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Rush’s Morning Update: An Embarrassment
August 14, 2009

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Indiana Representative Baron Hill is a “moderate” Democrat. This week, Mr. Moderate Baron Hill(Democrat-Indiana) expressed his views on the citizens attending town meetingswho have frustrated his party’s plans to nationalizehealth care. Moderate Baron told the Louisville Courier-Journal: “I don’t mind people disagreeing with you, but just to blow up a meeting is an act of political terrorism.”

First,Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falsely accused American citizens of bringing Nazi symbols to meetings. Next,the White House accused American citizens of belonging to a crazed “mob,” venting “manufactured” anger. Then,Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer wrote an editorial calling American citizens opposing their agenda”un-American.” And now, the “moderate” Baron Hillcalls American citizens passionately standing up for their freedomterrorists intent on blowing up meetings.

When these Democrats had an opportunity to confront real terrorists– who beheaded Americans, blew up embassies, hijacked airplanes and flew them into buildings– they ducked. Instead, they turned their vitriol on President Bush and accorded the terrorists constitutional rights. Never once did Democrats chastise their far left, anti-war fringe, who openly displayed hatred for the USmilitary.

Now,in the face of political opposition to their unworkable, socialist plans,they launch blistering attacks on American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, accusing them of “terrorism.” From top to bottom, the elected Democrat Party is an embarrassment these days. They are absent decency, incapable of statesmanship, and they’re certainlynot worthy of leading this great country.

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