not about hope or change; they are about power and control. End of story.

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