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RUSH: I want to repeat the essentials of something I said on Wednesday on this program. I really, I’m optimistic about what is happening here and I want to talk to those of you who may be pessimistic about it for various reasons. I’ve heard from a couple of people who are, who are pessimistic simply because you think the message and momentum’s been lost — the subject of the argument has been changed with the thugs, the intimidation of the union — and you’re afraid that the American people are believing that the people showing up at the tea parties are an unruly mob or that they’re Nazis or something. Nothing can be further from the truth. The majority of the American people do not think that. You can see it in the polls. The problem the administration has in trying to make the case that all of you are an unruly mob is the polls agree with you. You are the polls.

There’s a vast majority of people that don’t like this health care plan in any way, shape, manner or form and don’t like an increasing amount of the Obama agenda. We’ll know soon enough. I think Obama may well be destroying the Democrat Party. Don’t forget the Rasmussen Report generic ballot came out this week. Generic ballot, this is where they go out and ask people: ‘In the 2010 Congressional election, are you going to vote for Republican or Democrat?’ They don’t give a name, just give them party. The Republicans have a 5-point lead in the generic ballot. I mean, it’s just six months since George Bush the Hated was in office. It’s just six months since everything in the country was going to hell in a hand basket, and all of a sudden the Republicans are up 5 in the generic ballot. Here’s why. The Democrat Party leadership is hard left-wing, including Obama, including Pelosi, including Harry Reid. But much of the Democrat Party grassroots is not.

We’ve been talking about this I think the whole period of time since Obama’s immaculation. ‘How many Democrats really believe this?’ we’ve been asking ourselves. I look at the polling data, I look at other things, and much of the grassroots of the Democrat Party is not anywhere near as radical left as its leadership. The left-wing of the party controls its mechanisms, but the voters are not all Obama and Pelosi ideologues. They are not all Greenpeace wackos. They are not all a bunch of people that want to go out and destroy jobs to save animals or the planet. They are not all people that want to destroy the US health care system. And what the liberal media, State-Controlled Media are not reporting is that it’s the Democrat Party that is marginalizing itself here. It’s the Democrat Party that is not reaching the middle class and independents. It is the Democrat Party that’s become a narrow, ideological party — and this is very important.

The Democrat Party represents an ever shrinking percentage of the population. Trust me when I tell you — and I can cite data if you want — the American people are at their core liberty-loving, they are competitive, they are innovative, they are independent. They want to be optimistic. They want the same opportunities in this country, for their kids that they had when they were growing up. And this is… Folks, this is really crucially important. The American people are not Obamaites. They are not radical leftists. They love freedom. They love liberty. They’re competitive. They’re innovative. But this is why Obama and Pelosi have to lie about what they’re doing. They have to lie about saving jobs when we’re losing them. They have to lie about their cap-and-trade bill. They have to lie about the deficits. As they get larger and larger, they blame it on Bush. They lie about what they are actually trying to do about health care, because they don’t dare tell anybody the truth. If they tell people the truth, they’re dead politically.

If Obama had told the people the truth of what his agenda was going to be, he would not even come close to winning. But people believed him when he said he had an idea for post-racial, post-partisan job creation, bringing people together, no more red-and-blue state divide. He could speak well. He was ‘clean,’ as Joe Biden said, and he was ‘articulate.’ But he’s a major disappointment. There is buyer’s remorse, and as the imperialists in Congress order five — five, now, Snerdley, five — new jets now, not three. Three G550s and two Boeing business jets which are 737s. Speaking of Michelle and the kids, Michelle and the kids just went out for burgers and fries. While everybody’s focused on obesity as the number one problem with health care reform. The Democrat Party’s a narrow ideological party.

Now, it’s led by people who spend their every waking moment conspiring against the public and lying to the public, and you’ve seen it starting yesterday. The White House had to convene an emergency crisis meeting and get their union agitators in gear. They are conspiring against American citizens. The president of the United States and his party are conspiring against citizens! Listen to this. ‘The Senate’s most powerful Democrat yesterday scolded health care protestors dogging his party’s lawmakers at local meetings.’ This is Harry Reid. ‘He argued that some critics on the political right have run out of ideas and have ditched their civic manners. Majority leader Harry Reid said that the protestors are trying to sabotage the democratic process,’ sabotage the democratic process!

Do you realize there was no violence at any of these town meetings until Obama’s thugs from the unions showed up? There was not one. Not one incident of violence, not one incident of intimidation until Obama’s thugs show up. So now Harry Reid accuses you of trying to ‘sabotage the democratic’ process. Stop and think about that. You are sabotaging the democratic process by showing up and asking your member of Congress, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ That’s sabotaging the democratic process. How can that be? Are we just supposed to stand aside and let these people do what they want to do? This is why they are conspiring against the public. The president of the United States…

I cannot emphasize for you how unreal this is. This has never happened in my lifetime: A president and his party conspiring against the people and lying to them. So now the latest round of this: Attack the insurance companies, attack the attendees at town hall meetings. Make wildly irresponsible promises about government health care while claiming not to be promoting government-run health care. You keep the legislation secret until the last minute, you don’t get specific about what drugs and treatments and procedures will or will not be covered. It’s in the bill, but you won’t say so publicly. The Democrat leadership must do these things because it is a narrow, ideological party that claims to be otherwise, while they are trying to advance its radical agenda as fast as possible before more and more Americans see what it is.

I mean, the health care bill, if passed, doesn’t get implemented for four years, 2013. So why the hell get it done before the August recess? So it’s before you could find out what’s in it. But that’s gone. You know what’s in it now. It’s time for Plan B. And now again I want to say to you Blue Dog Democrats — Mike Ross, you guys in Arkansas and everywhere else, let me tell you — it’s not just Obama that’s going to bring you down. It’s Nancy Pelosi. You take a look at the Congressional approval numbers and her personal approval numbers. You can have George Bush all you want. People do not like this woman and they don’t like her leadership. Congress in general has low numbers. You Blue Dog Democrats, you run around and you fancy yourselves as ‘fiscal conservatives.’

That’s what makes you a Blue Dog. You’re not for big budget, you are not for big deficit, you want to rein in spending and so forth. And you run around; you repeat that mantra to your constituents back home. You are going to decide your own political fate with how you vote on this government-run health care bill because your constituents are going to know. If you decide you want to throw in with the hard left ideologues who run the party or with the citizens who sent you to Washington, that’s the simple choice that you have. You cannot continue to vote for hard-left policies, massive debt, massive expansion of government and then claim to be anything other than a leftist. You can’t go home…

Talk to Republicans. What happens to them when they promise one thing and campaign one way and go to Washington and govern in a different manner? They’re not there. Ask Republicans 2004, 2006, 2008 what happened to them when they were not true to their promises and their intentions as they campaigned. Now, you Blue Dogs, you are going to have a big choice to make when you come back and vote on this thing in the fall. There’s no place to hide anymore. There’s no middle ground on this. You can’t vote for this and say you are ‘fiscal conservative’ anything. You can’t vote for this and say you’re anything other than a hard radical leftist.

You can’t say one thing at home and one thing in Washington. It won’t work anymore. From the big cities, the inner suburbs, outer suburbs, more rural areas, you’re going to have to make a choice. Either you represent people that sent you to Washington or you throw in with Obama and Pelosi. And let it also be known who else you are throwing in with. You are throwing in with public sector union big shots and the tort lawyers. These are the people Obama is armying up with. These are the people Obama is marshaling to prevent you from engaging in the democratic process while saying you’re sabotaging it. No incidents of violence until Obama’s crowd showed up. I can’t sit here and express to you how shocked and stunned that this is happening in the United States of America, that we have a president who has abandoned the office now.

He may as well be back on the campaign trail. His speeches are cocky, nasty, arrogant. He’s out there inciting violence. White House officials say, ‘We’re going to punch back twice as hard.’ The Chicago way: ‘You bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.’ That’s the president of the United States. Now, you look at the polling data. Nobody wants this, folks. The vast majority of the country does not want this health care bill. Are they listening? No. They don’t want to hear it. They are going to ram it down our throats, and for what reason? It should be obvious. It’s about them. It’s about Obama who’s about nothing more than building monuments to himself. Legacy! FDR! He wants to be remembered for this and that. What he will be remembered for is destroying the economy of the United States if he’s not stopped, politically stopped.

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