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RUSH: We have Beth and Jerry from Tampa, Florida. They are on two phones in their home, and they were at the Kathy Castor town hall meeting last night where the SEIU people showed up and there was a lot of thuggery going on. Welcome to the program. What can you tell us?

BETH: Well, I guess I’ll start first because I’m the chatty one.

RUSH: All right.

BETH: They already had the room half filled — with Obama supporters, union organizers, whatever they were — when they opened the doors to let us in. We managed to get to the front where the —

RUSH: Now, there were 1,000 of you, right?

BETH: Right.

RUSH: And they put the SEIU thugs in through a side door. They got them in there advance, under handicapped or some sort. Maybe that was —

BETH: In the back door.

RUSH: Back door? Okay.

BETH: Back door.

RUSH: So they stacked the room with Obama supporters, which are union thugs, half of the room which had a 250 capacity, right?

BETH: That’s correct.

RUSH: So half of… You managed to get in out of a group of 1,000?

BETH: No. Well, we had waited an hour in line and we were right at the doors where you are going in and they had the doors open into the union hall, into the meeting room. And they had a speaker outside but it wasn’t working. And people in the hallway were yelling, ‘Let us hear,’ and they thought we were saying, ‘We want Obama,’ but it was ‘Let us hear.’ And they couldn’t get the speaker to work. So we’re all standing there. Well, people outside were going, ‘Open meeting! Open meeting! Take it outside,’ so everybody could hear because there were so many people there. Well, they decided too much noise was going on in the hallway and decided to close the doors. Well, somehow I got pushed into the room, into the meeting room when the thugs came out. They came out four abreast with their arms up. I got pushed in, and my husband, who was right behind me in the green shirt, then was pushed against the wall. My daughter managed to get over to him to try and get them off of my husband.

RUSH: Why’d they push him against the wall?

BETH: Because they wanted to shut the door to the room. They were shutting the doors. And the doors open into the hallway.

RUSH: Right. I’ve seen the video.

BETH: Yeah. And at that point they had my husband pinned against the wall, but I was trying to get out to him and they wouldn’t let me out of the room.

RUSH: Are you there, standing next to a cop who is not doing anything about this, anything about it? Is that you that I saw or is there a different frame to the video?

JERRY: There were no cops there at all.

RUSH: Yeah, there was.

BETH: Well, there was a little —

RUSH: No, there was a cop inside the room who was not… There was a woman begging this cop to get out there and stop something going on outside the room, and the cop just shrugged his shoulders.

JERRY: But that was inside.

RUSH: Yeah, that was inside.

BETH: Oh, inside? I don’t remember. I don’t know that I’ve seen that video. I know I was begging people to let me out and they told me I couldn’t go out through that door; I could only go out through the back door.

JERRY: That was inside the meeting hall.

BETH: Right. At any rate, when they had my husband pinned against the wall, I was going hysterical. We went to ask specific questions on health care. I have read the bill. There was no addressing of any questions. I was in the meeting hall after they shut the doors. I did not leave because I wanted to hear what was said.

RUSH: Yeah. From the video I saw, Kathy Castor just tried to make speech. She wasn’t entertaining any questions and people were standing up and disagreeing when she said various things, correct?

BETH: That’s correct. And when people were standing up agreeing, members that were supporting her were in the audience taking our pictures. It was almost like intimidation. Well, it was intimidation —

RUSH: Of course it was.

BETH: — because the thug men stood all around the room.

RUSH: Because you’re out there ‘sabotaging’ democracy, Harry Reid says. They are out there to get your picture to send it to the Obama snitch website probably.

BETH: Well, I’ll report myself, thank you very much. (laughs) I love that idea. But my husband is not a big man, in the green shirt?

RUSH: Yeah.

BETH: He’s about 5′ 9′, weighs about 170. He has Stage 4 cancer. He has a severed rotator cuff, a port in his chest and an ileostomy. When they shoved him against the wall, I was telling them this: ‘Let me out! Let go of him! You’re hurting him. He’s sick.’ They kept right on doing it and wouldn’t let me out and wouldn’t let him go. The man with the ripped shirt then came in to help my husband and his shirt got ripped then by the thugs.

RUSH: All right, now I know who you are. Your husband was wearing a button-down green shirt. This guy was in a T-shirt, green shirt.

BETH: Yes. Yes. So the initial attack was against my husband, because he was standing at the doors as they closed and they didn’t want him in. So they shoved him back.

RUSH: All right. Now, I’ve got about a minute here. You lived through this.

BETH: Yes.

RUSH: You saw all this.

BETH: Yeah.

RUSH: You’ve heard about what happened in St. Louis. You’ve heard about what happened in Detroit and Houston, some of these other places.

BETH: Right.

RUSH: What in the world do you think as a citizen after all this?

JERRY: Well —

BETH: I’m distressed.

JERRY: I’m a union member, and I went there specifically for my cause of cancer.

RUSH: Are you a Republican or Democrat?

JERRY: I switched parties last year. I was 38 years as a Democrat.

RUSH: So you’re a member of a union and you went to find out what the health care plan was about?

JERRY: That’s correct. I know what the health care plan is about.

RUSH: Yeah. You went to find out if your Congresswoman knew what it was about.

JERRY: That’s correct.

BETH: You got it.

JERRY: I have a tablet of the talking points that I wanted to talk about.

RUSH: Okay, so final question. Did what happened to your husband intimidate you? Are you going to shut up and slink back down into the background now?

BETH: No. We’re angrier than ever. That’s why we’re calling you and you can put our last name on the air.


RUSH: No, you don’t want that. You don’t.

BETH: (chuckling)

RUSH: You don’t want to do that. We’re not Facebook or MySpace here.

JERRY: Well, I did talk to my union chieftain here, and he is very distressed over exactly what happened.

RUSH: Well, thanks much. I’m out of time, but I appreciate the story and I’m glad you’re more fired up than ever.

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