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RUSH: I told you this was going to happen, and it has happened. We can prove that it’s happened once, and I think we’re going to be able to prove it happened a second time. I predicted it halfway yesterday. Right before Obama’s… We now know, by the way, the whole thing yesterday was a stacked deck. That thing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was totally phony. The little girl that asked a question is a daughter of a huge Obama supporter. … So yesterday it was right back about one o’clock, 1:15 Eastern Time when Obama started that dog-and-pony show that was the most pathetic thing. Yesterday that town hall illustrated his lack of experience and lack of competence in what he was trying to do.

I said, ‘Folks, don’t be surprised if during the course of this town hall meeting there is a disturbance and some people show up in Klan outfits or carrying swastika signs, and if it happens it will be union supporters. It will be ACORN people. It will be political plants.’ Let us never forget: Nancy Pelosi started this whole swastika business. All I did was respond in kind with an accurate and researched comparison between the National Socialism in Germany and the attempt to socialize health care in this country with some of the other Obama programs tossed in as well. Pelosi started all of this. Dick Durbin started all of this. He called our interrogators at Club Gitmo Nazis, Nazi-like.

Democrats have been tarring and feathering conservatives (or trying to) for my whole career with this. I fired back in kind, and so I get up last night or this morning and I’m diligently doing show prep. As I always do, I go to Drudge page and say, ‘Whoa! Congressman David Scott’s sign outside the office has a swastika painted on it. Ha-ha-ha. How convenient! How absolutely convenient.’ I don’t know in this case, but we do know that a swastika sign at a Dingell town hall was made and paraded around by a Dingell supporter. It has been proven. It has been established. I’ll get to that in just a second. Here’s David Scott. Let’s go to CNN Headline News. See, this is why you people in the State-Run Media are in big trouble. You’re trying to make this whole health care debate something about me. I didn’t start anything!

As usual, I’m defending America. I’m defending myself. I’m defending the honor of the people who make this country work. You people are out calling us Nazis, saying we’re running around with swastikas, when we are threatened with the loss of our freedom. So we’re showing up to people who work for us, and we’re demanding answers, and they don’t have the answers, and they tell us when we read the bill that that’s not what’s in the bill. Well, we’ve read it and they haven’t. There ought to be anger about this, there ought to be outrage, and there is. So we get tarred and feathered as Nazis ’cause we just don’t bend over, grab the ankles, and let you guys ram whatever down our throats that you want. So the name-calling starts, and the Democrats do not know how to deal with this kind of opposition.

The media, in an effort to repeat and promote the propaganda from the White House and to push Obama’s agenda, tries to make me the story. I am the story! I can’t do anything to your health care. I can’t change it. I can’t force any change whatsoever on your health care. Somehow I’m the story. You would think that the State-Run Media and the Democrats would learn that trying to make me the story doesn’t work. For 21 years they’ve tried to and I’m still here — and if I say so myself, bigger, more powerful, more popular, more effective than ever. Right, Zev? (interruption) ‘And slimmer,’ exactly right. And slimmer, which makes me even doubly effective and intimidating. So these people trying to make me the story — me the story! — when I did nothing but respond to the Speaker of the House saying that people on my side of this fight ‘are running around with swastikas,’ when there wasn’t any photo evidence to establish it. So let’s go to CNN Headline News, the dutiful State-Controlled Media, the anchor Robin Meade reporting this about Congressman David Scott, who is a Democrat from Georgia.

MEADE: A Georgia congressman who supports health care reform found a swastika painted outside his office. Democrat David Scott says that it should remind people to tone down the rhetoric. Well, several conservatives have made Nazi references about health care reform including radio host Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [Y]ou will find that the Obama health care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo.

MEADE: Congressman Scott’s office was vandalized less than a week after he got into a heated argument about health care at a community meeting.

RUSH: I’m sorry, folks, I don’t buy this. This is too politically convenient. We know that Obama staged an event yesterday. The Democrats are staging events. It’s what they do. They don’t deal in reality. They don’t tell the truth. I’m not buying that this happened with an angry, anti-health care person putting the swastika. I think the Democrats are doing this themselves trying to make it an issue, because they know that dummkopfs like this infobabe are going to blame it on me. I did find similarities, scary similarities between the Obama ‘Health Care Now’ logo and something the Nazis used to use and we morphed it at my website, RushLimbaugh.com, and it is dangerously close. Now, there’s no swastika in Obama’s logo. I’m just talking about the entire shape of the thing — and nobody’s saying Obama’s Hitler.

Everybody seems to be forget that Pelosi started all of this. The Democrats started all of this. (interruption) Well, maybe you’re right, Snerdley. Snerdley just shouted at me over the IFB, ‘They’re not forgetting!’ But somebody like Robin Meade at CNN Headline News may not know. It’s entirely possible that many people in the State-Run Media don’t know because if the truth isn’t on the sites they read the, quote, unquote, ‘truth,’ they’ll never know. So CNN’s ‘American Morning’ today, the cohost Kiran Chetry is interviewing Representative David Scott (Democrat-Georgia). She says, ‘What is it about this health care debate that seems to have brought out the worst in so many people as we’re discussing what everybody wants which is to figure out solutions to our collective programs?’

SCOTT: My situation in all of this has been a realization that it has become politicized. From the very beginning, when Rush Limbaugh says, ‘Well, we don’t want him to succeed. We don’t want President Obama to succeed. I want him to fail.’ Well, Rush Limbaugh has an extraordinary audience. And many of them feel very strongly and are influenced by him.

RUSH: Right.

SCOTT: The tone has been set there, so you find people who will come in and hijack these meetings for the purpose of spreading that.

RUSH: Here they go in denial again. They’re trying to tell themselves this. What these people do is project. What the liberal Democrats do they’re the ones that are the professional protesters. They have the professional rent-a-mobs — ACORN, the union people — and they’re just projecting. Well, this can’t be real because what they do isn’t real. And so happening to them on the reverse it’s gotta be made up, it’s gotta be trumped up. Yes I wanted Obama to fail and I think everybody understands how what I meant, finally. I think most people understood when I meant at the time anyway. There was just shock and dismay that anybody would have the gonads to say it! But I knew all of this was coming down the pike before it happened.

Why? Because I know socialists. I know liberals. I know what Bill Ayers stands for. I know what Reverend Wright stands for., I know who Obama is. I know who Pelosi is. None of this is a mystery. We knew they were going to try this. But, no, some people are holding out hope, ‘He’s going to be a great moderate governing from the center. Sssssss! He’s going to triangulate, post-racial, post-partisan.’ BS. It was all BS. Yes, I wanted him to fail. Sadly for the country, he’s succeeding, which means the country is failing. Three million jobs lost since he’s immaculated? How’s that hope and change working out for you?

See the latest on the stimulus numbers? Fifty-some-odd gazillion dollars spent on airports — how is that working out? — while they’re telling everybody not to fly because it’s polluting the planet. Now let’s go to audio sound bite 27. Yesterday at a John Dingell town hall or some sort of meeting there was a guy, a black guy carrying around a sign, Obama as Hitler, swastika, whatever it was. It was an Obama has Hitler sign. And this is why I don’t believe that this swastika painted on the office door at what’s-his-face, David Scott’s office, is anything other than politically convenient. The guest here is Bill Cornish. He’s a Dingell town hall attendee talking to Neil Cavuto and here’s the exchange.

CORNISH: There was actually a gentleman in there carrying around a sign outside with Obama as Hitler, and it turned out later he was outside handing out Dingell information on the health care program. So it appears that he was part of the Dingell operation.

RUSH: So, the Dingell operation grabbed a black guy, gave him a sign, ‘Obama is Hitler,’ had him parading around outside for the cameras to catch, and then after the meeting this Dingell worker ditches the sign and is passing out Dingell information. We have proof of this from a blog called ‘The Blog Prof.’ Here’s the money paragraph in this blog: Note man holding up the poster,’ and there are pictures here and screen shots from YouTube. ‘This screen shot was used in reports by [the state-controlled media] who painted the protesters at Dingell’s place as Nazis. Here’s the thing, though. That black man is a Dingell supporter. Last Friday, Frank Beckmann’ on our Detroit affiliate, WJR ‘interviewed an eyewitness that said not only were union let in through a side door before anyone else was let into the venue but that he clearly saw from his vantage point that very Obama-as-Hitler poster in the back hallway after the [union thugs] took their seats.

‘The interview was around 11 a.m., but WJR chose not to post the audio, thought it would have been bigger news and needed more than just to write a post, albeit an audio clip would have partially sacrificed.’ In any case, the blogger has been scouring YouTube and the web for more info, finally found some, and there’s an account of all of this. So the bottom line is that at Dingell’s town hall, the Obama-as-Hitler sign was being paraded around by a Dingell supporter. This is what I predicted yesterday prior to the Obama town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So today we conveniently see on the Drudge Report page a picture of the office of Congressman David Scott in Georgia with a swastika painted on it — and, of course, I am responsible, when Nancy Pelosi put the thought into everybody’s head.

The bottom line here is that the Democrats and Obama cannot defend their plan. They cannot answer questions about their plan. So once again they are making me the issue in trying to not advance their plan, but to discredit critics of the plan.


RUSH: Now, I’m not going to let this Nazi thing go. I’m going to get back to it. I’m not going to let this Nazi thing go, this swastika thing go, because the Democrats here — in an effort to divert everybody’s attention from what’s in this rotten piece of legislation called health care reform — are once again taking a page out of the playbook and trying to make this about me. Once again I’m sitting here, minding my own business one day and I see Nancy Pelosi say that all these peaceful people showing up at these town hall meetings on health care are caring swastikas. She’s calling us Nazis. I responded in kind, and I understand why they don’t like it. But I need to ask a question here. The reason we’re not supposed to talk about the Nazis is because of the genocide of six million Jews. So no comparison to Nazi Germany and German socialism is allowed.

We can’t go there simply because of the genocide of six million Jews. When Pelosi starts calling and saying people are running around ‘carrying swastikas,’ that is what she means. She is trying to associate people like you and me with that event in the world. I’m tell you, folks, I’m not going to sit here and take it anymore. I am not going to sit idly by while a bunch of fascist socialists in this country try to smear and impugn mainstream conservatism rooted in the founding of this country with a genocide of six million Jews in World War II. That’s what they are trying to do. That’s the association they are trying to link. As such, everybody is afraid to bring up Germany in World War II because that’s all anybody is going to think. So when you say somebody is like Hitler, ‘Oh, you can’t say that! Nobody is as bad as Hitler!’ Well, let me make a point. The Nazis were National Socialists.

Forget the genocide here. That came toward the end of what they were doing. They got started in the mid-thirties or a little prior to that. Don’t forget what they were doing. But they were National Socialists. They were not liberty loving individuals. They did not preach respect for human beings. They were not for small, decentralized government anywhere. They were not for honest capitalism. They were National Socialists, and it was National Socialism — and the view of big government, and the idea that some were better than others — which led to that monstrous genocide. The two are not separately contained, and to sit here and be compared to the monstrous genocidal Adolf Hitler, that’s beyond the pale. And that’s what Pelosi and that’s what Dingell is trying to do when he has one of his run around with a swastika or Obama-is-Hitler sign.

Why…? Why do we have to ignore all of the National Socialism of Nazi Germany just because much the monstrous genocide? This experiment in National Socialism in Germany went on for well over ten years. And I’m going to tell you right now: If you want to do a comparison just taking this health care bill… If you want to do a comparison between the people pushing it and the people opposing it, to National Socialism in Germany, it ain’t a contest. The people pushing this health care bill have far more in common with the National Socialists of Germany (exempting genocide) than any of us who are opposing this health care have. We are not in any realm close. Now, the people in the media look at this as just an opportunity to divert attention, to attack me. They love doing it. It gets them ratings. They love to make this association between conservatism and Nazism.

Nothing could be further from the truth in any aspect of Nazism. We are for capitalism, small, limited government, individual liberty and freedom. We have nothing in common — and the right has never had anything in common — with any socialism anywhere, including Nazism. You want to put it on a…? The wrong way to look at this is a circle. You need to draw a straight line and put your precious moderates and independents in the middle, put conservatives on the right. On the left you’re going to find Nazism, socialism, communism. You’re not going to find it on the right. It ain’t going to happen. So these people want to continue to try to say — and we know that Dingell is out there having one of his own staffers running around with a sign. We know full well what they’re trying to do.

That’s fake just like Obama’s town hall meeting was fake yesterday. I’m just going to tell you: There is no way conservatives, were we writing a health bill — and we have our own versions. There is no way ever, any time, anywhere that we make a serious proposal that the government decides who dies based on their age and health. That’s not who we are, for whatever reason. To us, health care is not about money. It’s not about saving money, not about controlling money. Health care is about health. Health care is about health care. It’s not about insurance. It’s not about money. It’s not bang for the buck. Conservatives don’t demonize, as a matter of political course, to advance our ideas. People who are exercising individual freedom and liberty to advance those same notions, capitalism in the country, we do not look at this country and instinctively dislike it, hate it, demonize it, want to change it.

We’re trying to save it against a full-fledged onslaught that by virtue of votes in the House and Senate can’t be stopped. So what are we supposed to do at town hall meetings? What’s the purpose here? What’s the purpose of a town hall meeting? Is it so politicians can come and pass down from on high what they’re doing without challenge? Or is the purpose of a town hall meeting to hear from constituents? We don’t need to go to a town hall meeting to have a report from these clowns of what they’re doing. The purpose of the town hall meeting is for them to hear us. And what if during a period of town hall meetings a politician starts supporting legislation that’s so un-American, so freedom-destroying, so repulsive to what their constituents want?

Then what should those constituents do? If they say very meekly, ‘Congressman, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. I want to stay civil with you and I — I — I want to talk,’ is that the way to stand up against things that are being forced down your throat that you think are un-American and going to destroy your freedom and liberty and maybe the country? Or should they really display how mad they are about it? What if — what if, what if — there was an actual plan to euthanize everybody over 70? Just playing hypothetical here. What if there was? Would that be enough for people to be justified for yelling at their congressman? Or are we still supposed to pretend it’s the Oxford Debating Society? ‘Congressman, I really think that that’s going a bit far.’ Why do you draw the line here?

It seems like it’s okay to act up all you want — you can maim, you can destroy, you can firebomb, you can blow up things — if what you’re doing is supporting a liberal issue. But if you are a conservative, you’re supposed to slink to the background and make sure you don’t offend anyone with your passion while we sit and watch the left routinely use intimidation and threats to get what they want. There’s no mention whatsoever of the busloads of SEIU union thugs showing up at these town hall meetings. No mention of all of the union supporters for the National Education Association. No mention of ACORN people being employed by the White House to advance a plan that they know nobody wants. No reporting on that. That’s just standard, ordinary procedure. That’s fine. That’s democracy. But people standing up and saying, ‘Stop it!’

‘Why, that’s a tactical problem. That’s going to give Obama victory on a silver platter. We can’t appear to be mad.’ It’s too late for that. People ought to be mad about this. They ought to be mad about what is being attempted. And more and more people are finding out about this. They are finding out about it, and they’re also finding out that when they confront their members of Congress with incontrovertible evidence of what’s in it simply by reading them the plan, the member of Congress says, ‘Well, that’s a vicious rumor. You don’t know what you’re talking about! Of course that’s not in the bill. I can’t believe that you’re saying that. That’s a malicious rumor going around.’

Who is it that is making nice with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Who is it that’s making nice with the Castros? Who is it that’s making nice with Hugo Chavez? Who is it that’s putting pressure on the Jews in Israel to stop defending themselves and building homes? Who is it who went to Cairo and compared the Holocaust to what the Israelis did to defend themselves against Hamas in Gaza? It’s this president, Barack Obama, and this administration — and that’s the Democrat Party. We’re not supposed to be upset. We’re supposed to be pliant, malleable, flaked and formed. We’re supposed to be model, polite citizens, while this guy makes nice with sworn enemies of this country. I’ve never had a friend like Khalidi who hates Jews.

I’ve never had a friend like Reverend Wright. I don’t hang around with sick people who hate aspects of the United States of America. I don’t hang around with anti-Semites and I don’t hang around with racists. But they’re all over this administration. They’re all over the people who support this administration. And we’re supposed to sit here and act nice! We had a black conservative beat up in Mehlville, Missouri, by a black member of the Service Employees International Union, the SEIU union. We’re supposed to not ‘provoke’ them anymore. We didn’t provoke them at all. If we did it’s with ideas by rejecting what they’re doing. They’re the ones who got all this incivility started when Obama’s crowd shows up.


RUSH: Brian in North Barrington, Illinois. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, you know, I’m glad you got back to that ‘this has nothing to do with health care.’ You know, what you read earlier in the hour is nothing short in my mind of a declaration of war. It’s a war against our Constitution, and the reason people are so frustrated at these events is because we’re under attack. What is the difference of Germany taking over France or Japan taking over the Philippines?

RUSH: Well, wait, wait. Wait a minute. In the case of Germany they did it with tanks, armaments. If you want to say that Obama and his people declared war on the founding of the country and so on forth, I understand what you mean. I do think people could understand liberals… If you listen to liberals, if you listen to the media, conservatives are a bigger threat to this country than, say, Ahmadinejad. You never hear Obama talking about Ahmadinejad or the Drive-By Media talking about Ahmadinejad the way they talk about me (laughing), for example, and I don’t have any divisions. (interruption) Well, I don’t have… (interruption) I don’t have… (interruption) No, Snerdley, I don’t have armed divisions. I can’t order them to war.

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