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RUSH: I got an e-mail yesterday from a woman. I think it was in the ElRushbo@eibnet.com address. It might have been the website subscriber account, but regardless, the woman said, ‘Hey, I just posted a response to this on this website.’ So I clicked on it and it’s CalorieCount.About.com. CalorieCount.About.com and it’s amazing. I don’t know who, doesn’t matter, it’s a nonpolitical website, but somebody analyzed my weight loss, which is now 82 pounds. I started on March 9th. This is August 14th. My weight loss is now 82 pounds and they analyzed it and said he can’t do it. They said he could not have lost that much weight this fast. It’s not possible. And yet here I am. I’m on television. I’m on the Dittocam right now. You can see it. Everybody can see it. It is amazing to me to listen to people analyze my diet and say it can’t be done when I have done it. And they totally misunderstand my jokes about exercise and not doing any exercise, and they purposely misrepresent when I say this thing is so complicated I can’t explain it to you.

For lunch today I had Quick Weight Loss chicken salad. Does that help you? No, you need the recipe, right? I can’t give you the recipe. I don’t have the recipe and I’m not going to start giving out recipes. I don’t know how many calories it had. It doesn’t matter. They then say that I said I had 1500 calories a day, which it averages about that. They say, ‘You can’t lose as much weight as he did.’ So then they start speculating, ‘Did he have gastric bypass surgery?’ I’m sitting here, I’m stunned. I’ve always lost weight fast. I’ve never lost weight faster than this one, but intellectually it just puzzles me. These are just average ordinary Americans posting on this website, ‘It can’t be done, he’s gotta be lying about something.’ And I’m not. I mean, those of you who watch this program daily on the Dittocam have seen the change. I have been here every day, it’s preposterous, ‘It can’t be done.’ Or if I did do it, ‘It can’t be healthy.’

Meanwhile, Jay Leno lost 12 pounds over a month or so and People magazine does this glowing story, ‘What a great thing Jay — 12 pounds!’ In the old days I coulda done that with a couple trips to the bathroom. Twelve pounds in a month, ‘Oh man, oh, Jay Leno, he must have done a lot of exercise and so forth and so on.’ Oprah Winfrey, New York Post Page Six earlier this week, apparently she had some of the girls from her school in Africa in New York, and they went out gorging. They went to every sweet shop, they went to every fast food shop, the New York Post followed them around, apparently, and there was sympathy, so sad, so sorry for Oprah, lost control again, and she was with the kiddies, and then here I am losing the 82 pounds, and I don’t even know what the number of days is now. I haven’t run the numbers since March 9th. You can add it up. But for some reason it intrigues me that otherwise intelligent people — I know they have to be intelligent — can look and see me and say it didn’t happen. That I could lose as much weight as I say I have even though it’s irrefutable. Anyway, enough of that.


RUSH: I got all kinds of e-mails coming in now about weight loss and my diet, and one thing I’m reminded, this CalorieCount.About.com website, they got people, ‘You can’t lose weight as fast as Limbaugh did, not the way he says. He’s starving. He’s going to be hungry all the time.’ I’m not hungry, and I’m not using willpower. I don’t know. I got a different attitude about it than I’ve ever had, but I’m not hungry. Last night when dinner was placed before me, I said, ‘This can’t be right. There’s too much here.’ The plate was filled with seven ounces of chicken, chicken breast cut in half, and on the top of it was a casserole type of broccoli, a little rice, some cottage cheese in there, and a thickening agent, I don’t even know what it was, and a cup of asparagus that looked like the whole package from the grocery store. And then there was the frozen strawberry daiquiri protein shake, which is, by the time you drink it, about 20 ounces. I looked at that and said, ‘This can’t be.’ I almost called Kathryn, said, ‘Kathryn, this is not right, this is too much food.’ I’ve thought that I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve sat down to eat on this diet. It’s amazing. The people who have not done it and the people who don’t know what it is are telling you more about how it can’t work and doesn’t work than the guy who has done it! The arrogance of these people is just amazing.

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